personal improvement: Do You Know How To Develop A Business Plan? - 06/22/07 07:34 AM
Most individuals readily admit THEY SHOULD have a business plan, however once they get down to writing one, they often get overwhelmed.
The first mistake many people should realize is that a personal business plan:
Does not have to be a huge document. It need only include key components and serve as a guide to building a long-term mortgage practice.  It's a flexible document that should change as your business grows or the business environment changes. Consider these simple instructions when writing your own plan.
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personal improvement: Why Metaphors Are Such Powerful Sales Tools - 06/22/07 03:31 AM
What makes the use of metaphors such a powerful communication tool? In my humble opinion, it's because they simply drive home a point with a short, memorable, and emotional punch that information and logic alone do not have.
I have repeatably witnessed the use of metaphors by some of the top superstar Realtors and mortgage professionals as a teaching tool, or to convey difficult concepts to their clients.
The flood of information coming at our clients daily is increasing, not decreasing.  More information is not the answer.  In this environment, we need new tools and strategies to get our messages heard … (5 comments)

personal improvement: Leadership, Respect and Loyalty...a Lesson Learned - 06/02/07 09:14 PM
During the early spring of 2005, I was leading a national project team that had sixteen incredible people whom I had a tremendous amount of respect for. One night while in a hotel room and thinking about the project, I suddenly realized such and became overwhelmed with appreciation regarding the individuals I was working with.
It was at that point I started composing an email in which I wrote a paragraph of what I respected and appreciated about each individual on the team.
When completed it ended up being a five page email.
After reviewing it, I then hit the send button and … (2 comments)

personal improvement: How One Client Turned Into 72 Closed Transactions - 06/01/07 12:59 AM
We always hear about building a 100% referral based business. While I don't think very many can claim 100% of their business is referral based, I know numerous superstar mortgage and real estate professionals who's business is in fact at least 90 to 95% referral. The Best Time To Get A Referral
What do people talk about with their friends when they're buying a new car? About new cars! Better yet, what do people talk about when they are buying a new house or refinancing a mortgage? That's right...houses and mortgages.
More importantly, when they talk about mortgages, are your customers talking … (51 comments)

personal improvement: Is The Customer Always Right? - 05/22/07 03:59 AM
Is the customer always matter what?
My first years in the mortgage business, I believed the answer was emphatically yes. After all, that's what my business professors taught me in college. However, after a few years of dealing with more than a few difficult customers, I seriously began re-thinking the customer service mantra "the customer is always right."
Have you ever had a customer who was impossible to please? No matter what you did, nothing made them happy? I have and below are a few other facts I realized:
They were typically my lowest profit loans (if they closed at all) Allocated three … (8 comments)

personal improvement: Great Thoughts To Ponder (5/16/07) - 05/16/07 03:45 PM
"Fear of failure or success is one and the same. Both are fear of exposure. Not of our strengths, but of our weaknesses." -- Kevin W. McCarthy "Never follow the crowd in what you do; the crowd has never produced anything of lasting quality, value or beauty." -- Denis Waitley
"A person is the causer (though nearly always unconsciously) of his circumstances, and that, whilst aiming at the good end, he is continually frustrating its accomplishment by encouraging thoughts and desires which cannot possibly harmonize with that end." -- As A Man Thinketh
"If you wait for inspiration you'll be standing on the … (9 comments)

personal improvement: Geez...Just Do It! - 04/24/07 07:52 AM
Came across an interesting and insightful blog post by Millionster about a hapless man who had two things in life he wanted more than anything. Problem is, the man had an excuse for every viable suggestion given to him. After reading the post, I thought how much it relates to our business. As a sales manager, I recall  countless times coaching low-producing LO's who came to me asking for advice on what they had to do to pick-up their business. Yet, many times they would point out reasons WHY they COULD NOT do what they needed to do to be successful.
Truth … (3 comments)

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