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MANY Loss Mitigation companies have opened up in the past couple of months.  Most are former brokers calling on those sub=prime clients they did preditory lending to.  Now they are making a killing on the people THEY themselves put into the dire straights.  I did not participate on the retail sid...
In February 2008, I wrote what I felt was the answer to the mortgage crisis.  This was actually written by me in August of 2007 but not published in AR until February.  I tried and tried to warn members of Congress but did not hear from anyone.  In September 2007, my wife and I took a vacation to...
Do you ever miss the good ole days when you looked forward to spring.  Because daylight savings meant an extra hour of daylight to play baseball or other games.  Ever miss those high school days when you were not sure if the girl would go out with you...or for you women, the boy would ask you out...
Maggie and I would like to say a very Happy St. Patrick's Day to ye.  We had a great time today at the park.  Weather was wonderful!!!  Now how much more Irish can you get? This is Maggie, queen of the house.  She was adopted last year and is the best gal!  Previous posts tell some of her funnies...
Wouldn't it be nice if everyone would use truth in advertising?  I do not know how many loans I lost in the past due to someone running an ad on TV or the radio with an interest rate that could only be attained by paying several discount points.  The ad does not say this but as I read the rate sh...
Okay Active Rain fans!  I have come up with my new slogan!  Fifty Loans in Fifty Days!  This is my goal.  I am here to do Fifty Loans in Fifty days!!!  I want to help FIFTY lucky homebuyers close by January 2009. If your a Realtor with a client who is in need of financing, have them get in touch ...
This past Thursday one  of my Realtor partners called telling me about a closing from hell he was going through.  Seems the client did not take his advice and use his Mortgage Banker (me) for the financing of his investment property.  The closing was scheduled to take place on Monday October 20, ...
Is the new temporary $7500 tax credit good for your customer?  First you have to know who qualifies and how it works.  Then your client can decide if it is in their best interest to take the Tax Credit. Buyers must be first-time home buyers which also includes anyone who has not owned a home in t...
If you thought it was hard getting your client approved before, there are new FNMA changes coming August 1st that will again change the ability of how we as Loan Officers have to look at business.   The new rules are as follows:   Current Requirements   • Rental income that will be generated from...
Maggie update:  Well it is less than a week away before Maggie and I get to be in a special parade for Rescue Dogs at the dog show in Dallas.   I don't know about her but I am kind of excited to see all those dogs.  We went out and bought some clippers and have worked a couple nights trying to ma...

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