aliso viejo: It's Father’s Day and time to be ahead of the curve - 06/14/23 06:03 PM
Dear Friends, Family, and Clients, Lett us know if you need any help regarding selling or buying a house.  We can answer questions about the local community and if you have any question we can't answer we know a team behind us that will get you the answer to all of your questions.  Call, Text or Email anytime, day or night, we are here for you. Danu and I wish you all a Happy Father's Day
A Good Father is the most Under Rated Person in the World  Father's Day Weekend Events in Southern California 2023
 Let us know if you need any help regarding selling … (2 comments)

aliso viejo: It's great to be a homeowner in 2023 - 05/25/23 12:18 PM
​​Friends, Family & Clients,
The American dream remains homeownership. It is still the best long-term investment. The tax benefits, for the time being, are exceptional.  The projection of a 7 percent annual appreciation is another major benefit.  Equity, which is like a savings account, increases with every monthly payment.  Purchasing a home helps you to build long-lasting relationships with your neighbors, become part of a community, and provide ongoing stability for you and your family.  Having a fixed-rate mortgage provides comfort in knowing that your monthly payment will remain the same over the life of the loan, whereas rent costs can go … (2 comments)

aliso viejo: Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival 2023 (back after a 3-year hiatus) - 04/05/23 10:21 PM
Beginning in 1994 the City of Santa Clarita created the Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival as a way to embrace it's Western History.  This Cowboy Poets and Music Festival has gone on every year since 1994 until a three year hiatus from 2020, 2021 and 2022 due to the Covid restrictions and concerns.
Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival 2023 is back with Free Admission and being held at the famous William S. Hart Park in Old Town Newhall.  There is an expectation of being attended by over 10,000 global visitors.  Entertainment includes lectures and performances on multiple stages by famous poets, authors, instructors, musical … (2 comments)

aliso viejo: Easter Begins Peak Real Estate Season in California - 04/04/23 12:21 PM
Friends, Family & Clients
Most of us have anticipated a slowdown in home sales.  However there are factors that have precluded this from happening.  One of the keys is many homeowners either purchased their home or refinanced it with historically low interest rates.  Losing an interest rate at or below 3% and buying with a rate above 6% is uninviting to many homeowners.  People that decide to put their home on the market will only do so if there is a need or opportunity that make sense to them.  This has kept th ratio of buyers to sellers incredibly high.  
There are … (3 comments)

aliso viejo: Are you thinking of selling your house at this time? - 01/11/23 08:13 PM
​​Family Friends & Clients,
Do you have a need to sell your home right away?  Jobs changing, loss of income, financial concerns, relocation, moving to a better neighborhood, larger or smaller house are many of the reasons for sudden urgency.  We have the experience to assist in selling quickly and at top dollar.  Would you like to discuss this with us? 
Rising interest rates have no effect on all-cash buyers and there are still a large percentage of buyers paying cash for the house they purchase.  This type of sale is usually smoother as an appraisal may not be necessary, the condition of … (4 comments)

aliso viejo: Happy New Year 2023 - Check out Events in California - 12/28/22 10:57 AM
2023 The Year of Hope & Making Dreams Come True
New Year's Events in California 2023
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aliso viejo: All I want for Christmas is ...... - 12/15/22 12:40 PM
Merry Christmas Family, Friends & Clients,
‘Twas the night before Christmas, no wait, we still have time to Prepare the house, Shop for gifts, see Santa Claus, Christmas Lights & Holiday Parades.
Find a Christmas Event in 2022
The best gift many of us could hope for is a new house.  The real estate market is currently in somewhat of a holding pattern in which sales have declined and prices are stable and even declining in many cases.  Interest Rates are on a steady rise with no sign of ending in the immediate future.  None of us has a Crystal Ball but we all … (3 comments)

aliso viejo: My First Ever Blog Post from 2009 - 12/01/22 09:25 PM
I was checking to see how long I've been writing Blog Posts on Activerain.  I found my first ever Blog Post and Here it is!
Presented by your Friends & Realtor, Tony & Dani Lewis
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aliso viejo: Happy Thanksgiving from Tony & Dani Lewis and Paul & Tracy Dinkel - 11/18/22 09:40 PM
Family, Friends & Clients,
The first Thanksgiving was in the fall of 1621.  The Pilgrims celebrated their first successful harvest by firing guns and cannons in Plymouth, Massachusetts. The noise alarmed ancestors of the contemporary Wampanoag Nation who went to investigate. That is how native people came to be present at the first Thanksgiving. Today a traditional Thanksgiving dinner often includes turkey, gravy, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, stuffing and sweet potatoes. Today Americans celebrate Thanksgiving on the fourth Thursday in November.  The date of the first Thanksgiving remains unknown. President Abraham Lincoln declared Thanksgiving national holiday 1863.
Thanksgiving Events & Things to do … (5 comments)

aliso viejo: Are we headed to a Recession? Thanksgiving Events 2022 - 11/05/22 06:13 PM
Dear Family, Friends & Clients,
Home Prices have risen approximately 40% over the past three years.  Prices have declined about 10% since the first of the year.  Rising interest rates, out of control inflation and the Russian invasion of Ukraine are key factors causing the decline in prices.  The big question is "where do we go from here?"  The chance of a recession or soft landing remains a mystery. A great reason for optimism is that lenders learned from past mistakes and utilized wise lending practices ever since the market crash of 2008.  
Homeowners, even if behind on their mortgage, mostly have … (2 comments)

aliso viejo: Writing a Blog Post is Cathartic - 10/25/22 07:23 PM
I’ve been writing a Blog Post on ActiveRain since January 2, 2009.  This has been a means for me to reach out to family, friends, clients, potential clients, and those searching the internet for general purposes. 
Blogging allows me to share professional knowledge about real estate for both sellers and buyers.  It also is a means to promote New Listings and Upcoming Listings by with photos, virtual tour and extensive description o the house and community it is located in.
 I also love to share personal opinions on many subjects, so people know more about my life, beliefs, and personal opinions.  I … (5 comments)

aliso viejo: Halloween Events 2022 Also Is it a Time to Panic? - 10/08/22 05:44 PM
Friends, Family and Clients,
Halloween Events, Haunted House & Thing to do in California 2022
Rising Mortgage Rates continue to impose havoc on the real estate market.  This is a great time to think about your financial future.  The Sky may not be falling but the future is awfully cloudy.  The Fed is immune from the pain they have inflicted on the average citizen as their focus remains on putting a halt to the out-of-control inflation that they have caused.  There is another anticipated rate increase expected despite all of the warning of the possibility of a massive recession.  Check your financial status … (1 comments)

aliso viejo: Looking to buy or sell? How about a Halloween Event? - 09/27/22 09:16 AM
Family, Friends & Clients,
Is there any reason to buy a house with the current rising interest rates?
Rising Interest Rates have adversely impacted the purchase power of those of us hoping to buy a house or investment property.  This will most likely lead to an eventual drop in house prices as well as an increase in foreclosures and short sales.  There is a benefit to those hoping to purchase a house in the current atmosphere.  Homeowners will be less demanding and more willing to negotiate on price and repairs.  There will also be much less competition for that perfect house for the … (1 comments)

aliso viejo: Craziest Past Client Story, A Nightmare in Real Estate - 09/17/22 09:54 AM
Let me start off with a little background.  I come from a business background owning a mini-market with a deli and pizzeria.   The Northridge Earth lead to us needing to sell and find a new career.  I happened upon real estate and was already 45 years old with no prior knowledge of the field and no local contacts to speak of.  I needed to reach out and work each and every lead to the maximum.  This lead to me working with many people that seasoned agents would have ignored.
My background lead to me working with Lloyd.  The first call from Lloyd … (7 comments)

aliso viejo: Looking for something to do Labor Day Weekend 2022? - 09/01/22 10:49 PM
Happy Labor Day
from Tony & Dani Lewis
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aliso viejo: It's a Buyer's Market but Sellers don't know it yet! - 08/19/22 05:09 PM
Friends, Family & Clients,
Rising Interest Rates have adversely affected housing values.  Home Showings have come to an abrupt stop.  Price Reductions as well as cancelled listings have steadily increased over the past six weeks.  However, sellers continue to make the tragic mistake of listing their homes as though it is still a seller's market.  There have been two major interest rate hikes and another that is forecast for the upcoming Fed meeting.  A homeowner wishing to sell at this time needs a reliable Realtor that knows the best price to list their home. Call us at 661-510-7975 to discuss the value … (4 comments)

aliso viejo: New Listing, Inflation, Rising Interest Rates & Labor Day Weekend 2022 - 07/19/22 09:16 PM
Dear Family, Friends & Clients,​​
We have just listed a wonderful three-bedroom house with a downstairs bedroom and bathroom in the man-made lake community of Valencia Bridgeport.  This masterpiece is a former model with unique bells and whistles such as built-in entertainment center, intercom, and other spectacular upgrades.  There are no rear neighbors and a private backyard.  The house is price $25,000 below a matching model that sold three months ago.  Call us for more information or to visit the property.  This incredible house is located in a Private Gated Community.
Take a Virtual Tour of 26990 Colonial Lane, Valencia, Ca., 91355
Inflation has … (2 comments)

aliso viejo: Our New Listing in Valencia California's Bridgeport Community $800,000 - 07/02/22 07:45 PM
Dear Friends, Family & Clients,
We have just listed a wonderful house in the Gated Community of The Colony which is a part of the man-made lake community of Valencia Bridgport.  This incredible 3-Bedroom House has 3-Full Bathrooms with a Bedroom and Full Bathroom Downstairs.  The house is immaculate and has a gourmet kitchen and 3-Sided Fireplace.  There are several built-in cabinets and entertainment center and a Kitchen Island.  The Backyard boasts a sensational Waterfall and wrap-around yard.  There are no rear neighbors.  The two upstairs bedroom both have a private bathroom inside of them.  The house is located at the end … (6 comments)

aliso viejo: 4th of July 2022 Events & Real Estate Update - 06/26/22 11:29 AM
Dear Friends, Family & Clients,
4th of July Events in California 2022
America is at a crossroads due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, rising interest rates, out of control interest rates, skyrocketing gas prices and division due to the recent Supreme Court Ruling on Roe vs Wade.  Homeowners may soon loosen their grip on the recent Seller's Market.  First Time Buyers and those hoping to purchase lower priced homes are now qualified for less of a loan than just a month ago.  The fewer buyers there are for the bottom rung means there will be a lower amount of move up buyers.
Should … (1 comments)

aliso viejo: 4th of July Events in California 2022 - 06/20/22 03:04 PM

4th of July Events in California 2022
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