find: The American Dream is alive and well! - 07/26/15 08:49 AM
Dear Clients & Friends,
Home ownership is back on the top of the list for most Americans when they speak of the American Dream.  This is a positive change considering how taboo it had become just a few years ago.  Home prices in most areas are at or near the value seen in 2008 when the bottom fell out of the the real estate market.  Home prices continued rising for the next two years but sales numbers fell off the table.
Homes are once again selling at pre-recession numbers as consumer confidence has returned and interest rates remain well below normal.  Many fear … (22 comments)

find: Selling Season is about to begin! - 01/19/14 03:55 PM
Dear Clients, Friends & Fellow Realtors,
We're at the cusp of the annual change from a buyer's market to a seller's market.  Homes have been sitting on the market unsold much longer than at any time in the past two years.  Buyer's have noticed this and responded by waiting for prices to drop or the holiday season hangover to end.  This is not a new phenomenon though.  For some reason, year after year, buyers wait until competition grows and the media expresses the shortage of listing as well as the multiple offer situation before deciding that it is time to … (0 comments)

find: I only want to work with the Listing Agent! - 08/16/13 02:37 PM
Some home buyers refuse to work with anyone except the listing agent.  This approach is not only ridiculous buy against the buyer's best interest.  This type of buyer has a couple of thoughts in mind.  First one is they will have an in to the seller in getting their offer accepted.  Second is the thought that they seller will save money money and sell to them as first choice.  Third thought is the Listing agent will pay kick back some of the commission to them.
It is true that a small percentage of Listing Agents will break the rules to favor … (3 comments)

find: Short Sale Listings in the Santa Clarita Valley as of July 24, 2013 - 07/24/13 04:54 AM
Bank Owned Homes in the Santa Clarita Valley
Valencia, Stevenson Ranch, Castaic, Saugus, Newhall & Canyon Country
Call, Text or Email Tony Lewis to have listings sent daily - Cell 661-510-7975
 Tony Lewis * RE/MAX of Valencia Cell - 661-510-7975
Call, Text or Eamail to Sell, Buy or Refer family & friends with confidence, thank you!


find: Special Discount for listing a home in June & July 2013 (200,000 Pts) - 06/21/13 08:14 AM
Dear Clients & Friends,
Due to the shortage of homes in quality locations of the Santa Clarita Valley your family, friends and yourself are being offered a discount on listing your home for sale in June & July of 2013.
Follow is a short list of benefits of listing a home with Tony Lewis with RE/MAX of Valencia today or within the next 5 weeks:
RE/MAX of Valencia sign on your front lawn Supra electronic lock-box, records all agents entering your home with time and day 24/7 Communication by Cell, Text & Email Weekly (even more often) updates on showing … (0 comments)

find: Can you believe the local Santa Clarita changes? Happy Father's Day! - 06/14/13 02:08 PM
Dear Clients & Friends,
  Our local real estate market here in the Santa Clarita Valley has once again taken a different direction.  Recently you have been sent information of the critical shortage of homes for sale in the Santa Clarita Valley hitting 240.  The number has now doubled as there are 475 active listings today.
Do you know someone that is ready to list their home for sale?  Is there anyone you know that is looking for a market evaluation?  How about your family or friends looking to buy a home in Valencia, Stevenson Ranch or another great community in … (0 comments)

find: Finding your new home in California! - 05/14/13 07:29 AM
Finding your new home in California!
Brand New Homes and new home builders have home being built in numbers unseen in many years.  Santa Clarita, California is offering homes in Valencia, Fair Oaks Ranch, Sand Canyon, Canyon Country and Saugus.
New Homes are available in Filmore, Ventura, as well as most areas of Los Angeles and Ventura Counties.  Homes are being built in Northern, Central and Southern California as well.
My California DRE License number 01215778 allows representation at all New Home Tracts in California.  Let me know if you would like to see a Brand New Home in California.  … (2 comments)

find: Don't buy a Brand New Home without using your Realtor! - 04/12/13 06:17 AM
Dear Clients, Friend & Fellow Realtors,
There is a misconception that a Home Buyer would be better off going into a Brand New Home Community.  This is ins a major mistake that many home buyers have make for many years.  You see, New Home Communities depend on the Realtor to bring in the most qualified, motivated and knowledgeable Home Buyers and have done so for decades.  A Realtor screens the client and educates them to the buying process.  There is a much higher success rate for Brand New Homes sold to the Client that is brought in by a Realtor.
This … (2 comments)

find: I’ll list my home with you if… - 04/06/13 04:28 PM
I’ll list my home with you if…
Selling a home in the current market is easy.  Selling at top dollar doesn’t take much of an effort but choosing the right Realtor for the job takes some research and getting a little lucky too.
There are many questions and concerns that home owners have in choosing their Realtor, setting the list price and getting the terms of the sale.
All Realtors are not the same.  Listing with the top Realtor is not the answer either.  You see, a lot of top agents made it to the top by selling their listings quickly … (5 comments)

find: Easter Begins the Peak Home Selling Season, can it get any hotter? - 03/31/13 04:54 PM
It never seizes to amaze me, being from Detroit, Michigan, how the home buying season here in Southern California runs on the same schedule as it does in the snow belt.  We have weather in the 90's at time during the Winter but our peak home selling season really start once Easter arrives.  It is also an oddity that the start of the selling season doesn't get started until Easter whether Easter is early or late in the calendar year. 
Life as a Realtor will surely get even more difficult as our job description is now heavy weighted to being … (0 comments)

find: Talk about wearing 2 hats! - 03/29/13 03:10 PM
Talk about wearing 2 hats!
There are always 2 sides to a transaction and buying a home is quite different than most of them.  A home seller has the goal of selling at the highest price that will give them the highest net at the closing. 
A buyer’s goals are quite the opposite.  They wish to pay the low amount with terms that are favorable for them.
The tricky part is the representation which leads to the reason for a Realtor.  You see a Realtor is a fiduciary and by law must represent the highest and best interest of the … (1 comments)

find: How should I go about selling my home and buying another home? - 03/06/13 08:46 AM
How should I go about selling my home and buying another home?
More and more home owners are hoping to sell their home and buy another home that is a move up purchase.  They want either a bigger home or a better location.  This is a very tricky move for home owners that are unable to buy a home without either the funds from the sale of their current home or removing the extra monthly payment.  Sellers are receiving so many great offers from highly qualified buyers that they can pick and choose the best offer which also includes price and … (2 comments)

find: Home Prices Dropped more dramatically than you think, see the chart! - 03/04/13 12:44 PM
The real estate bubble created from 1997 to July 2006 was unprecedented.  The current rise in prices looks to surpass this recent history.  There are no simple answers.  The only ways to slow down this price escalation is to either raise interest rates or stop FHA & VA Financing and require larger down payments.  Congress has also suggested taking away the tax benefits.  The cure is worse than the illness.
(Chart provided by Case Shiller)

Your Friend & Realtor,
Tony Lewis
RE/MAX of Valencia Cell – 661-510-7975


find: I’m not a cow, stop milking me! - 03/01/13 06:49 AM
I’m not a cow, stop milking me!
This post comes after being used and abused so please allow me to vent!  Just imagine that you bought a home with me just 6 months ago.  You needed your hand held, I found you a lender and even convinced you to move forward even though you were reluctant.  You ended up with a home in a prime location and paid just $200,000 for the home.  Now imagine that you call me to get a current market value and I let you know that it would appraise for $250,000.  Let’s say you are now … (4 comments)

find: What does MLS mean and why does it exist? - 01/26/13 03:09 PM
MLS stands for Multiple Listing Service and what this means is the Brokers, Realtors and their companies list their homes in a platform that allows all agents to show homes from any agent or company that wishes to enter their listing in this MLS. 
The MLS exists in order to bring the most qualified buyers in and allow the home to be shown by any Realtor that is licensed in this real estate board.  The MLS is the best way to benefit both sellers because they can garner the top offer.  It benefits buyers because a Realtor is allowed to … (7 comments)

find: Seller’s Market but Buyers have the most to gain! - 01/19/13 09:09 AM
Dear Clients, Friends & Fellow Realtors,
This is the time to make hard decisions that will affect your financial future.  “Don’t cry over spilled milk” There is no crystal ball so timing the bottom of the market was just a guess at best.  Home prices began one year ago.   No one could have been sure of this until enough times had past.
We are now in the midst of a full blown Seller’s Market.  The reasons for the turn-around are plentiful.  Jobs are coming back, banks have chosen to work with home owners in default rather than foreclose, consumer confidence is … (0 comments)

find: No More Deals, No More Foreclosures, No More Short Sales, Sorry! - 01/16/13 11:36 AM
How about a dose of Reality?  Well, perhaps your Realtor hasn't told you but leave to me to give you the hard but true news.  If you were hoping to time the bottom of the market, well that ship sailed 11 months ago.  Home Prices have risen nearly 10 percent in that time period and they are expected to rise around 10 percent in the coming year.  Just like timing the bottom of the market is virtually impossible timing when the Interest Rates will rise and not drop is also impossible to predict.  It took nearly a year to realize that … (1 comments)

find: When is too much of a good thing a bad thing? - 01/03/13 08:58 AM
Dear Clients, Friends & Fellow Realtors,
Plant this under the "be careful what you wish for" column!  For three to four years we we praying for more buyers and a decrease in home inventories in Valencia, Stevenson Ranch, Saugus, Castaic, Newhall, Canyon Country and Santa Clarita, California.  Our prayers have been answered to the extent that it has become virtually impossible to get an offer accepted.  Ever since late Winter and Early Spring of 2012 inventories have dropped steadily.  It was first noted that a heart pumping 300 homes were available for sale.  This was noted as drastically and unhealthily low … (3 comments)

find: Foreclosures are Down, Does this mean the market has recovered? - 11/25/12 04:00 AM
Dear Friends, Clients & Fellow Realtors,
The real estate market has changed!  I am a Realtor listing and selling homes in Valencia, Stevenson Ranch, Santa Clarita and the Santa Clarita Valley.  This community is one of the safest cities of it's size and offers great schools, parks and incredible annual events.  We are best known for Six Flags Magic Mountain and offer the TPC at Valencia Westridge Golf Course, Valencia Country Club Golf Course, the Paseo Club Tennis Club, Westfield Valencia Town Center Mall, Bridgeport Lake Community and much more.
The Santa Clarita Valley, California includes the areas of Valencia, Stevenson … (2 comments)

find: Real Estate Market Recovery is too late... - 11/17/12 07:12 AM
Dear Friends, Clients & Fellow Realtors,
We are finally in the midst of a long awaited and needed recovery for the real estate market.  This is good news for home owners and great news for our nation.  The down side, however, is that the damage has been done and too many home owners will continue losing their homes over the upcoming years.
Interest Rates have defied all financial rules as they continue at historic lows despite all of the multiple offers and extensive numbers of buyers looking to purchase a home.
This is one of those rare times in real estate … (4 comments)

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