investment: What Dave Ramsey (Debt Free Guru) won't tell you. - 01/12/20 06:50 PM
The quickest and safest way to become a millionaire is through home ownership. The secret to becoming a multi-millionaire is by getting into debt. The reason is simple. It is called leverage. We can buy a primary residence of $500,000 with a $15,000 down payment. Real Estate in California traditionally appreciates around 6% to 7% per year. This is a great return on your investment. However, that is not the benefit. Consider that you have only invested the original 3% your return over ten years may rise to well over $250,000. This is a return of about 17 times the original … (5 comments)

investment: Thanksgiving, Real Estate & a Personal Note - Tony & Dani Lewis RE/MAX - 11/21/15 10:29 PM
Dear Family, Friends & Clients,
 It's time for our annual sale.  Buying a home between Halloween and the middle of February offers those in the market an incredible advantage.  There are the least number of people competing for a home and the home owners selling at this time are usually highly motivated and would like to see an offer.  Let us know about the home you would like to purchase and we will send you the best currently active listing that match your criteria.  Dani and I have live in Valencia and Santa Clarita since 1980.  Our home search is base upon … (4 comments)

investment: A New Tormorrow is here Today! - 04/25/15 02:28 PM
Stability has returned to the real estate market as homes continue to be listed and sold in a timely manner.  Interest Rates remain extremely low and FHA loans have lowered their PMI.  Stated Income Loans are also back.  There are many home owners that have avoided going into foreclosure as home values are now rising to levels unseen since the collapse in October of 2008.
Keep in mind that approximately 10% of homes will be listed for sale during a hot real estate market and the 7 years in which the market was stagnant and you'll get a good idea of what … (2 comments)

investment: Halloween begins Buyer Advantage Season! - 10/26/14 12:36 PM
Dear Clients, Family & Friends,
Time for our Annual "get out & buy a home while you have the advantage" Newsletter.  You see, every year at this time we do our best to get our clients looking for a home make that move between Halloween and the end of February.  This is the time of year most buyers put their home search on hold.  There are more quality, well priced listing available with less competition for these homes during the Winter months and especially during the Holidays.
The real estate market didn't develop this year in the manner that was expected.  … (4 comments)

investment: Rising California Home Prices leads to Less Qualified Buyers! - 02/28/13 02:52 AM
C.A.R. reports 4th quarter 2012 housing affordability
For release:
February 25, 2013
Higher home prices send California housing affordability lower
LOS ANGELES (Feb. 25) – Higher home prices offset lower interest rates to reduce housing affordability in California during the fourth quarter of 2012, the CALIFORNIA ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® (C.A.R.) reported.
The percentage of home buyers who could afford to purchase a median-priced, existing single-family home in California decreased to 48 percent in the fourth quarter of 2012, down from 49 percent in third-quarter 2012 and from 55 percent in fourth-quarter 2011, according to C.A.R.’s Traditional Housing Affordability … (0 comments)

investment: Home Prices in California have risen nearly every year since 1970! - 02/25/13 02:55 PM
Home Ownership is once again the American Dream!
Prices will soon be back to where they were before the recession.

Your Friend & Realtor,
Tony Lewis * RE/MAX of Valencia 661-510-7975


investment: The real estate market is changing daily! - 02/22/13 01:49 AM
The real estate market is changing daily. Homes are being listed at and above market value.  This is great news for home buyers!  They are no longer being misled by seeing unrealistic home prices only to find out that the home is $50,000 under-priced.  We are heading into a real estate market where negotiation will replace a bidding war.  I’m looking forward to the day when “Best & Final” is replaced by an old fashioned “Counter Offer”!
Homes are hitting the market at an incredible pace and selling at an alarming pace.  The community that I serve is called  The … (1 comments)

investment: Merry Christmas to All & to All a Good Night! - 12/20/12 07:28 AM
Dear Clients, Family, Friends & Fellow Realtors,
We wish you a Merry Christmas and Most Enjoyable Holiday Season.
Dani & I have created a Holiday Event Page for you and your family! This may be your last chance to take advantage of lower home prices while also locking in lower Property Taxes and Interest Rates.  The amount of active listings in all areas of the Santa Clarita Valley is staggering.  There are now only 248 active listings.  For a comparison there were 454 closed sales in the month of July of 2005.  Too many buyers and not enough homes to purchase … (1 comments)

investment: Selling or Buying a home makes more sense than it has in a decade! - 10/01/12 05:13 AM
Dear Clients, Friends & Fellow Realtors,
Selling a home at this time makes more sense than it has in the past five years.  The reasons for selling are still limited to special circumstances.
·         Move Up Seller, a home owner is now able to make a positive move since an additional $300 - $500 payment per month could allow a home owner to move to a dream home and make an incredible financial investment for their future.
·         Selling an investment property that is no longer needed or wanted.  This may be a great time to take out equity and utilize … (0 comments)

investment: Stop bringing me down, the real estate market is recovering, don't argue with me! - 01/25/12 06:46 PM
It is unfathomable for me to believe or understand why so many Realtor refuse to promote the belief that the real estate market has bottomed out and this is the best time in decades to buy a home.  There is no other industry known where the principal sales people would remain negative and by their attitude help to prolong the downturn.
Perhaps it's the many false hopes we have endured over the past three years.  It may just may be the steady beat down of the economy or even reading all of the negativity in the media.
There is a ground … (4 comments)

investment: Why the real estate market will improve in 2012! - 12/31/11 06:18 PM
Home prices have fallen below the price they would be today had the bubble not been created. Mortgage Interest Rates are at an unsustainable low level and buyers will fear missing out. Home Owners have been in the same homes much longer than usual and will want to move. First Time Buyers are being encouraged to get out and buy a home by family and friends. There is simply too much money sitting on the side lines and real estate is a safe haven once again. Lenders are approving short sales at a rate unheard of just 2 years ago. This … (5 comments)

investment: What will it take for the real estate market to recover? When we do what we do best, Americans helping Americans! - 02/07/11 06:30 PM
At the racetrack there are 100 dollar windows and areas for the wealthy to sit together and bet large amounts of dollars.  Yet the racetrack would go broke without the $2.00 bettor.
There are huge companies that employ hundreds of employees. Yet the job market won't recover until private business put workers back to work one at a time.
There are bulk buyers and investors that will buy up bundles of homes or pay all cash for investment properties.  However the real estate market won't recover until the average American believes that buying a home is a wise decision.
The real … (0 comments)

investment: Buyer Beware - It may be costly to wait any longer! - 04/08/10 11:53 AM
Buyers and Home Owners,
Home sales are red hot in the Santa Clarita Valley as well as other desirable communities in Southern California.  Indications are that prices have began to climb as good economic news is reported daily.  Interest rates are fluctuating as demand for refinancing and home purchasing loans increase.  
Buyers that have needed some kind of assurance that the market has bottomed out may want to get off the fence sooner rather than later as the combination of rising prices and rising interest rates could impact purchasing power.  This may either keep some people out of the market … (3 comments)

investment: Easter marks the begining of home buying and selling season! - 04/03/10 06:44 AM
It is quite fitting that Easter marks the day that Christianity begin each year and the same day marks the beginning of the peak home buying and selling season.  Whether in snow bound states or sunshine states buyers decide in unison that this is the official time to start looking for their new home. 
Sellers waiting to capitalize on the peak selling season start listing their homes as demand grows.  Prices in higher demand communities such as my home base of Valenca, Stevenson Ranch and Santa Clarita, California will inevtitably rise.  With each increase in sales and price more sellers that … (2 comments)

investment: Santa Clarita Valley Home Owners - Hold on to your homes! - 09/16/09 04:33 PM
September 16, 2009 9:17 PM
Believe me we are all in the same boat!  We have made it through the toughest part of the current recession.  Home Owners especially those in Valencia, Stevenson Ranch and all areas of the Santa Clarita Valley should be doing whatever possible to hold on to their homes. 
This last few months will seem quite long for those of us that are grabbing on to our last breath of air but the cavalry is coming to the rescue.  This is not the time to give up.  Homes are selling as they are being listed. Home prices … (1 comments)

investment: Thinking of Buying or Selling a Home? Tony Lewis * RE/MAX of Valencia - 09/08/09 04:09 PM
This is the September Newsletter sent to my data base.
Dear Buyers & Sellers,
Buyers and Sellers are jumping back into the current real estate market!     Sellers are now getting multiple offers as their homes are most in demand since Bank Owned Homes are receiving multiple offers and Short Sale Listings have discouraged many buyers.  Let me know if you would like the current market value of your home, a suggested list price, expected sales price & time it should take to sell!   Buyers are now being driven by fear!  Fear is one of the strongest motivators of … (0 comments)

investment: Homes in Valencia California is one of the best and safest investments around! - 09/03/09 05:58 PM
Looking for a place to safely put your money? Buying a home in Valencia, California is one of the best and safest places to invest that I can imagine.  This community is one of only 3 Pre-Planned communities in all of Southern California.  The community was originate by the Newhall family in the '60's and has stuck to the master plan ever since.  The biggest break came when they developed Magic Mountain which is now called Six Flags Magic Mountain.  This Roller Coaster Galore Amusement Park became an identity for the whole community to grow around.  Now there is a TPC … (2 comments)

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