prices: Looking Ahead, our predictions for 2017 - 01/10/17 06:07 AM

Predictions for 2017
Interest Rates go above 5% Home Prices rise 7% Rental Rates rise 5% Inventory rises Home Price Reductions rise dramatically Time on market rises dramatically Millennials become a major force driving the real estate market Stock Market drops drastically Isis becomes less of a threat Democrats become the new party of no Donald Trump shows his short comings both internationally & domestically Oil Prices rise above $80 per barrel New Social Media Site brings in millions of followers
Let's check back in January 2018 to see how close we came.
Your Friends & Realtor,
Tony & Dani Lewis RE/MAX of … (8 comments)

prices: Let's give credit where credit is due! - 01/05/17 03:52 PM
America is doing well and our real estate industry is flourishing.  This is a great time to stop party politics and give credit where credit is due.  President Obama inherited an atrocious economy and real estate market.  Things were spiraling out of control.  The plans that were implemented saved the auto industry, lending institutions and most important to many of us on Activerain, the real estate market. 
Steps that were taken are unprecedented such as having lenders work out short sales rather than foreclosure in most circumstances.  They also gave forgiveness on the money saved should a person lose their home. 
I know the … (2 comments)

prices: Will your decision today change the future? - 03/20/16 04:11 AM
Spring of 2016 enters with a shortage of housing.  Rising prices and the potential of the rise of interest rates will make it more difficult for first time buyers to compete for a home.  Pent up demand with many buyers sitting on the fence continues to fuel the unlimited supply of buyers for the dwindling inventory.  Compound this with the fact that Millennials, about 83.1 million, now outnumber Baby Boomers.  The housing market has recovered since the start of the recession in 2006.  However prices are still below the prices at the peak of the market.  There are more qualified buyers … (2 comments)

prices: Prices are Up yet Activity is Down, Go figure! - 01/05/16 01:21 PM
Supply and demand ultimately determine the value of an. y product with homes being no exception.  However this relationship is sometimes disguised as it surely is this year.  The stock market, China devaluation of their currency, financial problems in Europe and war in the middle-east should all dictate a slowdown in the rise of home prices.  There are less buyers out there looking for a home but as it turns out, those looking are highly motivated and buying homes.  The low inventory of homes for sale has kept homes scarce and given home owners confidence to list at a higher price.  Homes … (3 comments)

prices: Halloween begins Buyer Advantage Season! - 10/26/14 12:36 PM
Dear Clients, Family & Friends,
Time for our Annual "get out & buy a home while you have the advantage" Newsletter.  You see, every year at this time we do our best to get our clients looking for a home make that move between Halloween and the end of February.  This is the time of year most buyers put their home search on hold.  There are more quality, well priced listing available with less competition for these homes during the Winter months and especially during the Holidays.
The real estate market didn't develop this year in the manner that was expected.  … (4 comments)

prices: There are reasons that renting may be better than owning for you! - 05/26/14 02:34 PM
Reasons to Rent:
Can't qualify for a loan due to credit rating, bankruptcy or too recent of a short sale. Not enough funds for a down payment. Uncertainty of future employment. Not enough years a present job. Prefer to live in a better home that is affordable with the monthly payment you can afford. Not wanting to live in the homes that are affordable. Retired and prefer to live on the money in the bank rather than have it tied up in the home. Don't want the responsibility that comes with home ownership such as maintenance, paying property tax & HOA Fees. … (0 comments)

prices: Reason to Buy & Reasons to Sell during the end of the year! - 10/13/13 10:07 AM
Dear Clients, Friends & Fellow Realtors,
We've reached that traditional time of year when buying and selling patterns evolve into holiday season mode.  The demand for homes dissipate and the homes for sale are drastically reduced.  This is a time when deals beneficial to both parties to the transaction are able to benefit.  There are several reasons the buying or selling a home during this season are beneficial.  Take a look at these benefits for both parties:

Reasons to Buy at this time:
Interest Rates are Extremely Low!
Homes Prices are Extremely Low!
Demand for homes drops off!
The American Dream of alive!
Qualifying for a … (2 comments)

prices: Home prices & interest rates skyrocket out of control! - 06/07/13 07:45 AM
Don’t be left behind as prices and interest rates sky rocket out of control!

Thinking of Selling, Buying or Investing in Valencia, Stevenson Ranch or Santa Clarita, California?
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prices: Rising California Home Prices leads to Less Qualified Buyers! - 02/28/13 02:52 AM
C.A.R. reports 4th quarter 2012 housing affordability
For release:
February 25, 2013
Higher home prices send California housing affordability lower
LOS ANGELES (Feb. 25) – Higher home prices offset lower interest rates to reduce housing affordability in California during the fourth quarter of 2012, the CALIFORNIA ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® (C.A.R.) reported.
The percentage of home buyers who could afford to purchase a median-priced, existing single-family home in California decreased to 48 percent in the fourth quarter of 2012, down from 49 percent in third-quarter 2012 and from 55 percent in fourth-quarter 2011, according to C.A.R.’s Traditional Housing Affordability … (0 comments)

prices: Home Prices in California have risen nearly every year since 1970! - 02/25/13 02:55 PM
Home Ownership is once again the American Dream!
Prices will soon be back to where they were before the recession.

Your Friend & Realtor,
Tony Lewis * RE/MAX of Valencia 661-510-7975


prices: Foreclosures are Down, Does this mean the market has recovered? - 11/25/12 04:00 AM
Dear Friends, Clients & Fellow Realtors,
The real estate market has changed!  I am a Realtor listing and selling homes in Valencia, Stevenson Ranch, Santa Clarita and the Santa Clarita Valley.  This community is one of the safest cities of it's size and offers great schools, parks and incredible annual events.  We are best known for Six Flags Magic Mountain and offer the TPC at Valencia Westridge Golf Course, Valencia Country Club Golf Course, the Paseo Club Tennis Club, Westfield Valencia Town Center Mall, Bridgeport Lake Community and much more.
The Santa Clarita Valley, California includes the areas of Valencia, Stevenson … (2 comments)

prices: Be wise when buying a home and there is no risk! - 07/11/11 10:11 AM
The biggest fear and thus the road block that is stopping the recovery of the real estate market is this question, "what happens if I buy a home and prices continue to fall?"
This is a wise thought process but not a legitimate concern if a buyer follows the following rules:
Work with a "Local Professional Knowledgeable Realtor that has your best interest as the one and only concern" Follow the top rule in buying a home "Location, Location, Location" Find a home that is within your means, affordable and the best potential resale value. Work with a Lender that knows … (0 comments)

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