short sale: Let's give credit where credit is due! - 01/05/17 03:52 PM
America is doing well and our real estate industry is flourishing.  This is a great time to stop party politics and give credit where credit is due.  President Obama inherited an atrocious economy and real estate market.  Things were spiraling out of control.  The plans that were implemented saved the auto industry, lending institutions and most important to many of us on Activerain, the real estate market. 
Steps that were taken are unprecedented such as having lenders work out short sales rather than foreclosure in most circumstances.  They also gave forgiveness on the money saved should a person lose their home. 
I know the … (2 comments)

short sale: A New Tormorrow is here Today! - 04/25/15 02:28 PM
Stability has returned to the real estate market as homes continue to be listed and sold in a timely manner.  Interest Rates remain extremely low and FHA loans have lowered their PMI.  Stated Income Loans are also back.  There are many home owners that have avoided going into foreclosure as home values are now rising to levels unseen since the collapse in October of 2008.
Keep in mind that approximately 10% of homes will be listed for sale during a hot real estate market and the 7 years in which the market was stagnant and you'll get a good idea of what … (2 comments)

short sale: To every season turn, turn turn (Valentine's Day Events too!) - 02/09/14 09:38 AM
Dear Clients, Friends & Fellow Realtors,
Valentine's Day in Santa Clarita, Los Angeles & Southern California!
Demand for homes is much greater than most people realize.  Even during the holiday and post-holiday season homes have been selling at a brisk pace.  The entire Santa Clarita Valley only offers 483 active listings at this time.  The Santa Clarita Valley current boasts 440 homes in escrow right now.  Buyers began searching for their new home the day after Christmas.  Competition for homes will increase daily as we near the peak Spring home buying season.   Active Listings by Location:
Valencia Active - 145 Pending … (0 comments)

short sale: Active Listings in Santa Clarita, Valencia, Stevenson Ranch, Castaic.. - 01/25/14 01:33 PM

Inventorty of Active Listings in the Santa Clarita Valley:
Valencia - 148
Stevenson Ranch - 31
Castaic - 35
Saugus - 83
Newhall - 65
Canyon Country - 114
Total in the Santa Clarita Valley - 476
Homes Priced under $400,000 - 186
Homes Built 2000 or Newer - 191
Condos or Town Homes - 148
Valencia Westridge - 15
Valencia Woodlands - 7
Valencia Summit - 2
Valencia Bridgeport - 10
Valencia Creekside - 7
Valencia West Hills - 12
Valencia West Creek - 8
Sand Canyon - 17
River Village - 4
Bank Owned Homes - 9
Short … (0 comments)

short sale: Short Sale Listings in the Santa Clarita Valley as of July 24, 2013 - 07/24/13 04:54 AM
Bank Owned Homes in the Santa Clarita Valley
Valencia, Stevenson Ranch, Castaic, Saugus, Newhall & Canyon Country
Call, Text or Email Tony Lewis to have listings sent daily - Cell 661-510-7975
 Tony Lewis * RE/MAX of Valencia Cell - 661-510-7975
Call, Text or Eamail to Sell, Buy or Refer family & friends with confidence, thank you!


short sale: Bank Owned Homes in the Santa Clarita Valley as of July 24, 2013 - 07/24/13 04:33 AM
Bank Owned Homes in the Santa Clarita Valley
Valencia, Stevenson Ranch, Castaic, Saugus, Newhall & Canyon Country
Call, Text or Email Tony Lewis to have listings sent daily - Cell 661-510-7975
Bank Owned Home in the Santa Clarita as of July 24, 2013
 Tony Lewis * RE/MAX of Valencia Cell - 661-510-7975
Call, Text or Eamail to Sell, Buy or Refer family & friends with confidence, thank you!


short sale: Santa Clarita Homes for salle update 7/2/2013 - 07/02/13 03:14 AM
Good Morning!
 Change is in the air regarding the local real estate market in the Santa Clarita Valley.  Current Active Listings have remained steady in the 340 range.  However the saleable inventory has declined as sellers have noticed the multiple offer and the new listings hitting the market are priced well above the previous sales of comparalbe homes in the same location.  The result has been less showing, less offers and sellers holding to a price that is not warranted.  Many of the homes that are selling face the problem of an appraisal.  Most home buyers are either unable or unwilling … (0 comments)

short sale: Real Estate Market Recovery is too late... - 11/17/12 07:12 AM
Dear Friends, Clients & Fellow Realtors,
We are finally in the midst of a long awaited and needed recovery for the real estate market.  This is good news for home owners and great news for our nation.  The down side, however, is that the damage has been done and too many home owners will continue losing their homes over the upcoming years.
Interest Rates have defied all financial rules as they continue at historic lows despite all of the multiple offers and extensive numbers of buyers looking to purchase a home.
This is one of those rare times in real estate … (4 comments)

short sale: Have you heard the news? - 07/20/12 03:48 PM
Dear Clients, Friends & Fellow Realtors,
There are currently only 404 Active Listings in all 6 Areas of the Santa Clarita Valley.  Of these homes only 37 are REO or Bank Owned Homes!  There are now 137 Short Sale Active Listings in the Santa Clarita Valley.
We are currently in a really strange real estate market at the present time.  Although it is a Buyer’s Market, Sellers are able to dictate the terms of the homes being sold.
Nationwide we are seeing multiple offers and all indication show that the bottom of the market is now in the rear view … (4 comments)

short sale: Best Home Buying Season Begins & Halloween Events Page! - 10/17/11 08:14 AM
Newsletter sent to Clients & Friends on October 17, 2011
Dear Clients & Friends,
<!--StartFragment-->We've reached the traditional time of year when Home Buyers are able find Bargains!  Between Halloween & February 1st. competition subsides, inventories grow and interest rates stabilize most years.  It's definitely the time to begin your search for a new home, help children find their first home or make an investment of a rental property.  The benefits of home ownership remain and have even been enhanced since prices are so low and interest rates are now flirting with the high 3% range.  Let me know which homes … (0 comments)

short sale: Valuable Info for you, family & Friends - Tony Lewis * RE/MAX of Valencia - 07/17/11 12:02 PM
Newsletter sent to clients and friends July 17, 2011
Dear Clients & Friends,
Unfortunately, home values have declined as much as 50% in many areas.  Property Taxes are based on many factors including a decline in property value.  A lowered value may lower your property taxes by hundreds or thousands of dollars.  You need to apply for an adjustment prior to November 30, 2011.  You will need to fill out the Decline in Value form as well as submit 2 qualified sales in order to qualify for an adjustment to your property taxes.  Call Tony Lewis at 661-510-7975 to receive the … (1 comments)

short sale: Banks halt foreclosures, this may help everyone except those losing their homes! - 10/09/10 03:50 PM
It looks as though the long expected flood of foreclosures, also called the shadow inventory, has once again been put on hold.  There are irregularities in the title of many foreclosure properties and this must be dealt with prior to releasing homes by the banks.  This is a reprieve for those in foreclosure and may allow them a place to live for free for an extended period of time.
Following are some of the results of this delay:
Lenders may finally work to unload properties easier as a Short Sale allowing more home owners avoid a Foreclosure on their record. There … (6 comments)

short sale: Fireworks Shows & Real Estate Update - Tony Lewis * RE/MAX of Valencia - 06/27/10 07:39 PM
4th of July Newsletter sent to my Clients & Friends,
Happy 4th of July!  Check out the Fireworks Shows in the Santa Clarita Valley, Southern California and other Vacation Spots!  Have a Safe & Sane Holiday!  
 Buying a home has become easier now that the Federal Tax Credit has ended!  First time buyers, investors and others searching for a home have backed off.  This is a great time to buy a home with less competition.  There are fewer multiple offers then any time in the past year!  Call or write me and you can receive emailed listings that match your … (0 comments)

short sale: Easter marks the begining of home buying and selling season! - 04/03/10 06:44 AM
It is quite fitting that Easter marks the day that Christianity begin each year and the same day marks the beginning of the peak home buying and selling season.  Whether in snow bound states or sunshine states buyers decide in unison that this is the official time to start looking for their new home. 
Sellers waiting to capitalize on the peak selling season start listing their homes as demand grows.  Prices in higher demand communities such as my home base of Valenca, Stevenson Ranch and Santa Clarita, California will inevtitably rise.  With each increase in sales and price more sellers that … (2 comments)

short sale: Buy or Sell a home before the Tax Credit end for first time and move up or down buyers! - 02/28/10 04:57 PM
This is the Newsletter sent to my clients and friends on March 1, 2010,
Daylight Savings Time Starts Sunday, March 14, 2010  
It is now March 1, 2010 and only 61 Days left for 1st. Time Buyers to take advantage of:
Unbelievably Low Home Prices! Historically Low Interest Rates! The "Free" $8,000 that the USA Government is offering as an incentive to those that have not owned a home in 3 years! "ALSO" Home owners that have lived in the same home for 5 of the past 8 years are eligible for a "Free" $6,500. if they buy a … (3 comments)

short sale: Only 120 Days Left - as of 2/1/2010 40 % of the Home Buyer's Tax Credit is Gone! - 01/31/10 06:22 PM
This is the latest Newsletter sent to my clients and friends!  Thank you for reading!!!
To My Clients, Friends and those interested buying or selling a home,
It is now February and 40% of the time given to extend the first time buyer's credit is already gone.  We have only 120 days to open escrow in order for first time buyers to receive $8,000. "FREE" from the government!  The same amount of time is left for all buyers that have owned and lived in the same home for 5 of the past 8 years.  Yes you will also get "FREE Money" … (3 comments)

short sale: What a buyer needs to know about changes in securing financing! - 01/25/10 05:52 PM
The real estate market has heated up!  Buyers looking to take advantage of the tax credit are out searching for a home earlier this year as the traditional buying season usually begins around late Winter and early Spring. 
Waiting could too long could cost a buyer not only money but prevent them from being to buy a home at all.  The FHA will soon be tightening up their qualifications to get a loan as well as increase the cost of the financing!  There is good news though!  It appears that the low 3.5% down payment will remain but the seller will … (0 comments)

short sale: What you need to know when buying or selling a home by Short Sale! - 01/11/10 06:04 PM
Attention buyers, sellers & Realtors,
A Short Sale occurs when a home owner is unable to sell their home, pay the closing costs and have enough money at the close of escrow to pay off their mortgage.  Thus the meaning of "short" as they are short of the money needed to sell the home in a traditonal manner.  Under specific circumstances the Mortgage Company or Lender will allow the seller to sell the home and obsorb the difference between the net from the sale and allow the seller out of their loan.  One of the primary conditions is that the seller must … (0 comments)

short sale: Home Owners and Banks are working together to avoid foreclosing, you can help too! - 12/21/09 05:04 PM
The "shadow inventory" of homes that are due to be foreclosed upon may dissipate quickly as home owners, lending institutions, investors and banks are now working together to unload homes without having to foreclose.  Home Owners are now encouraged to attempt to modify their loans or show a hardship that has put them in financial stress.  Lenders are joining in to Short Sale homes rather than foreclose.  This benefits the Lender by allowing them to sell quicker and reinvest right away.  Sellers are able to avoid the permanent stain of a foreclosure on their record and may be able to buy a home … (0 comments)

short sale: Santa Clarita Valley Buyers and Sellers "Jumping through hoops!" - 07/08/09 10:13 AM
Buyers and Sellers are both discouraged for opposite reasons.
Buyers that have jumped into the real estate market are finding low inventories and having to compete for well priced homes.
Sellers are finding out that in order to sell they must price their home competitively with foreclosure, Short Sales and REO listings.
The biggest drawback for both buyers and sellers is that once a price is agreed upon it is nearly impossible to get the appraised value.
My Suggestions:
Be dedicated and committed to your success. Not buying could lead to missing out on current pricing or having to pay a … (0 comments)

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