tony lewis: 4th of July 2022 Events & Real Estate Update - 06/26/22 11:29 AM
Dear Friends, Family & Clients,
4th of July Events in California 2022
America is at a crossroads due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, rising interest rates, out of control interest rates, skyrocketing gas prices and division due to the recent Supreme Court Ruling on Roe vs Wade.  Homeowners may soon loosen their grip on the recent Seller's Market.  First Time Buyers and those hoping to purchase lower priced homes are now qualified for less of a loan than just a month ago.  The fewer buyers there are for the bottom rung means there will be a lower amount of move up buyers.
Should … (1 comments)

tony lewis: 4th of July Events in California 2022 - 06/20/22 03:04 PM

4th of July Events in California 2022
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tony lewis: Father’s Day 2022 falls on Juneteeth - 06/11/22 04:46 PM
​​ Friends, Family & Clients,
The Emancipation Proclamation was signed on January 1, 1863. This word officially reached Texas two and half years later on June 19, 1865.  Juneteenth was originally Celebrated in Texas one year later on June 19, 1866.  There were about four million slaves in the United States that were freed by the Emancipation Proclamation.  America is known as the nation that embraced slavery, however at the time of this proclamation nearly four million people were enslaved.  Today there are about four hundred million enslaved people around the world in some capacity.
"None of us will be free until all … (2 comments)

tony lewis: Memorial Day Weekend Events 2022 in California - 05/21/22 12:15 AM
Memorial Day Weekend is known as the start of Summer.  However Memorial Day is a day was originally called Decoration Day. The holiday began as a way to honor soldiers who died in the Civil War, but the day now honors all U.S. veterans who have sacrificed their lives.
I am at U.S. Army Vietnam Era Veteran.  My feeling is we should not be quick to sacrifice our youth who in many cases are soldiers due to economic conditions.  We ended the draft but that shouldn't make us all Hawks.
Check out these incredible Memorial Day Weekend Events in California 2022
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tony lewis: Will Rising Interest Rates Crash the Real Estate Market? - 05/14/22 11:44 PM
​​Dear Clients, Family & Friends,
We are in the midst of run-away inflation.  The Fed is determined to slow it down by steadily increasing interest rates.  Higher rates will lower the amount of a mortgage loan a buyer will be able to borrow.  This may not lower demand but increase bidding wars on lower priced homes.  My experience from the past shows that it will take several months or even a year for sellers to begin to lower their list price significantly.  
This is a time that a homeowner thinking of selling needs a seasoned, professional Realtor more than ever.  A homeowner … (0 comments)

tony lewis: This Is Me by Tony Lewis - 05/02/22 07:32 PM
What was your first job and what did you learn from it?I'm originally from Detroit, Michigan and in Winter I would shovel sidewalks and driveways.  I learned that it is best to quote a price instead of having they pay me what they thought the job was worth once the job was completed.  People can be cruel and cheap.
How long have you been in the real estate or related service industry?I've been a Realtor since November of 1996.  My career began with Coldwell Banker for four years and moved to RE/MAX for the next twenty years.  My partner and I opened … (7 comments)

tony lewis: Easter 2022 Events, Things to do & Brunch Reservations in California - 04/13/22 10:53 PM
Happy Easter Everyone.  
Check out our Easter Events Page for Easter 2022
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tony lewis: Buy, Sell or Hold Real Estate Spring or Summer 2022 - 03/28/22 10:30 PM
Dear Friends, Family & Clients,
Home affordability in Los Angeles County has plummeted to about twenty percent.  You’ve heard the saying; “History Repeats Itself” well we should all be aware of what happened the last time prices rose at these rates for three years in a row.  Home prices rose twenty-eight percent in 2006, twenty-two percent in 2007 and eighteen percent in 2008.  This was followed by a nearly fifty percent drop in prices in many communities in the subsequent years.
Honesty has been a hallmark of our real estate career and our advice has always been based upon the truth and serving … (3 comments)

tony lewis: Ho Hum, Business as Usual in 2022 - 01/22/22 02:50 PM
​​Friends, Family & Clients,
There appears to be great news for current homeowners and not the best news for first time buyers.  A report be CoreLogic shows that the current mortgage delinquency rate is now at pre-pandemic levels.  Mortgage delinquencies in October of 2021 are 3.8%.  The mortgage delinquency rate before the pandemic in October of 2017 was 3.7%.  Mortgage Delinquency is defined by being late by thirty or more.
Want a Free Market Evaluation for you House or Investment Property?
There are several reasons to purchase a house even during this extreme Seller's Market.  The best reason is if you have a house … (2 comments)

tony lewis: How the internet changes real estate from 1996-2022 - 01/19/22 07:54 PM
My real estate career began in November of 1996.  That year marked the start of the transition from Dot Matrix to reliance up the internet.  The good thing for me is I never really had to learn the dot matrix system and my career aligned with the innovation of the internet.  I became the go to agent for those that had been in the business for many years.
The internet began a Paradigm switch in real estate as well as life in general.  There were, at one time, huge books that were printed once a month with all of the listing for … (9 comments)

tony lewis: Life in Real Estate Before and After the Internet - 01/01/22 10:21 AM
Prior to the internet becoming the norm for business life was a person to person business in which direct contacts were the main method of securing business.  Since the inception of the internet the masses can now be reached with the press of a button.  Prior to the internet a person could get away with bad practices without much damage to their career or business.  Since the reach of the internet there is no longer avoidance of a bad review in which the multitudes can learn of a persons bad behavior.  Prior to the internet a person looking to buy or … (9 comments)

tony lewis: Happy New Year 2022 Find an Event in Southern California - 12/29/21 07:03 PM
Dear Friends, Family & Clients,
The new year brings a sense of renewal and the opportunity to create a better future.  Mistakes of the past don't need to be a part of our future.  Let's all enjoy the new year to bring us more of the things that matter most such as health and happiness.  We look forward to assisting you in 2022.
New Year's Eve & Day Events 2021/2022
Wall Street & Main Street both have continued to trend higher.  Homeownership continues to be elusive to entry level buyers.  Homeowners are benefitting most of all during the recent Seller's Market.  Bidding Wars have … (5 comments)

tony lewis: Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays 2021 - 12/19/21 01:24 PM
​Friends, Family & Clients,
Click Here to see Christmas & Holiday Events in Southern California 2021
Click Here to Find an Ice Skating Rink in Southern California
We wish you a most enjoyable Christmas and Holiday Season.  We are here you if there is anything you need us for.  We look forward to working with you in 2022.
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tony lewis: Holidays in California 2021 - Events, Boat Parades & Ice Skating - 12/14/21 01:23 PM
We, in California, celebrate the holidays to an extent that the rest of the nation would really be surprised to learn about.  Streets are lit up with the colors and joyous displays of the season.  Click on the follow link to see events in many of our California Cities and Communities'
Christmas Events and Things to do in 2021
One of the unique Holiday Occurrences here in California are our Holiday Boat Parades on the Pacific Ocean.  Click on the following link to see the Boat Parades in California for 2021
Holiday Boat Parades in California for 2021
Another Happening here in California that most … (2 comments)

tony lewis: Is Affirmative Action Needed? The Answer is a Resounding Yes! - 12/09/21 08:11 PM
My Fellow Americans,
It would be great to believe that we are in a post prejudice era.  The process of reversing a trend begins with stopping heading in the wrong direction prior to heading into the right one.  America has made great strides in putting a halt to unfair practices.  However just because we as a nation realize the mistakes and injustice of the past that isn't a magic wand that leads to equality.
You may wonder if Affirmative Action is really necessary.  The answer can be addressed with this question.  Will the 1% voluntarily give money to the impoverished.  It is human … (3 comments)

tony lewis: Navigating though this Seller's Market - 11/19/21 04:11 PM
​​Friends, Family & Clients,
We haven't seen home prices rise at these unrealistic levels since back in 2004 - 2006 when home prices went up 22% 28% & 18%.  Home prices in Valencia, Stevenson Ranch, Saugus and throughout the Santa Clarita Valley have risen between 20% to as much as 33% in just the past twelve months.  Congress is attempting to approve a stimulus package as high as 3.5 Trillion Dollars.  This is a two headed monster for homeowners and those hoping to buy a home in the future.  This influx of cash to the economy could lead to inflation levels not … (4 comments)

tony lewis: Looking for something to do on Thanksgiving in 2021? - 11/10/21 06:43 PM
Happy Thanksgiving November 25, 2021
There are may events, things to do, places to go or eat in Southern California 2021
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tony lewis: Halloween Events in Southern California 2021 - 09/16/21 04:21 PM
What a difference a year makes!
Halloween Events & Things to do in Southern California 2021 
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tony lewis: Essential Information on a Real Estate Zoom Meeting - 09/03/21 12:16 PM
A Realtor is a licensed professional with many duties and obligations including being a Fiduciary.  Serving their clients is the most important part of this occupation.  Avoiding being sued is also close to the top as well.
Disclosures are the leading cause of lawsuits in a real estate transaction.  There are many required disclosures given to a buyer and seller of a property.  Failure to disclose is by far the leading cause of lawsuits and court cases.  The parties that must, by law, disclose information during a transaction include the buyer, seller, listing agent, selling agent, buyer's broker and seller's broker.  Failure … (6 comments)

tony lewis: Labor Day Weekend the End of Summer 2021 - 08/26/21 03:47 PM
Dear Family, Friends & Clients,
What a difference a year makes!  2021 has seen our nation begin the gradual return to a normal life.  This is most noticeable by the amount of Labor Day Weekend Events that are available to us here in Southern California.  Take a look at this Events Page we have created for you and make reservations and plans early.  Labor Day 2021 is going to be by far the most anticipate end of Summer Celebration in a very long time.
Labor Day Weekend Events 2021 in Southern California 
Have you heard of FivePoint Valencia?  The community is located one mile … (0 comments)

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