huntington beach real estate: Homes For A Better World - 08/31/10 09:08 AM
A group of MBA students at Catholic University in Santiago, Chile are working on a strategy for a new non-profit, "Homes For A Better World". If you can spare less than 60 seconds, please click on the short survey link below. One of them is my son and we would both greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

huntington beach real estate: - 08/19/10 02:27 PM
Tony Hunthausen here in Huntington Beach, CA ( My son, Scott, is studying in Santiago, Chile at the Catholic University of Santiago obtaining his MBA. Currently he is involved in a class project that is dealing with the non-profit I started last year, Homes For A Better World (HFBW). His group is working on a strategy for HFBW and they have asked me to send out the survey below to as many realtors as possible. It can easily be filled out on line and the results go directly to Scott and his classmates via the Google survey thing. It's only a … (0 comments)

huntington beach real estate: Buying a Home, When You Need to Sell First - 02/20/10 09:39 AM
When you are in a situation where you need to sell your home before buying, it is important to talk to a REALTOR to discuss your options. Oftentimes in a low inventory market (like we are experiences now) you need to have your home in escrow or sold before a seller will consider you a serious buyer. We can help negotiate a way to make this process run as smoothly as possible for you. Go to for more information!

huntington beach real estate: Short Sale Tale #2 - 12/14/09 12:43 PM
How Many REALTORS have been surprised near the end of a Short Sale approval process by being presented a promissory note for our sellers as part of the deal? ...It can be quite a 'shock' for a home-owner expecting this ordeal to be a no cost or low cost transaction. But Short Sales are always unique in the demands of the buyer. That is why being prepared and knowing all the outcomes of the sale are so important when defining the expectations of the transaction, and being ready for the unexpected. Click Here to Read This Short Article--> … (0 comments)

huntington beach real estate: A Short Sale Tale - 12/10/09 12:48 PM
Every Short Sale I have been invovled with has had a unique journey of it own. This week we finished a Short Sale with Bank of America that took over nine months (and several pints of blood from our team) to complete. The Good News? We are able to share some things that will make the next one a little smoother.

Click Here to Read This Short Article --> … (4 comments)

huntington beach real estate: Is Your Business Looking for a Website Designer? - 12/03/09 11:19 AM

Alan Kindred is a small business owner in the community who does 'Web Design', 'SEO Specialization', and 'Graphic Design' for Alan Kindred Design. This week Tony met up with Alan for a couple minutes to discuss the services AKDesigns offer and to highlight the successes Alan has had with his satisfied clients and 'high ranking' websites. Consider contacting Alan for any of your Website needs by calling 714.337.7837.

Thanks Alan for taking the time to meet up with us!

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huntington beach real estate: Paying Too Much For Insurance? - 12/03/09 09:48 AM
Tony Hunthausen talks to Alandale Insurance about the services they offer and what makes them the premium insurance providers for Southern California. If you are paying too much for insurance or are unhappy with your current provider consider talking to Alandale Insurance.

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