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Excellent point Richard Weisser "I am finding out that many of this investment firms are set up to TAKE your money, but getting it out requires pages of paperwork, medallion signature guarantees, and weeks of time. Say what?" Re-Blog! What is one of the most important yet rarely asked questions a...
Ain't that the truth Patricia Kennedy !! "Don't be afraid to exhibit a sense of humor.  So many of you seem to be taking yourselves and the licensing process way too seriously!" Re-blog! There is a real estate school in Utah that appears to be handing out class assignments that involve writing bl...
Mike Cooper "The key to avoiding that, is to keep calm and keep everyone talking. If a seller genuinely wants to sell, and a buyer wants to buy, there is always room for give and take."  Absolutely - keep the emotion out of it - Re-Blog! Real estate negotiating is a lot like dancing. Most negotia...
In the previous entry in this series: Getting Ready for Showtime! Part 1 of a series I made a list of the various things to do to get "Ready for Showtime". First up are: Title "Inspection" and Home Warranty Two items to be done immediately and concurrently by your listing broker should be a "Titl...
Precisely Karen Fiddler, Broker/Owner "I represent the seller! If I have no offers or a hundred, it does my sellers no good to disclose I don't."   Happy I found this - IMHO it should have been "Featured" - Re-blog!   Reacting To Multiple Offers   I read a featured post today by Endre...
Jan Green "If you can’t trust your agent to be your advocate, then you are working with the wrong agent.  Interview your agent and ask what they would do in the above situation.  Sound reasoning and advice should be the answer." Absolutely - great advice.  Sorry this happened - but - on to the ne...
Endre Barath, Jr. "Well long and behold here I was representing the buyer and the seller. They both understood that I will be walking the fine line. Clearly I did not tell the buyers what the other two offers were. One was above asking and one was below asking. "  We NEVER practice single agent d...
When selling your home, what do you need to do to get your home "ready for showtime"? It's essential that the Listing Broker discusses the "pre-activation" process with the Seller so they understand their role in ensuring the property "sparkles" prior to "showtime". Why? The graphic below says it...
So today is the first day following the departure of the esteemed Roger D. Mucci from the 'Rain. At least for now. So instead of being able to head over to his post for my daily dose of "what's going on in Roger's world", there is nothing - literally - to read about there. No post. No post about ...
Agreed Tammy Lankford, "So don't feel discouraged if you are writing an very consumer pointed post or posting listings and they get no or little comments.  What you want to make sure IS happening is they are getting clicks." I wrote a post earlier this week about someone calling and saying "I nee...

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