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Conserve now to save later. Reducing your energy use will keep a lid on the cost of your future alternative energy system. A smaller load requires a smaller system. Doing simple things can cut your energy load Install the most energy efficient appliances. Replace your regular incandescent bulbs w...
So you bought that reposed home as an investment. You knew it was going to need some renovations. Where should you start, and what renovations give you the best return on investment? Is going green a good option? Many homeowners want to live a little greener and reduce their carbon footprint. But...
Energy efficiency is the very best way to create so-called green jobs -- yes, even better than subsidizing solar or wind power -- because it makes the economy more productive in the long run. Energy efficiency improvement leads to an increase in jobs in a number of ways. First, there are direct j...
In today's wireless world it is more important than ever to stay connected. We all know to well that technology isn't slowing down. We are often left wondering how that computer we bought just 2 years ago isn't working so well anymore. Often the same is true for our pocket books. The money we mad...
Architects, Builders, Consultants, Distributors, Energy Auditors, Green Verifiers, LEED AP's, Tradesman, and REALTORS®: You and I are the entrepreneurs of this world, and we must find a way to build / renovate the buildings that people need in a sustainable way.  That's the future, and it's upon ...

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