buying a tooele ut home: Buy Your Home Now or Later in Tooele Utah - 04/22/17 05:18 AM
Buy a Home Now or Later in Tooele UT Interest rates prices, UPThe question is. should you buy a home now or later in Tooele UT?
You know you believe in home ownership. You understand that owning your own house the easiest and best way to build wealth, and you certainly understand all of the social benefits to your family that is part of having your own real estate.
In fact you grew up with the old adage, “be it ever so humble, there’s no place like home”.
There are still some of you in Tooele, or 30 miles down the … (1 comments)

buying a tooele ut home: Wait To Buy a House in Tooele UT - 07/16/16 10:04 PM
Should I Wait To Buy a House in Tooele UT
Wonder if you should wait to buy a house in Tooele UT ?
Ask the pros, and read what our pals @ Keeping Current Matters think as we re post a graph they sent to us last week. Take a look at what waiting a year to buy that new home could mean to your bottom line.
Find Out What Waiting To Buy Can Cost
What Freddie Mac expects interest rate to be next year. What a 5+ per cent rise in interest rate will mean a year from now. See what a … (2 comments)

buying a tooele ut home: Tips For Buying a Tooele Home - 09/12/15 08:36 PM
Todays top 10 essential tips for buying a home in Tooele UT is posted here for buyers in the early stages of  looking at homes in Tooele County. But... No matter where you are looking to buy a house, this article by Allen Smith is worth reading.
As are the other snippets I have included which offer other clues about buying a house.
There is a ton of information about how to do your home search, pre qualifying for a mortgage and being sure you stay within your budget. I hope yoe enjoy these articles and that they are both … (0 comments)

buying a tooele ut home: Tips For Tooele UT Home Buyers - 05/09/15 10:55 PM
Tips For Tooele UT Home Buyers An article regarding Tips For Tooele UT Home Buyers was published by Realty Times on Dec 18,2014. In her article in Realty Times, ' Three most important responsibilities buyers have', Blanche Evans brings up a subject near and dear to every home seller that has tried to sell a home in a neighborhood where one of the home owners is not aware that the junk in the front yard, and the overgrown weeds that need a good shearing contribute to how buyers view the value of the home they are considering. While Blanche points out that the freedom to do what you enjoy is the essence … (0 comments)

buying a tooele ut home: Buying Smaller Tooele Homes - 10/25/14 04:34 AM
Buying Smaller Tooele Homes Just like the national trend, it looks like we are buying smaller Tooele homes. That's what the Tooele County stats say anyway.
From October of 2009, when the average square footage of a house sold in Tooele Utah was 2,533 sq ft to last October the average size of home purchased out here was down 334 sq.ft. That's about a 13% reduction.
I don't know the reason. Maybe it's a result of the "bubble". Maybe it has to do with more homes being sold as distressed property. Perhaps it indicates that home buyers in Tooele are still … (1 comments)

buying a tooele ut home: Tips For First Time Home Buyers In Tooele UT - 10/25/14 04:30 AM
Tips For First Time Home Buyers In Tooele UT As I was searching for articles to share with you about some tips for first time home buyers in Tooele UT, I quickly realized a couple of things.
Most of the suggestions and advise I could find,had to do with financing and getting a home mortgage. Evidently those are concerns for many  first time buyers. The very best advise was " hire a good team". An experienced agent knows where to go to get the help you might need, and knows first hand who can get er done! The article by Jennifer … (0 comments)

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