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Just discovered TweetDeck today!  It's amazing and overwhelming how much new technology is available.  In speaking to a colleague this morning we discovered a new area for business developlemt- seems like veryone between age 30-40 is stuck in no man's land when it comes to new tech stuff- too old...
I can not think of a better time for a first time home buyer to make a purchase, yet why are so many standing on the sidelines waiting for "something better"?!?! Low pricing, low interest rates and free money from the government.  Seems like you'd have to be living under a rock to not want to tak...
So I totally understand that the banks were too lenient in funding residential mortgages, but the move to the other extreme has made an all but impossible situation for many first time homebuyers eager to collect their share of the $8000 tax credit.  Many of my clients who have solid credit score...
A friend of mine, and also a dear client, uses this as his tag line on email communication.  It has been on my mind for a while and I just wanted to let him know a few things that come to mind.  If what you are doing day to day is causing pain and suffering, why bother?  Ben and Jerry had a speak...
I recently forwarded a job posting to a friend of mine who writes about new media. The letter below is reposted with his permission from his blog: http://www.ariwriter.com/2008/10/dear-social-media-manager-search-committee-of-national-association-of-realtors/   Dear Social Media Manager Search Co...
Why bother writing a blog that may actually get someone's attnetion when you can simply post a one line update on Facebook?  While both are easy, convenient and free one garners a lot of attention while the other seems lost in cyberspace.  I'll let you determine which is which! Facebook has been ...
As a real estate lawyer, most Monday mornings are filled with phone calls from realtors and buyers discussing a property they saw at an open house on Sunday. But for the last few years, those Monday morning calls have stopped during the fall. The real estate market, like the other traditional fal...
Nobody likes to be the bearer of bad news, but as this headline came across my screen a few hours ago I felt it was my duty to inform dear friends and clients (many of whom purchased homes with me in this area) of the news.  We KNOW we live in a large town, in fact it was once deemed the largets ...
Technology can be grand...when it works properly!  Sure, we've all spend a day without a working laptop or a cell phone signal, but have we really become technocrats?  As we begin a new year many professionals like me make an extra effort to update and tweak their business plans.  In the real est...
I just returned from a relaxing vacation in warm, sunny FL!  As hard as it is to get back into the swing of things professionally, I feel so refreshed and invigorated to begin a new year.  I have often wondered why Americans do not take more time off to travel and regroup.  The Europeans really h...

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