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Drapes or blinds is one of the most common questions homeowners have to deal with. Uncovered windows make for less privacy and allow the harmful UV rays from the sunlight to penetrate into the house. Covering up the windows has added advantages as it helps prolong your in-house furniture and prov...
Can cleaning up rat droppings expose you to risk of disease? You may be wondering whether you can be at risk of infection if you come into contact with the rat droppings. The truth is that you can easily get infected if the droppings have viruses and germs, especially if they are found where food...
Going from renting a house to owning your own place is something that you should definitely be proud of. You are now wondering is it best for you to build or buy a house? We've created a list of weighing out the differences between the two, to hopefully make the decision easier on you.Is it Best ...
Virus, bacteria, birds, animals and plants, can all pose what is known as a biological hazard . This kind of danger can be as sensitivities (like allergies), contaminations of food, and cause illness as well. Here is a list of the types of biological hazards to be aware of to help keep your home ...

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