carpet care: How to Prep for Carpet Cleaning - 05/17/19 01:55 PM
Carpet cleaning is vital to get rid of dust and dirt. It also helps to eliminate all kinds of odor. You can clean the carpet yourself or hire a professional company to do it. Many people prefer to hire expert services. So, do you know how to prep for carpet cleaning? This help gives the cleaners a conducive environment to clean the carpet.
How to Prep for Carpet Cleaning - Tips to Ready Your Home
The steps are simple and require a short amount of time to complete. Hence, preparation for carpet cleaning requires the following to get excellent results.
Vacuum the Carpet
To begin … (1 comments)

carpet care: How to Protect Carpet from Pets - 02/05/19 08:03 AM
So, are you wondering how to protect carpet from pets? Being a pet owner comes along with many responsibilities with carpet cleaning being one of them. Cats are known to be cleaner than dogs because they spend most of their time indoors sleeping on one of your carpets, couch or rug. Having these animals indoor doesn't necessarily mean that they are clean, these pets are known to shed a lot of pet dander and fur wherever they go and rest. Having a dog also gives you a harder task as a pet owner, since they spend most of their times outdoors … (2 comments)

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