carpet cleaning: How Do You Remove Stubborn Stains From Carpet - 01/30/20 12:24 PM
How do you remove stubborn stains from carpet? This is an issue we've all had to face once or twice, but the solution is relatively simple. If you have a stain on your carpet that you need to clean out, all you have to do is to remember to work from the outside in. To do this, simply wet the area with the stain and use a clean cloth to clot the area. Remember not to scrub the area as that can make the stain worse and damage the carpet.
How Do You Remove Stubborn Stains From Carpet - What is the … (1 comments)

carpet cleaning: How Long for Steam Cleaned Carpet to Dry - 12/30/19 02:50 PM
It’s just so nice to come home at the end of a long, tiring day and have the luxury if walking on clean, soft carpets! Doesn’t that make your home even more cozy and welcoming? So how long for steam cleaned carpet to dry? Well, it’s easy to enjoy the comfort of a warm and carpeted floor, but keeping them dry and clean is entirely another story.
How Long for Steam Cleaned Carpet to Dry - A Guide for Berber Carpet
Steam cleaned carpets would typically take about 8-24 hours to dry completely. But this is reduced to 4-8 hours of drying when … (0 comments)

carpet cleaning: How to Clean Milk From Carpet - 12/04/19 11:26 AM
You can try all you can, but spills will always happen on your carpet. Life has to move on, and those are some of the things you have to be at peace with. Well, one of the spills you may have to deal with is milk. Instead of taking it hard on your kid for spilling his breakfast, you should learn how to clean milk from carpet.
How to Clean Milk From Carpet - Removing the Stain
There are many effective carpet cleaning methods to consider when you have an old stain to remove from the carpet or have a milk spill. This … (0 comments)

carpet cleaning: How to Prep for Carpet Cleaning - 05/17/19 01:55 PM
Carpet cleaning is vital to get rid of dust and dirt. It also helps to eliminate all kinds of odor. You can clean the carpet yourself or hire a professional company to do it. Many people prefer to hire expert services. So, do you know how to prep for carpet cleaning? This help gives the cleaners a conducive environment to clean the carpet.
How to Prep for Carpet Cleaning - Tips to Ready Your Home
The steps are simple and require a short amount of time to complete. Hence, preparation for carpet cleaning requires the following to get excellent results.
Vacuum the Carpet
To begin … (1 comments)

carpet cleaning: Homemade Cleaning Products with Essential Oils - 04/25/19 10:34 AM
It is difficult to find cleaning agents made with chemicals that are nontoxic and comfortable to be used in your home. All natural cleaners may not be very accessible in the stores, however you’ll find that homemade cleaning products with essential oils are easy (and cheap) to make with just some common household ingredients and customizable scents.
Homemade Cleaning Products with Essential Oils - Make Your Home Spotless
Essential Oils are a great option to clean your home with. Here are some DIY homemade cleaning products that you can make with essential oils such as lavender, citrus and peppermint oils.
Base Ingredients
Castile Soap: … (3 comments)

carpet cleaning: How Does Professional Carpet Cleaning Work - 04/05/19 11:42 AM
A carpet cleaner, carpet shampooer or carpet extractor can help in extracting the stains and dirt deeply embedded in the carpets. The information provided in this article will help you learn exactly how does professional carpet cleaning work. Below is the process when it comes to having your carpet cleaned professionally:
- The carpets are pretreated by spraying a carpet cleaning solution and allowing it to dwell or stay there at least for 15 minutes.
- Then the carpet cleaner is used by the operators to extract soapy and dirty fluid from the carpet with the help of a high power vacuum … (0 comments)

carpet cleaning: pH Levels For Carpet Cleaning - 02/21/19 06:56 AM
Since cleaning carpets is a science it itself, it’s important to know the chemistry behind what we use to clean our carpets. When cleaning your carpet, you should have the proper knowledge of product and cleaning materials prior to using them, such as the pH levels in them. In this article, we will focus on the pH levels for carpet cleaning and how that can affect how clean your carpet will get when using certain cleaners.
What is pH?
In the cleaning industry, pH refers to the relative alkalinity and acidity of the water-based solutions. You will find the range between … (0 comments)

carpet cleaning: How to Protect Carpet from Pets - 02/05/19 08:03 AM
So, are you wondering how to protect carpet from pets? Being a pet owner comes along with many responsibilities with carpet cleaning being one of them. Cats are known to be cleaner than dogs because they spend most of their time indoors sleeping on one of your carpets, couch or rug. Having these animals indoor doesn't necessarily mean that they are clean, these pets are known to shed a lot of pet dander and fur wherever they go and rest. Having a dog also gives you a harder task as a pet owner, since they spend most of their times outdoors … (2 comments)

carpet cleaning: How to Deep Clean Carpet Yourself - Budget Friendly Methods - 11/02/18 02:08 PM
Are you wondering how to deep clean carpet yourself? Every time you walk across your carpet, foot grinding will leave traces of germs on the nick and worn out carpet fiber areas. You might often vacuum clean but stubborn and invisible dirt will call for the extra; deep cleaning. You don’t want dirt scratching fibers leaving it dull especially at the sheen anymore. Thankfully, you can deep clean yourself high traffic parts for simple stain removal. So, how do you ensure your carpet is dirt-free, saving time and unnecessary cleaning costs? Keep in mind the methods below.
How to Deep Clean Carpet … (1 comments)

carpet cleaning: Best Way to Clean Carpet Without a Machine - 09/10/18 09:20 AM
It is a proven fact that you cannot make your carpet appear fresh all the time. In fact, a time will come when the rug is going to lose its luster as well as tidiness. Although this might escape your eyes initially, you will notice it in the long run. However, in case you do not own any carpet cleaning machine there is no need to worry. In the following paragraphs, we have highlighted a few surefire tips that you can use to accomplish your task successfully.
1. Use a carpet brush
A carpet brush will help you to get rid of the … (0 comments)

carpet cleaning: How to Get Crayon Out of Carpet - 09/04/18 03:12 PM
There are various fairly simple methods and DIY techniques on how to get crayon out of carpet. Well, the most effective process basically involves the use of an iron, a dull knife, cleaning solution, and a vacuum cleaner. 
Freeze with an Ice Cube and Scrape Crayon Away
When crayon melts into the carpet, you’re generally advised to first ensure that the wax is fully dry before you think of removing any part of the stain. It’s because the soft crayon is not easily scraped away.
Dependable Carpet Care says if you want to harden the crayon fast, try holding an ice cube … (1 comments)

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