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Acclaimed Top Wellesley Realtor John Prescott: THE authority for all your real estate professional services. BostonKayakGuy. . . John Prescott's The MetWest Scene dishes on Wellesley, South Natick, Needham, Newton, Weston, Wayland, Dover, Framingham and other metrowest communities. Top "South Natick" Real Estate Agent John Prescott has over 14 years experience and is recognized for his expertise, negotiation skills, legendary marketing, and financial acumen. Prescott is the "real deal." FULL TIME west suburban realtor, John Prescott has his finger on the real estate pulse locally and nationally. John Prescott - "He'll Make It Happen!"



The Devil’s in the De-Val(s)… Posted on February 27, 2009 by bostonkayakguy  Well folks, Deval Patrick played sock it to metrowest commuters this week. It’s a game he excels in, and he takes no prisoners. So rather than try and explain where and when the tolls have risen, or how they will rise ag...
Image via Wikipedia “When genius fails…it fails big.”  - Forbes Magazine Just  a matter of weeks ago, 10 Harvard alums were calling for the $26.8 million in executive bonuses of Harvard Management Company to be given back to the College’s endowment, following the loss of more than $8 billion in ...
Once the newest sensation in town, Natick's Dah-Mee Restaurant still serves a wonderful blend of Korean, Japanese, and Thai specialties. But some much needed tweaking might put this eatery back on top...(more) BostonKayayGuy...John Prescott's The MetWest Scene     » Full Story on bostonkayakguy....
Movies R Us… Submitted: 2 min ago - Long known as a high brow town, Boston may be getting a new rep in the movie biz as a "frat boy" playground...(more) BostonKayakGuy...John Prescott's The MetWest Scene » Full Story on         Kevin Jame...
Is the Boston Globe’s Take on Wellesley’s Real Estate Market on the $$$…??? ...The MetWest Scene… Submitted: 50 min ago - According to the Boston Globe, real estate in "Swellesley" is well, swell. But what do the facts/numbers say??...(more) BostonKayakGuy...John Pre...
French Toast for Lovers…and ??? — Our friends over at are quite fond of french toast. Isn't everybody? And Jaimee Rose is known for her stylin' ways. So guess what's the perfect way for these two eloquent bloggers to enjoy a very spe...
  Healthy Eating with Wellesley’s Ming Tsai of Blue Ginger... John Prescott’s The MetWest Scene… Submitted: 3 min ago - What happens when illustrious food writer Nina Simonds meets up with Blue Ginger's Ming Tsai of PBS' "Simply Ming??"...(continued) BostonKayakGuy......
$$$? Shouldn’t YOU Get Help in the Stimulus Package? — "Contact Your Representatives - The Senate adopted an amendment to the economic stimulus bill that provides for a tax credit very similar to the Fix Housing First Homebuyer Tax Credit legislation – a $15,000 tax ...
Natick Market Momentum January 2009 ...John Prescott’s The MetWest Scene… Submitted: 6 min ago - The spring housing market has officially begun. The 54 inches of snow which has fallen this winter has put a bit of a crimp on an early market, but realtors are reporting...
Beastly Bullies…Needham High Goes On Offensive Posted on February 11, 2009 by bostonkayakguy  Officials at Needham High School continue to stay on top of matters affecting its students. In a recent email to parents, the subject of cyber -bullying took center stage.  Along with trying to raise par...

John Prescott

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