avila homes for sale: Top Notch curb appeal tips! - 08/11/13 01:19 PM
      If your home's curb appeal makes a great first impression, everyone will want to see what's inside, especially potential home buyers. Curb appeal is much more than just maintaining your lawn; it's also the radiance of your homes' exterior. Let's start with a focal point like the front door.  This is the most important because it's the entry way to what's beyond the great curb appeal outdoors.
      So let's make sure to keep it clean by wiping down the door handle, maybe even polish it. Be sure to also inspect your door for any … (0 comments)

avila homes for sale: Avila is one of America's most exclusive and beautiful Country Clubs! - 07/31/13 01:05 AM
     If you like golf then you'll love the Golf and Country Club facility of Avila located in Tampa,Fl. Built in 1980, this 72 par, 18 holes, 7000+ yards golf course is is beautifully laid and meticulously kept. The layout is marvelous with rock seawalls lining the water hazards. Beuatifully manicured bunkers compliment the course along with huge oak and cypress trees.
    With some of the longest tees, this beautiful course was designed by Ron Garl/(R) Jack Nicklaus, ASGCA which celebrated it's grand opening back in 1980. The vast ammenities at this family friendly Club include state … (1 comments)

avila homes for sale: This week's curb appeal tips! - 07/28/13 08:37 AM
   There are so many small projects that you can do while on a budget to improve the curb appeal of your home to make it more welcoming for potential buyers for those with a home on the market. Just something as simple as installing a walkway up to the front door, pressure washing the exterior and the drive way, cleaning the exterior of the windows.
     Keeping your home's curb appeal maintained is one thing, but remember there are also projects that can add value to your home as well. Although these projests may be a bit more … (3 comments)

avila homes for sale: Avila is one of the best Golf and Country club communities in Tampa - 07/26/13 12:46 PM
   The breathtaking lakefront estate of Avlia is one of Tampa's premier gated golf & country club communities that offer the perfect combination of timeless elegance and classic design. This spectacular setting and beautiful, world-class layout of residential area was custom built and designed by Alvarez Homes.
   Upon your entry, be prepared to be taken by the beautiful scenery of 10-acres of flawlessly kept and landscaped grounds. The glorious layout of houses is a wonderful balance of water views along the only ski lake in Avila and also plenty of open greens. Avila is very well known for being … (0 comments)

avila homes for sale: Existing home sales have dropped, are new home sales going to rise? - 07/24/13 01:24 PM
      The number of existing homes sale dipped 1.2% to an annual rate of  5.08 million in June from a downwardly revised 5.14 million in May according to the National Association of Realtors. The plus side of that is that although sales dipped a little they were still up 15.2% compared to June 2012. Rising mortgage rate may have also taken some of the steam out of the market.
        Although we're still dealing with a large pent-up demand higher interest rates will bite into high-cost regions in metro areas such as California, Hawaii and … (2 comments)

avila homes for sale: Avila is one of the best golfing communities in Tampa - 07/23/13 02:00 PM
      Welcome to Avila! A beautiful place, not only to live but to play golf as well. The Avila Properties Owners Association, INC. (A.P.O.A.) is a Fl nonprofit organization to which ALL Avila property owners automatically belong too. Avila is also legally responsible for implementing and enforcing community standards and also meticulously protect and maintain the integrity of the developers grand design of their property owners investments and common areas.
     Since the beginning, the community of Avila has always be conceived as the model by which "Elegant Living" is measured. The Avila is inspired by 16th … (1 comments)

avila homes for sale: Space Saving ideas for the kitchen - 07/20/13 11:06 AM
  One of the area’s that creates the biggest challenge when we’re looking for space is the kitchen. Let’s face it kitchens are notorious when it comes to corners or when drawers and cabinet doors start bumping each other. On top of that you lose the extra space contained in the corner itself.
     This space can be easily utilized by installing corner drawers. The space is there so let’s use it.  Speaking of corners in the kitchen, what about the unoccupied kitchen wall? For both inside and outside corners, you can build a simple spice shelf and place the ones … (2 comments)

avila homes for sale: The housing market in Tampa & across the country continues to rebound! - 06/25/13 12:02 PM
   As awakening buyers & scant supplies continues to drive up both sales & prices. More than 3,400 homes sold here alone in last month showed a 20% jump over May 2012 & the busiest month since the boom times of 2005. With a typical home sale, homes came under contract in 29 days & were sold within 82 days. That's a sign that brutally tight supplies of homes for sale which are speeding along deals.  Greater Tampa Association of Realtors data show that in Hillsborough County alone, the number of homes for sale dropped from 10,300 in May 2012 to 6,700 last month.

avila homes for sale: A few steps for going green - 06/21/13 11:11 PM
    When either at home, work, the grocery store or everywhere in between, there are many ways you can live a greener life. What’s more, it's really not hard at all. The key is to begin by asking yourself some simple and basic questions:1) Am I really using more resources than I need? Am I really using more energy than I need? And are my actions making my community a healthier place? All of these questions can lead to subtle & dramatic changes in your daily behavior.
      The things you can do to use things over and over again … (2 comments)

avila homes for sale: Are the skeptics right about another recession coming? - 06/18/13 01:49 PM
      I don't think so! If you research where the Tampa Bay housing market was at just a me-er 2 years ago you will see that we were in the top 5 cities with the highest rate of foreclosures and now we are No.9! I know it's not much but at least we are moving in the right direction! I see home prices slowly but steadily starting to rise.        It's becoming very frustrating for my clients and I, when we go see a home and put an offer in on it after thinking about it for … (2 comments)

avila homes for sale: It's never too late to start going "Green" - 06/13/13 04:52 AM
I find it amazing how these simple, everyday things are still important for caring for the planet. It’s also a good reminder that “going green” really isn’t all that hard. To me, being intentionally eco-friendly has much more to do with celebrating a wonderful planet created by a power much greater than all of us. 
  The thing I absolutely love most about eco-friendly green alternatives in around the house is that 9 out of 10 times, they are the more frugal option. And hey! Who doesn't wanna save money these days right !? There are many small steps we can all take to do … (0 comments)

avila homes for sale: Florida's market is on the rebound! - 06/08/13 11:36 AM
     Florida's housing market is on the rebound and Canadian Snowbirds are playing a huge role in it's recovery! Beyond the obvious attraction of marvelous weather and gorgeous beaches, there are two factors that make Florida real estate an especially good value for Canadians! The 1st is that the median priced home in Florida is nearly half than that in Canada. At the same time, the Canadian dollar is traditionally 10% above "fair" value versus the U.S, dollar, arming Snowbird shoppers with extra buying power.
      There is growing demand for Florida real estate from foreign buyers, most … (1 comments)

avila homes for sale: Homes in Avila for sale - 05/07/13 11:45 PM

Avila is on the border of Tampa and Lutz, the gated luxury community of Avila has it all!  The myriad of amenities at this family friendly Country Club include state-of-the-art golf facilities, tennis, pro shops, junior programs, fitness center, pool pavilion and more.  You can dine in the 5 star restaurant on site or have a 5 star meal delivered right to your home if you are too simply too tired to cook.  You haven’t seen an amazing community until you’ve seen Avila!

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