tampa spanish speaking realtor: Vacant land in a waterfront gated community for sale! - 08/28/13 08:30 AM


tampa spanish speaking realtor: Stick it where the sun DOES shine! - 08/22/13 09:33 AM
      Home owners are always looking for a way to enhance their homes, but want to save money at the same time. No matter where you live in the world that the sun shines down on your home, solar panels can be installed. Say what you will about solar panels, but they are without a doubt amid the breakthrough inventions of the century! There are homes that are completely self-sufficient on energy due to solar panels! And a lot of governments around the gloge are consumers and suppliers 'grants' to help with the costs of installing solar panels.

tampa spanish speaking realtor: What`s stopping new home builders from installing grey water systems? - 08/15/13 07:33 AM
     Day in and day out, millions of people take a morning shower before starting their day. Some take a hot bath in the evening or soak in a hot Jacuzzi and some do both. And let's not forget the couple or more times a day we ALL spend at the sink brushing our teeth. Then there's also those homes that have to do several loads of laundry per week or more.
         The average four person household can create well over 38,000 gallons of grey water each year from bath and laundries.  So where does this water go? If you … (2 comments)

tampa spanish speaking realtor: Are we ever going to see reasonable home insurance rates again? - 08/15/13 07:04 AM
      In Tallahassee, Fl, the Insurance Commissioner Kevin McCarthy stated that ''even though Florida hasn`t been hit by a major hurricane since 2005, there are other reasons as to why home owner rates will not be coming down in Fl.'' It was said they might even go up since some companies have spread increases out over several years on of of your biggest expenses. Reports point out that the cost of reinsurance has dropped by 15-20% this year. Insurers purchase this to provide financial backing in case of a major claim.
         In most cases the big insurance companies are buying additional reinsurance … (2 comments)

tampa spanish speaking realtor: The Eagles Golf club is Top-Notch! - 08/15/13 06:38 AM
     At the top of the list as one of Tampa's premier golf facilities is The Eagles Golf Club. This 36 hole championship course has two complete different sides. The Forrest course on one side and The Lake course on the other. The spacious club house here makes it an ideal place for also hosting parties and both corporate and charity events.The Eagles is actually one of the few golf facilities the Tampa area the can accommodate large groups of 200+.
        Located in reasonable proximity to downtown(about 20 min) and just north of Tampa Bay Downs Race Track, … (0 comments)

tampa spanish speaking realtor: Top Notch curb appeal tips! - 08/11/13 01:19 PM
      If your home's curb appeal makes a great first impression, everyone will want to see what's inside, especially potential home buyers. Curb appeal is much more than just maintaining your lawn; it's also the radiance of your homes' exterior. Let's start with a focal point like the front door.  This is the most important because it's the entry way to what's beyond the great curb appeal outdoors.
      So let's make sure to keep it clean by wiping down the door handle, maybe even polish it. Be sure to also inspect your door for any … (0 comments)

tampa spanish speaking realtor: Water restrictions aren't going anywhere,greywater systems could help? - 08/08/13 02:04 PM
      With the water restrictions going on all over the U.S. and even droughts in some parts of the world. It's time we all came together and did something together as a planet to help out with this water crisis. We would use less grey water here since we get rain, but remember every little bit helps. Grey water is actually produced by about 70% of the water you use in your home. What is grey water? Water that is used from sinks/dishwashers, washing machines and bathtub. NOT TOILET WATER!
       In parts of the world … (0 comments)

tampa spanish speaking realtor: Buying a home in Tampa is getting more costly more ways than one! - 08/07/13 02:12 PM
       When you go through the closing process when buying a house,most people are aware that there will be closing costs. What they don't know is that mortgage closing costs are higher here in the state of Florida then 41 other states. Which puts us in the top 10 of that list. WOW! Hawaii has the highest closing costs averging almost $3,000!!!
      The average closing cost on a loan of  $200,000 is going to be about $2,500, this is assuming you have good credit and can put 20% down. These mortgage rates and closing costs … (0 comments)

tampa spanish speaking realtor: The Nine Eagles Community has the finest golf courses in Odessa - 08/06/13 01:47 PM
      Among all the golf courses that stretch through beautiful and sunny Florida, lies the championship golf course of The Eagles located in the Nine Eagles community. The Eagles Golf Club boasts a long, proud tradition of holding a high standard of excellence for public access golf in the Tampa area and honor themselves in preserving that legacy. The Eagles houses two championship golf courses, The Lakes and The Forest and they offer players distinctly different experiences within this prestigious gated community.
      The Forest course has been recently revovated with reconstructed bunkers and a few design … (0 comments)

tampa spanish speaking realtor: August Curb Appeal Tips! - 08/04/13 02:32 PM
        Curb appeal is definitely a project that requires on going maintenance. Usually what ends up happening is we put of these projects off during the winter months. Now that summer is almost at an end and as we begin the autumn months, it's a great time to look into completing these projects. Remember that the exterior of your house is ALWAYS on display for the world to see. It's seen by your neighbors, guests, passersby and most importantly potential buyers. 
      There's no rule stating that you HAVE to keep up your curb appeal, but … (2 comments)

tampa spanish speaking realtor: Great way to cut down your water bill would be using greywater system! - 08/01/13 06:55 AM
      A term that many people unfortunately are not familiar with is grey water. Due to both a booming population and droughts across the globe we've reached a water crisis. If we make an effort to use this grey water that we waste, we can make a huge difference. The average U.S. household uses about 400 gallons a day resulting in many state governments to issue bans on/regulates your outside watering.
        So let’s talk about conserving water to help with this crisis. For example, most homes these days have one or both a dish … (2 comments)

tampa spanish speaking realtor: Avila is one of America's most exclusive and beautiful Country Clubs! - 07/31/13 01:05 AM
     If you like golf then you'll love the Golf and Country Club facility of Avila located in Tampa,Fl. Built in 1980, this 72 par, 18 holes, 7000+ yards golf course is is beautifully laid and meticulously kept. The layout is marvelous with rock seawalls lining the water hazards. Beuatifully manicured bunkers compliment the course along with huge oak and cypress trees.
    With some of the longest tees, this beautiful course was designed by Ron Garl/(R) Jack Nicklaus, ASGCA which celebrated it's grand opening back in 1980. The vast ammenities at this family friendly Club include state … (1 comments)

tampa spanish speaking realtor: Outdoor entertaining projects add more than just value to our homes! - 07/29/13 12:21 AM
       Here we are at the end of July, which means that summer is just about over and bar-b-ques become further and fewer between. Even though it doesn't get cold here in Tampa, but our schedules and routines change with the kids going back to school. The best part about being in Tampa in that it's almost never a bad time to grill. So before we wrap up the summer why not have one more party where you can awe your guests or in other cases your buyers.
     Although it gets hot, it doesn't mean that … (1 comments)

tampa spanish speaking realtor: This week's curb appeal tips! - 07/28/13 08:37 AM
   There are so many small projects that you can do while on a budget to improve the curb appeal of your home to make it more welcoming for potential buyers for those with a home on the market. Just something as simple as installing a walkway up to the front door, pressure washing the exterior and the drive way, cleaning the exterior of the windows.
     Keeping your home's curb appeal maintained is one thing, but remember there are also projects that can add value to your home as well. Although these projests may be a bit more … (3 comments)

tampa spanish speaking realtor: Are you utilizing the space in your home to the fullest? - 07/28/13 05:04 AM
    When I'm showing homes to clients, one of their main concerns is space. Is there enough storage space for large items like bicycles? Or is there enough room to fit their furniture? I always wait patiently while they imagine their furniture in a room to make sure there is enough space in each room for them. This is usually a major deciding factor in whether they will choose the home or not. 
    Here are a few ideas to utilize the space in your current home, so that when you decide to move space won't play as … (1 comments)

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