florida: "Put the hook in the head!" - 10/26/13 07:20 AM
My wife, Pam, and I spent a couple of hours fishing tonight off the marina in the Colonnades on our beloved Hutchinson Island, Florida.  Even though we do not have a condo on the water in the Colonnades, we have equal privileges to use all of the marina facilities.  Therefore, we decided to go catch our dinner!
I went to the local tackle shop and bought two dozen live shrimp.  So far, so good.  I baited Pam's hook with the shrimp from head to tail. (Pay attention. Head to tail is important here)   She continued to reel in a half eaten … (5 comments)

florida: My Craigslist Matrix - 10/24/13 09:08 AM
I am sure that all of us Realtors that post on Craigslist have spent a lot of time chewing on pencils and wracking our brains for new ways to post our listings so that we are not......(halloween music in the background please)....."ghosted"!  I agree with Craigslist philosophy to "keep it fresh and keep it relevant."  Why else are they so successful?   And why else do we use their medium for advertising?
However, keeping my postings fresh and relevant sometimes, no, always hurts my brain!  Somewhere in the far reaches of my entrepreneurial experiences over the years I learned a simple trick to … (4 comments)

florida: You do not have a second chance to make a good first impression! - 10/15/13 10:17 AM
Recently, I was showing a client some of our waterfront condo listings in the Colonnades on our beloved Hutchinson Island, Florida.  They were all value priced because so many of the permanent and seasonal 55+ buyers have yet to discover one of Florida's best kept secrets.  Every time that I look out across the cove from our boat in our $40 a month slip in front of these condominiums in the Colonnades, I am amazed that we do not have a thundering herd of buyers checking us out! 
Now, if this was your view from your condo in the Colonnades … (5 comments)

florida: Pavlov's Frog...or is it a Dog? - 10/10/13 11:05 AM
Growing up in rural coastal Maine, a spring ritual was to go up into the "back field" as apposed to the "front field", which was on the Blue Hill Bay, to look for frog eggs.  After forcing our way through the alder growth to our winter skating rink, which was now open water,  we could find little balls of a gelatin substance with black spots.  Frog eggs!  And we knew that frog eggs eventually turned into "Polywogs" that eventually lost their tails and turned into real frogs!  As was the ritual, we scooped up some pond water with the jelly mass and took … (2 comments)

florida: Struggling with my dress code! - 10/07/13 10:02 AM
I am sure that we have all been through or may be going through the "Fake it until you make it" or "Dress to impress" stage in any endeavor. I know I have. Or, maybe I still am!  So when it comes to being a realtor, I seriously ask... how do I dress? 
It is a real dilemma for me. Since my days in advertising and marketing when I had to "dress to impress," I haven't had to think too much about my attire. You can imagine the dress code for a blueberry farmer, a manufacturer of insect repellent, or a distributor … (3 comments)

florida: "You're gonna love it here!" - 10/06/13 09:05 AM
Back in the day, when I was a partner in an advertising and marketing agency, we were challenged by a motel chain to come up with a catchy slogan.  Hence, "You're gonna love it here!".  As the presenter in our firm, I was excited about this campaign.  It had all of the earmarks of a monster hit! I thought that it showed that they had a warmer side to their business which would appeal to a weary traveler.   However, after several hours of debate among the board over whether or not the slang in our slogan reflected poorly on their … (6 comments)

florida: Trying not to get so tied up in "nots"! - 10/05/13 09:59 AM
I have discovered that it is relatively easy to respond to a "you can't" or "no way" or "that's not possible" or to "not now" with a "Why not?" when it comes from other people.  It only is an affront to my personal liberties.   The answer to this question gives me the information that I need to either proceed or to back off.  I think that we all interact with people pretty much this same way.  After all, since childhood have we not been used to asking "why?" or "Why not?"  Or, better yet growing up in Maine, it would … (23 comments)

florida: One in a million? "So you are telling me I still have a chance!" - 10/03/13 10:32 AM
Maybe not so Dumb or Dumber.  This morning we played tennis with some great friends who have relocated to the Colonnades on Hutchinson Island on a full time basis.  My partner and I lost the first two sets badly.  She kept telling me, we still have a chance, reciting the famous Dumb and Dumber quote!  She is really delightful.
Whether it was prophetic, wishful thinking, or a conviction that against all odds, "There is still a chance!", we prevailed and won the third set with ease!  Reading my latest book, Mega Creativity by Andrei Aleinikov, the author sets the stage that … (2 comments)

florida: A lot to learn about thinking out of the box. - 10/02/13 09:48 AM
I just started a new book called Mega Creativity by Andrei Aleinikov, Ph.D.  The book was written to help us think out of the box or "Five Steps to Thinking like a Genius."  So far after the first three exercises, I am:  1) either daring or stupid (maybe both), 2) normal, and 3) limiting myself by the dictates of others.  Not what I would call a stellar start on my way to "Genius" status!
However, I am encouraged because fortunately they did not have a "dull normal" classification.  I know you are curious, so here were the questions.  Draw a circle … (6 comments)

florida: The Turmoil of Change! - 10/01/13 11:26 AM
CHANGE!  Yuck!  I hate it!  Windows 8!  New contract revisions!  New Listing/Buyer reporting software!  New everything!  When is it going to stop?  NEVER!  
My wife, Pam, wrote a new country and western song.  The hook was:  "Change is sooooo complicaaaaated!   Oooooooh how I hate it!"  Okay, enough already!  We all know that change is inevitable but why do we resist it so?  Because we do not want to go through the stress and turmoil of the change?
Change causes us to make a decision.  Often the decision is to resist it!  I flail my arms and  I scream at the unseen … (2 comments)

florida: The single most question that I get from foreign nationals. - 09/28/13 10:17 AM
The question is...."Can I buy my little piece of paradise on Hutchinson Island, Florida?"  Or if I was to paraphrase the question it would be, "Can I buy property in the United States if I am not a citizen?  And all of us Realtors stand up and say......."YES"!
It is my understanding that Foreign Nationals are allowed to own real estate in the US.  If not, I am in trouble already!  In fact, there are very few differences between a foreign and a citizen when purchasing real estate.  My only caution to my foreign clients is that purchasing a home on … (3 comments)

florida: I will sail my vessel until the river runs dry! Garth Brooks - 09/27/13 06:52 AM
Tonight my wife, Pam, and I are submitting our application to the Fort Pierce Yacht Club which is at the end of the causeway that connects our beloved Hutchinson Island to the mainland.  Now, just in case you might get the image in your mind that this is a black tie affair, nothing could be further from the truth.  The FPYC, as they liked to be called, is waaaaay too cool for that!  Like everything about our Hutchinson Island, they are really laid back and have left any pretentiousness at the door.
First of all, you do not need a vessel … (4 comments)

florida: Running the HASH! - 09/26/13 08:18 AM
Hashing . . . it's a mixture of athleticism and sociability, hedonism and hard work.  Hashing is an exhilaratingly fun combination of running, orienteering, and partying. Harriers and Harriettes chase "hares" (see below) on three to five mile trails through town, country, and beach.  All in search of exercise, camaraderie, and good times.
Hashing began in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in 1938, when a group of British colonial officials and expatriates founded a running club called the Hash House Harriers. They named the group after their meeting place, the Selangor Club, nicknamed the "Hash House." Hash House Harrier runs were patterned … (2 comments)

florida: If it starts hard, it usually ends hard! - 09/25/13 10:33 AM
This truism has applied to virtually every deal in every business in which I have been involved in over the past forty-five years.  The only difference is that the real estate business has a safety net called the referral fee.  In other businesses when the deal started bad and eventually ended bad you lost it all!
In sales you are bound to run into a potential buyer,  seller, or a buying/selling opportunity that gets started on the wrong foot.  You really do not know why,  it just happens. example:  The buyer is impossible to please even though you have stood … (4 comments)

florida: Some porcupines that I have met. - 09/24/13 08:57 AM
In the words of one of the greatest motivational speakers of all time, Zig Ziegler, said "You can get everything in life you want if you just help enough other people get what they want." And to accomplish that, one must leave their personal motives at the door.   With age, hopefully, comes wisdom, understanding, and knowledge.  And the assurance that you do not fail as long as you keep on trying!
Now, for the porcupines.  Porcupines are dull witted.  Porcupines as compared to other animals in the wild are really, really, and I mean REALLY slow.  I am convinced the porcupines … (1 comments)

florida: The battle between ANTICIPATION and ANXTICIPATION! - 09/23/13 06:44 AM
No, my spell check has not spit up on itself!  My wife and I coined a new word to help us identify when we have crossed the line between healthy ANTICIPATION and unhealthy ANXTICIPATION.  The line that is crossed is usually one that we have arbitrarily drawn in the sand involving a time period that in which we expect something positive to occur.  In the beginning of the process we are anticipating that good things are going to happen within the time line that we have set.  As the event creeps closer to the time line, we become less and less … (3 comments)

florida: Buyers are not strangers, just friends that we have not met! - 09/21/13 12:09 PM
My wife and I had an appointment today with a couple from Fort Lauderdale who were looking for a retirement home on Hutchinson Island.  We showed them all of the amenities of our Colonnades community.  I could tell that they loved the relaxed atmosphere of our community as well as the ambiance of Hutchinson Island.
We took a liesurely walk through the amenities as we headed for our first showing.  Now, these buyers are from European descent and do not taking buying a retirement home on the same level as purchasing a loaf of bread.  It took us almost an … (0 comments)

florida: "Sittin' on the dock of the bay watching the tide roll away..." - 09/20/13 07:29 AM
Yesterday morning as I was out and about doing real estate stuff on Hutchinson Island , I happened to catch this old tune by Otis Redding on the radio. As I listened to the lyrics and pictured Otis looking out over San Francisco Bay I suddenly realized that it had been awhile since my wife and I had taken a leisurely stroll on our beach.  Not that we had become couch potatoes because our motto is, "take a little vacation in every day."  Here on Hutchinson Island there is enough vacation in every day to fill a lifetime.  But, we had … (3 comments)

florida: "There is more than one way to skin a cat!" - 09/19/13 02:09 AM
I really do apologize for putting that image into your mind, but do you ever wonder how these old truisms started?  I can just imagine five or six seasoned trappers sitting around a wilderness trading post discussing skinning techinques over a tankard or two.  Each of them upheld their own methods, but in the end, all of them got the job done.
As a life long entreprenuer, I have learned that to be successful in business, one must be a problem solver.  One must always have the philosophy that there is more than one way to attack a problem.  Unfortunately, most … (1 comments)

florida: Living large on a budget on beautiful Hutchinson Island Florida. - 09/18/13 03:04 AM
Hutchinson Island is a gorgeous twenty mile strip of Florida that is less than a mile wide which is located between the Indian River and the Atlantic Ocean.  South Hutchinson Island is connected to the mainland by three modern causeways which makes shopping, medical facilities, airports, and industry accessible within minutes.  Hutchinson Island itself was created for, and is being maintained for its unique quality of life.  While I cannot really speak for its creation, I can attest to its maintenance!
The first thing my wife and I noticed as we passed over the causeway to Hutchinson Island from Fort … (1 comments)

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