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Learn simple home staging tips that will make your home look show-worthy. This is the place to be to create a home buyers will find irresistible and will help home sellers get one step closer to the closing table.
  If you’re thinking of selling a home soon, next year may be the time! But, to sell in 2017 a home owner needs to start preparing their house for sale now. What should be on your to-do list to help improve the condition of the home to get the highest price in the quickest time? A staging plan is...
What if I told you I've got the solution that will instantly help get your listings noticed, it's budget-friendly and it's one of the most powerful marketing tools -- interested to learn more? Well you can! From preparation to sold, The Stage 2 Sell Strategy is working to help make your sellers s...
Book lovers everywhere know a book collection can easily get out of control - taking over a corner, tabletop surface even an entire wall. On National Book Lovers Day, take a moment to display your collection as home decor to reflect your literary tastes.National Book Lovers Day, celebrated on Aug...
So, last month I asked a question here on  ActiveRain about home staging. What do you want to know more about? What topics would you share with clients? Staging q's you have? You can check out all the answers here, but we took the top four most requested and turned them into this video series to ...
Grab your camera and take a moment to explore the outdoors for Nature Photography Day. Head to the backyard, park, or other place close to take a walk, hike, or ride a bike and capture Mother Nature at her finest. This day was designated by The North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA...
Home staging is the act of preparing and showcasing your home for sale. Since 2009, I've been helping home sellers get their spaces market ready. I believe in the power of home staging because I've seen it work first hand. In the end of 2009, I opened up a New York City based home staging company...
Only 10-percent of home buyers can visualize the potential of a vacant space, that's why it's so important to stage your home if the space is empty. This is especially true when it comes to this type of layout found in our latest home staging transformation.Stylish Stagers, Inc. our New York City...
Fixated to this year's election coverage, it's hard not to be fascinated by Donald Trump.The American business man and real estate mogul says "out loud" what nearly everybody thinks, but is too fearful or polite to actually say. Now, why I am by no means endorsing Mr. Trump, as a home stager I ca...
As you begin preparing your home for sale or styling your home. It’s important to focus perceptions so your home is the most appealing. Every homeowner, especially those selling, must become successful at creating first impressions. This step allows you to develop a good sense of what your audie...
Yes, I snapped this picture out on a home staging consultation the other day! The real estate agent made the appointment and paid for the service because he knew the home wouldn't sell in it's current state.This was the master bedroom located on East 84th Street in New York City and the agent was...

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