real estate: 2017 Will Be Hot, Is Your Home Ready for Sale? - 10/26/16 03:36 AM
  If you’re thinking of selling a home soon, next year may be the time! But, to sell in 2017 a home owner needs to start preparing their house for sale now. What should be on your to-do list to help improve the condition of the home to get the highest price in the quickest time? A staging plan is important to put together.
 According to forecasts just released from the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR), the Mortgage Bankers’ Association (MBA), and Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, “We can expect a hot year for home sales in 2017,” said Realtor Mag, the NAR’s official … (0 comments)

real estate: Sex, Dating and Real Estate Staging - 04/03/13 10:37 AM
Have a listing that’s pet-friendly? How about one that’s so private the homeowner can walk around naked? Maybe your listing is located in the heart of a fabulous party scene or has a unique selling feature like a luxurious soaking tub, culinary kitchen or indoor pool?
As the saying goes, sex sells. Sex today is used to market just about everything even if it has nothing to do with those three little letters S-E-X. Some real estate agents are using suggestive situations to enhance their listings while on the market with sexy listing photographs and video tours. From the shower to … (1 comments)

real estate: How Home Staging Works in a Vacant Space - 01/23/12 09:33 AM
This home on 201 East 83rd St. in NYC was a challenge, because the sellers didn't have a big budget to work with. The home sat on the market for over 6 months and went through the hands of 2 Realtors before they decided to stage the space. It sold in just 85 days after staging!
This property proves that home staging doesn’t have to be expensive. For just a couple thousand dollars we were able to transform this vacant space into a quaint home for either a first time buyer or someone looking for a pied-a-terre.  We used the existing … (8 comments)

real estate: Sold After Staged - 12/30/11 03:44 AM
Just Sold! Another home is off the market thanks to Stylish Stagers, Inc. We received news that the vacant home we staged on 201 East 83rd St. in NYC at the end of September is under contract! This home was a challenge, but we helped it sell in just 85 days, prior to staging the home sat on the market for over 6 months and went through the hands of 2 Realtors. Take a look at the transformation just click on the photo: This property proves that home staging doesn’t have to be expensive. For just a couple thousand dollars we were … (7 comments)

real estate: 80's Kitchen Nightmares - 12/30/11 03:29 AM
 80's Kitchen Nightmares...  The 1980s may be making a comeback in apparel, but forget about it ever coming back into your house. What were design guru's thinking Nagel prints, neon lights, nightclub paint colors and melamine oak striped cabinets? While some things are easier to replace than others, 1980's kitchens continue to haunt the housing market, especially now since buyers are looking for move-in ready homes.Buyers immediately start seeing dollar signs when they see melamine oak striped cabinets in the heart of the home. That type of dated decor can become a deal breaker for buyers,  so it's important for sellers to … (12 comments)

real estate: Tight Budget, No Match for this Vacant Space - 10/04/11 03:36 PM
We just finished up staging a one bedroom co-op in New York City. It's been on the market for nearly a year, the Realtor that referred us already had the listing for three months, she knew it was time to bring in a home stager.
To much surprise (I'm kidding) the sellers didn't want to spend alot of money on home staging, quite frankly what sellers do?
We took the challenge though and rented a sofa, rug and dining table with 2 chairs for Churchill. Then we added some key accessories to complete the rooms. The fabulous part that organic white … (9 comments)

real estate: Learn How To Build Your Business - 08/15/11 08:26 AM
Building Your BusinessBASE By Cindy MacKenzie from Prospects Plus for Stylish Stagers, Inc.
Where does YOUR success lie? According to the TOP 92% of Professionals in this industry, 66% of THEIR business comes from four sources:
1.Family2.Friends3.Close Acquaintances4.Referrals from the first three
I believe that the most effective thing any business professional can do to build their business both in long term and short term, is to become more “visible, become more “likable” and friend creative ways to get more people to “remember” you. People do business with people they know, like and remember.
This is not a mailing list. Your … (1 comments)

real estate: Our company Teams Up with Learning Annex - 08/15/11 08:15 AM
 A New Staging Tool to Educate  Stylish Stagers, Inc. recently teammed up with the NYC Learning Annex to create Live Video Webinars, hosted by our company's owner, Tori Toth. We produced two 20-minute videos, one for the home seller and the other for Realtors to teach them more about the benefits of home staging.  For just 99-cents you can download the webinars on UStream and not only learn how to grow your real estate business, but you can position yourself as an expert in marketing homes by teaching your clients about home staging.Here are the links:  Realtor Staging Video 98% of Realtors believe staging works, yet only … (1 comments)

real estate: Staging an ESTATE - 08/15/11 08:10 AM
No home is ever too big or too small to stage, why? Well, our company views every home as a product and inorder to sell that product, it must be merchandised and marketed correctly to buyers. This house at 83-43 Edgerton Blvd. in Jamaica Estates, is no different with 4 spacious bedrooms, a formal living and dining room, eat-in kitchen, casual dining area, 4 baths, a sunroom, a finished attic, a basement party room and access to the two car Garage, plus a Photo Room, Storage,  Laundry, and Utility areas, needed a staging touch before hitting the market.This was one family's home for decades. … (4 comments)

real estate: Sold in 72 Hours With Staging, After Being on Market for 6 Months - 05/26/11 06:54 AM

Sold In 72 Hours
This story was a win-win for everyone involved! We had a Realtor call Stylish Stagers, Inc. and asked us to stage a 1-bed Co-op on Adams St. in Brooklyn. When we began communicating with the seller, he mentioned that their was a falling out with his current real estate agent, so home staging was not a priority at the moment, if he didn't have anyone to represent his home.A few weeks went by and we followed-up with the seller, he still didn't have an agent so we referred him to one that we've worked with in his area. The … (6 comments)

real estate: All You Need Is Color! - 05/26/11 06:50 AM
The call comes in Mr. or Mrs. Realtor I'd like you to represent me in selling my home. You hang up excited, you've been dying to get a home in this neighborhood and start preparing for the listing presentation immediately. With no idea on what to expect you've siked yourself up and are ready to WOW your clients, but once you walk into their beloved home, you realize their isn't much to write home about.
Do you have a house on the market that has rooms that look like this?The bedroom (on left) located at 445 E.86th St. in New York City, was in dyer need … (4 comments)

real estate: We're Attending the LIBOR Conference, See You There! - 05/26/11 06:40 AM

LIBOR Education Conference
For the second year in a row, we are proud to be an exhibitor at the 23rd Annual LIBOR Education Conference and Trade Show. This year's theme is about Your Business, Your Future!  As LIBOR puts it the future is now, the Keynote Speaker Connie Podesta suggests, "Business as usual" is no longer an option. She will talk about how our market has changed and how success depends upon your ability and determination to be recognized as an expert in the real estate profession. Now more than ever, Connie believes, we must become a unique, one-of a kind brand who consistently … (0 comments)

real estate: Home Staging the Forgotten Key to Selling Your Home - 03/15/11 08:11 AM
Selling a home can stir-up several different emotions in a homeowner, some are ready to turn the page and move on, while others are forced to sell their beloved home. The process can even become stressful for many, when the home sits on the market for a long period of time.
It's important when selling a home you focus three key factors:
•1)    Inside Image
•2)    Marketing
•3)    Price 
When all three of these factors are in perfect harmony, you'll find yourself turning over the keys to your place in no time. While it's a Realtor's job to make sure the … (0 comments)

real estate: Showcasing Positive Features In Ordinary Home - 02/25/11 07:28 AM
Part of a home stagers job during the intitial consultation is to go through the home and figure out the positive and negative aspects of a space. In any room of the house there should be a dramatic focal point that attracts your eye, but is that focal point pleasing to the eye? Does it have a positive connotation or a negative one?
A big entryway, built-in cabinets, kitchen islands, fireplaces, picture windows, hardwood these are all features that are special to a home. So, in order to make sure these features get noticed we have to downplay the negative aspects of the space.We all know the … (7 comments)

real estate: Holidays Are Upon Us - 09/27/10 10:25 AM
After decorating my front yard this past weekend as a scary cemetary complete with ghosts and ghouls for Halloween, it made me wonder what's best for home sellers to do during the holidays, decorate or not?
Sometimes it's hard enough to get sellers to agree to remove certain objects or tone-down accessories in their home or front lawn. So, when it comes time to decorate for Halloween, display piligrams and turkeys, set-up the menorah or Christmas lights and trees, what are stagers or even Realtors to do to make sure the home still appeals to buyers?

It's hard to imagine buyers receiving a good vibe on … (4 comments)

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