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The life of a real estate professional is a hectic one. You’ve got showings, closings, open houses and more to deal with daily. On top of that, you’ve got to be responsive to clients 24/7. Where do you find the time to nurture your leads so that they don't fall through the cracks? A drip campaign...
So much of real estate sales and marketing happens in the digital world instead of "IRL" these days. The good news: That means less of your time is spent driving clients around to view homes, playing phone tag with leads, or handling other time-consuming "real-world" activities. The bad news: Bet...
Note: TORCHx by has attained Google Premier Partner status for their Adwords platform. As a real estate agent or broker, one of your biggest challenges is trying to generate qualified leads online. Your efforts often attract “looky-loos” who are just browsing homes for sale and aren’t ser...
Are You Hoping to Capture Millennial Homebuyers as Customers?Smart move. Millennials are the biggest generation in U.S. history, even surpassing baby boomers in numbers. Already, they make up 34 percent of all homebuyers—and as they get older, make more money and start families, that figure will ...

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