lead generation: CRM/Transaction Management Reviews Needed! - 05/23/13 03:24 AM
We are looking for a select group of agents and managing brokers to tour and review our new features! Personal and group tours are available Mondays and Fridays, contact us today to schedule!
Some new features include:
Contact widgets for use on your custom sites FULL Transaction management system Single property site integration As always, our packages include:
Lead capturing website Robust, easy to use CRM Template and customizable drip campaigns Agent management/lead distribution tools (broker accounts only) Customizable agent notification settings (never miss a lead!) To schedule your demo, please call us at 877-866-7117 or sign up online. We are … (0 comments)

lead generation: Stand alone Website vs. Website with CRM Integration - 08/08/12 02:47 AM
Today I was reading over some other technology blogs that were talking about the features your website should have. I was thrilled to see an agent questioning the value of a fancy website without a competent backend to manage their leads, communication and transactions. That is the key feature of Quicksilver Leads, and today I am re-blogging some information about the difference between a Contact Management system and a Customer Relationship Management system:
Realtors have become very familiar with contact managers to organize their leads, clients, vendors, etc. Everyone has some way of organizing this information even if it is as … (0 comments)

lead generation: Real Estate Connect 2012 - San Francisco - 07/25/12 03:17 AM
Come Visit Quicksilver Real Estate Solutions at Real Estate Connect in San Francisco!
“Produced by Inman News®, Real Estate Connect® is the preeminent event for everyone who cares about the real estate industry and where it is going. Each year, thousands of influential real estate leaders gather at Real Estate Connect to network, make deals, explore current trends and technology, and to learn how to embrace and leverage the change that surrounds our industry.
Join us in San Francisco, August 1-3, 2012 for what promises to be the best edition of Connect yet. The theme for Connect SF 2012 is Connecting the Dots and … (0 comments)

lead generation: 4 Simple Strategies to Gain and Retain More Leads - 04/17/12 03:43 AM
Real estate leads are the lifeline of your business. Here is a great post on some simple strategies to help you grow your client base! Putting in the time with these tips is a great way to get started with organic lead generation.

Your overall success is a direct result of your ability to network and not only generate new leads, but gain their trust and retain their business.  The more leads you bring in, the more people you talk to, the more sales opportunities you create.   The key is to proactively connect with the right people and then … (3 comments)

lead generation: Capturing More Leads with Social Media Marketing - 04/04/12 08:53 AM
There's no need to be intimidated by social media! Your social media networks can actually be a great place to network and get online leads. This post covers some of the basics of social media marketing and how to grow your networks. Having a platfrom like Quicksilver Real Estate Solutions that integrates with Facebook and Twitter will make it even easier to get the word out about your website and business!
In the world of Social Media Marketing the obvious goal for most business owners is to capture new customers. In order to do that there are certain things any successful … (0 comments)

lead generation: Must Have Features for your Real Estate Website - 03/31/12 06:17 AM
Web technology has been growing in leaps and bounds over the last few years. The real estate industry especially has been able to benefit from new advances in web design and online lead generation. The downside of this is that it’s easy to fall behind and end up with an outdated site. If you want to stay competitive and ahead of the curve here is a list of what your real estate website needs:A lead capture mechanism - It’s so important to give your visitors the opportunity to register and have their own account on your site. Not only does this … (2 comments)

lead generation: 5 Business Apps For Your Facebook Fan Page - 03/20/12 07:20 AM
Having a Facebook Fan Page is a great way to network, generate leads, and drive traffic to your real estate website. But once you've got one, you need to continuously engage with your Facebook friends and give them ample opportunities to get in touch with you on and outside of Facebook.
Here are some great apps that will help you do just that and keep fresh content on your account! Don't have a Facebook page yet? Learn about Quicksilver Real Estate Solution's promotion to get started generating leads through Facebook!

Pretend your Facebook fan page is your house. Now how … (2 comments)

lead generation: How are you engaging with your online leads? - 03/15/12 08:05 AM
Lots of agents are getting more and more leads through online marketing and lead generation these days, but it’s important to know how to turn a lead into a client! Do you know how to engage with your online leads? Here are a couple of tips:Call them back! When you get a new lead’s contact information from your online marketing, pick of the phone and give them a call! Our research shows that the sooner you call a lead the more likely they will convert into a customer. This means 1 hour is better than 2 hours later which is much … (3 comments)

lead generation: 8 Steps to Better Blogging and SEO - 01/27/12 12:49 PM
A blog is a good addition to your real estate website and can be a great way to generate traffic. Using your blog as an SEO tool is a great marketing strategy. Here is a post on how you can make your blog work for your SEO and help get your website noticed by Google and other search engines. 
8 Steps to Better Blogging and SEO
Follow these 8 blogging tips for better SEO ranking so your blog soars to the top of page one on  Google:
1. Keep track of your word count. A good blog should be between 300 – … (0 comments)

lead generation: How many times will you contact a lead before you make a sale? - 01/18/12 05:07 AM
When you are working on your lead generation we always recommend that you follow up with your new leads a quickly as possible! But once you've made first contact, it is equally important to continue to reach out. Here is a great article that breaks down some of the statistics you need to know when following up with your real estate leads!
Hmmm...  Wonder what the answer is? 
2% of sales are made on the first contact...
3% of sales are made on the second contact...
5% of sales are made on the third contact...
10% of sales are made on the … (4 comments)

lead generation: What you need to know about your leads - 11/21/11 07:24 AM
Lead generation is a huge part of the Real Estate business and your website should be one of your best lead generating tools. So what do you need to know about your leads in order to get the most out of your site and your marketing efforts? Here’s a short list of what you need to know in order to be a lead pro:How are your leads getting to your website?Do you know where your visitors are coming from? Are they getting to your real estate website through a pay per click campaign or perhaps they are coming through Facebook or … (1 comments)

lead generation: 3 Signs it is Time to Update Your Website! - 11/08/11 11:58 AM
For Realtors, your website is often the first contact you have with potential clients and now that more than 90% of home buyers are using the internet in their search it’s more important than ever to have a powerful site. Your website needs to be an indispensable tool that keeps people coming back time and time again. Here are three signs that your website is in need of an update:
1. Your visitors can’t search for homes!  
The number one reason home buyers find their way to a Realtor’s site is to search for properties. So if your site doesn’t have any … (3 comments)

lead generation: Quicksilver Promotion for October - 10/03/11 09:18 AM
For the month of October, Quicksilver Real Estate Solutions is having a promotion for 20% off our set up fee when you like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter! I am a big fan of social media and would love to connect with you out on the web. We share interesting real estate news stories and important Quicksilver information that you need to know, as well as some lighthearted Friday humor and more!You can also learn about our other promotions and more about Quicksilver Real Estate Solutions at our weekly webinars on Tuesday and Thursday, 12:00 pm Pacific. Check … (1 comments)

lead generation: How to make the most out of your leads - 09/30/11 02:29 PM
Leads are an integral part of the real estate business and knowing how to follow up with each and every one is the key to being successful. Here are some tips to make the most out of your internet leads:1. Follow up immediately! Leads who come to you through the internet are used to quick follow up. Too many Realtors wait too long or worse, don’t even follow up at all! If you are capable of getting back to your leads within 5 minutes instead of an hour or two, then do. Internet leads will go cold faster than you realize.2. … (36 comments)

lead generation: Past the Basics - Twitter Leads - 09/26/11 06:51 AM
So you've got a twitter account, great! Now what? To start using twitter to its fullest potential, it needs to be part of your marketing strategy and branding. Here are some ideas on how to take your tweeting to the next level so that you can turn twitter into a lead generating tool!
As you read this, millions of people and potential clients are “tweeting”. They are tweeting about everything.
"The overstressed single mother is tweeting about needing a massage, new homeowners are tweeting about searching for a new home and the newlyweds are tweeting about their upcoming wedding.
You might … (1 comments)

lead generation: 15 Quick SEO Tips for Real Estate Bloggers - 08/14/11 12:05 PM
SEO can be a great way to drive more traffic to your website which means more opportunities to generate leads. Here is a great list of SEO tips from Justin Smith, ranging from quick and easy to more advanced. Working on optimizing your site is a great project for the last part of the summer!
Block Duplicate Content - With the nifty All In One SEO pack for Wordpress, you can easily set your category and archive pages to be noindex/follow… meaning that Google will follow the links to the individual articles, but not index those pages which will help guard … (5 comments)

lead generation: Three Keys To Building A Successful Facebook Fan Page - 07/14/11 07:33 AM
Facebook can be a powerful part of your social media toolkit. In fact, around 80% of real estate professional are using facebook! Here are some helpful tips on building your facebook network. 

Since its launch in 2004, Facebook has more than proven itself to be an effective way to embarrass yourself, friends, and family online. But as the popular social network has grown, so have the opportunities for businesses hoping to capitalize on the millions of members logging in each day. No longer is social media only for college kids and online voyeurs, creative brands, businesses, and … (3 comments)

lead generation: You are invited to a Quicksilver webinar - 07/11/11 09:51 AM
We are having live webinars throughout the month of July to demo Quicksilver Real Estate Solutions! Whether you’re interested in:
Effective lead generation Upgrading your web presence Complete contact management IDX integration this webinar will cover how Quicksilver can help you generate more leads and manage your business and marketing through one, easy to use platform.
During this quick, 15 minute webinar you will see a guided walk-through of all the main features and tools Quicksilver Real Estate Solutions offers: Our lead-generating website, contact manager, marketing tools, and transaction management system. We will also include time at the end to answer … (2 comments)

lead generation: How to Use LinkedIn to Generate Real Estate Business - 06/24/11 05:42 AM
LinkedIn can be an important part of a Realtor's online presence and knowing how to optimize your profile and interaction is key. If you haven't made one yet or haven't started using LinkedIn answers, here is a great guide for everything you'll need to make LinkedIn work for you!

Updating my LinkedIn profile and tweaking it for optimization and SEO purposes seems to be a never ending (albeit fun) battle for me. I see LinkedIn as a unique resource and one that is an absolute must for anyone needing to give their online presence a professional ‘shot in … (6 comments)

lead generation: How to Make Click-to-Call Work for You - 06/03/11 05:12 AM
Click-to-call features are popping up all over the web. For anyone who is still mystified by these widgets, click-to-call is a new way to turn web based traffic into direct communication with potential customers.
You’ve probably seen these click-to-call icons on everything including blog posts, websites, advertisements, and even in email messages. When you click one of these buttons you are prompted to enter your phone number, then an intermediary such as Google (depending on which widget you’re using) rings both you and the person or company you are trying to connect with. Once you both pick up, you’re on … (9 comments)

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