social media: Be a Winning Agent with Better Blog Copy! - 09/12/12 08:48 AM
If you haven't already followed, circled and connected with Richard Hartian of, what are you waiting for? I am sure you have seen us posting links to his blogs about how to be successful as an agent, but what about blogging about blogging successfully? We've all read plenty of blogs with distracting typos, thoughtless content, and annoying personal rants. Is that really the way you want to portray your brand? Is that the message that you want to be projecting to the world?
In Richard's blog, "5 Dos and Don'ts for Better Blog Copy", he gives us ten simple, precise points … (3 comments)

social media: Managing Your Social Media Reputation – Who Are You? - 08/01/12 01:48 AM
Our friend Richard Hartian of shares somes helpful insights about managing your social media reputation: 
"Did you ever go online and Google your own name? You should—you might be amazed at what you’ll find. First of all, you may find nothing at all. This means you have virtually no online presence, and you need to take steps to do something about that. Second, you may find other people with the same, or similar, names. But they are not you. So you need to implement a strategy to polish up your personal brand and give yourself some visibility. Third, you may find … (0 comments)

social media: Rising Above the Facebook Plateau - 3 Simple Tips - 05/23/12 03:04 AM
After creating a Facebook business page and getting all of your loyal friends and clients to ‘like’ it, many of us can find ourselves on a plateau, having difficulty reaching out beyond our current network. Check out these three simple tips to broaden your reach and strengthen your insights:

1. Post Daily
Having a schedule and routine for sharing information helps keep your name on the newsfeed.

2. Be Likeable
Post information that your fans would be interested in reading. For every ‘like’ a fan gives your post, your reach increases to the friends of that fan.


social media: Why should I have a Facebook business page? - 05/09/12 02:35 AM
We all know it, we can’t avoid it, Facebook is the new means of communication. Even if our close social network does not use Facebook as a primary method of communication, your target market may be using it more than you think.
According to the National Association of Realtors 2011 Home Buyers Survey, over 60% of first time home buyers were between the ages of 18-35. Of all of the first time home buyers, 92% searched for home on web prior to buying and 88% searched for their Real Estate Agent online.
According to CVP Marketing Group, 55% of US Facebook users are … (3 comments)

social media: Real Estate SEO and Social - 04/26/12 06:37 AM
Search Engine Optimization is so important for your real estate website these days! Don't forget that your social media networks can help you along! Here's a nice post about how to get started.
Real Estate SEO is getting more complicated all the time, and stumps even the experts! Case in point: An SEO guru in one of my Facebook groups, Asif Anwar, got his first post featured in Search Engine Journal's website. (Congratulations, Asif!) His very last words in the article are "we are really not sure how Google will use the site block information. So, let's hope they make good … (1 comments)

social media: Capturing More Leads with Social Media Marketing - 04/04/12 08:53 AM
There's no need to be intimidated by social media! Your social media networks can actually be a great place to network and get online leads. This post covers some of the basics of social media marketing and how to grow your networks. Having a platfrom like Quicksilver Real Estate Solutions that integrates with Facebook and Twitter will make it even easier to get the word out about your website and business!
In the world of Social Media Marketing the obvious goal for most business owners is to capture new customers. In order to do that there are certain things any successful … (0 comments)

social media: Must Have Features for your Real Estate Website - 03/31/12 06:17 AM
Web technology has been growing in leaps and bounds over the last few years. The real estate industry especially has been able to benefit from new advances in web design and online lead generation. The downside of this is that it’s easy to fall behind and end up with an outdated site. If you want to stay competitive and ahead of the curve here is a list of what your real estate website needs:A lead capture mechanism - It’s so important to give your visitors the opportunity to register and have their own account on your site. Not only does this … (2 comments)

social media: 5 Business Apps For Your Facebook Fan Page - 03/20/12 07:20 AM
Having a Facebook Fan Page is a great way to network, generate leads, and drive traffic to your real estate website. But once you've got one, you need to continuously engage with your Facebook friends and give them ample opportunities to get in touch with you on and outside of Facebook.
Here are some great apps that will help you do just that and keep fresh content on your account! Don't have a Facebook page yet? Learn about Quicksilver Real Estate Solution's promotion to get started generating leads through Facebook!

Pretend your Facebook fan page is your house. Now how … (2 comments)

social media: Spend less time on Social Media Marketing & Still Get Great Results!! - 02/09/12 07:59 AM
You don't need to spend all day on Facebook to get results out of your social media marketing! Here is a great guide on how to spend well under an hour each day and still grow your network. 
Many people get overwhelmed by spending so much time on social media that it takes away from other important tasks each day. Here I share some of my tips on how to spend less than an hour a day on social media. The key is to focus on the most important aspects of social media: Observe. Participate. Grow.First, spend 15 minutes a day … (0 comments)

social media: Suggestions for Your New Year’s Resolutions - 12/30/11 09:05 AM
It’s the end of another year and 2012 is waiting for us at the end of this week! And so, it’s time again to make the yearly list of New Year’s resolutions. There have been advancements and set backs in the real estate industry this year that require new ways of thinking about business, lead generation, real estate marketing, and more. Here are some suggestions for New Year’s resolutions that should be on your list in 2012 to get ahead of the game!Get your social media to actually generate business for you!Most Realtors have started embracing social media as an integral … (1 comments)

social media: Facebook Fan Page vs Group: Which Do You Need? - 12/23/11 04:58 AM
Still decideing on whether to get a Quicksilver Facebook page? Here's a great article that weights the pro's and con's of pages vs. groups. Give us a call to find out how you can get IDX  on your Facebook and start showing your featured properties to all your friends and visitors!
Facebook Fan Page vs Group: Let's Compare
First, let's establish that a Facebook presence is crucial to your social media marketing strategy. Now let's compare
Facebook Groups are set up for more personal interaction. Groups are also directly connected to the people who administer them, meaning that activities that go … (2 comments)

social media: Get your featured properties on Facebook! - 12/19/11 06:33 AM
Quicksilver Real Estate Solutions is now offering Facebook pages for Realtors and brokers! Now you can display your featured properties on Facebook and let your visitors search for properties as well. Turn your Facebook page into the home search tool it should be today!
For a limited time, you can get this IDX integrated Facebook page for FREE when you sign up for Quicksilver Real Estate Solutions! You will get a lead generating website, contact manager, drip campaigns, marketing tools, a Facebook page, and more in one easy to use package!
Not interested in the full Quicksilver suite? Sign up for … (0 comments)

social media: Creating a Social Media Strategy - 12/12/11 05:59 AM
If you haven't started using social media yet or even if you have but are getting stuck or running out of things to discuss, here is a great article to put you on the right path!

We are living in the social media age of instant gratification.  Everywhere we turn whether it’s Facebook, Google or our best friends blog; answers to our most pressing questions have never been more readily available.  The Internet has become our go-to resource for content, but wading through the social muck can be a challenge.  Creating your social media strategy and content cheat sheet … (2 comments)

social media: How to Get higher Google Rankings using Twitter - 11/14/11 05:37 AM
Did you know that Twitter can be part of your SEO and lead generation strategy? SEO is no longer just about your real estate website, there are plenty of other tools you can start using as well. Here is a great article on how to integrate Twitter with your marketing plan!
By now you have heard of Twitter. But many agents do not know how to use it to increase your search engine rankings for sites like Google! Well today is your lucky day because I am sharing 10 quick tips to optimize your SEO using Twitter. Here are some things you … (3 comments)

social media: How to 'Get Social' in 15 Minutes Per Day - 10/11/11 05:55 AM
While some people seem to spend all day tweeting and blogging, some consider it a chore! For those of you who don't think you can find the time in your day to connect through social media, this post is for you! Here is an easy step-by-step to get all your social media in before you're done with your first cup of coffee:

There is a common misconception when it comes to social media marketing. The thought is that to create a presence you must spend a ridiculous amount of time each day posting, tweeting, commenting and interacting on everything from … (3 comments)

social media: Quicksilver Promotion for October - 10/03/11 09:18 AM
For the month of October, Quicksilver Real Estate Solutions is having a promotion for 20% off our set up fee when you like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter! I am a big fan of social media and would love to connect with you out on the web. We share interesting real estate news stories and important Quicksilver information that you need to know, as well as some lighthearted Friday humor and more!You can also learn about our other promotions and more about Quicksilver Real Estate Solutions at our weekly webinars on Tuesday and Thursday, 12:00 pm Pacific. Check … (1 comments)

social media: Past the Basics - Twitter Leads - 09/26/11 06:51 AM
So you've got a twitter account, great! Now what? To start using twitter to its fullest potential, it needs to be part of your marketing strategy and branding. Here are some ideas on how to take your tweeting to the next level so that you can turn twitter into a lead generating tool!
As you read this, millions of people and potential clients are “tweeting”. They are tweeting about everything.
"The overstressed single mother is tweeting about needing a massage, new homeowners are tweeting about searching for a new home and the newlyweds are tweeting about their upcoming wedding.
You might … (1 comments)

social media: Three Keys To Building A Successful Facebook Fan Page - 07/14/11 07:33 AM
Facebook can be a powerful part of your social media toolkit. In fact, around 80% of real estate professional are using facebook! Here are some helpful tips on building your facebook network. 

Since its launch in 2004, Facebook has more than proven itself to be an effective way to embarrass yourself, friends, and family online. But as the popular social network has grown, so have the opportunities for businesses hoping to capitalize on the millions of members logging in each day. No longer is social media only for college kids and online voyeurs, creative brands, businesses, and … (3 comments)

social media: How to Use LinkedIn to Generate Real Estate Business - 06/24/11 05:42 AM
LinkedIn can be an important part of a Realtor's online presence and knowing how to optimize your profile and interaction is key. If you haven't made one yet or haven't started using LinkedIn answers, here is a great guide for everything you'll need to make LinkedIn work for you!

Updating my LinkedIn profile and tweaking it for optimization and SEO purposes seems to be a never ending (albeit fun) battle for me. I see LinkedIn as a unique resource and one that is an absolute must for anyone needing to give their online presence a professional ‘shot in … (6 comments)

social media: 6 Top Twitter Tips for Real Estate Agents - 06/08/11 05:12 AM
With the internet becoming the go-to place for resources, it's understandable that having a knowledge of online marketing is necessary. One of those resources is Twitter and understanding its many complexities is the key to moving you up in the world of real estate.
1) Set Up: Customization is the key to pulling people in. Of course, putting a picture up is important. People usually don't follow people without pictures for fear of that person constantly spamming them. Another useful way of gaining attention is by including a logo or slogan. With Twitter growing by the day, being able to stand … (4 comments)

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