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Portugal properties are very hot in the market of real estate and Portugal is not going anywhere anytime soon.Since the Golden Visa change, many people from all nationalities are looking to buy, invest and live inside of Portugal. We are always getting a multitude of requests from people looking ...
Do you want to buy or sell your home? For this purpose, the property valuation is vital. With the help of a reliable property valuer, you can get an accurate valuation of the property. It is extremely easy and feasible for you. Reliable valuers have made this task easier for the customers. The on...
A Property valuation or appraisal is an important process when you are trying to sell or buy a property of real estate. There are several other advantages of this activity apart from sale and purchase. Different types of bank transaction, legal documentation, financial reporting or other regulato...
The Portugal Prime team brings you the 5 reasons to invest in Portugal real estate in 2017. The Portugal market is the very best real estate market in Europe! Portugal is also known for being one of the best places to retire!When it comes to purchasing real estate overseas, there are certain thin...
There’s no doubt that the outlook for Australian properties is looking grim. With just about every market showing slow or negative growth, it might not be the best time to get into real estate investing.  As with any property, a property valuation is always recommended for both the Sydney and Per...

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