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WELCOME TO RANCHO CUCAMONGA. I APPRECIATE YOU stopping by and Hope that You Enjoy Your Visit! I enjoy real estate and the different challenges that come my way! It's my duty to be Your Professional Problem Solver and Solution Provider. I enjoy working in this field even after 26 years and all that it brings with it! You'll find homes that I'm selling here as well as some random thoughts or things that I want to share with You. THANK YOU for joining me on this Journey! YOU are My Inspiration!!! Cheers!!!! WISHING YOU LOVE AND LIGHT and Many Blessings in Your Life's Journey! Todd
Great Evening to You!Hope that You are enjoying your weekend!  With Shelter-in-place in Rancho Cucamonga, California, and even when it's not, when is it not a good time for Vince's Spaghetti?  Have you tried their "Mostasagna"?  Wow!  It's made from Mostaccioli  (Penne) Pasta, instead of lasagna ...
  Great Day to You and Happy April 27th!!! Hope that You had a great weekend!   Activity surged in closed unit sales in many of the 12 cities I reviewed. Much of that was due to great interest rates and the lag that is felt in the market, from the time the shelter-in-place went into affect March ...
It is a sunny California afternoon.  The sky is blue.  The breeze is nearly non-existent.  I'm listening to one my favorite stations on my google play music, Chet Baker. How are you?  HOPE that You and Your Family are absolutely enjoying this Sunday afternoon!!! The photo is of Papa in the early ...
Been spending a lot of time at home under the California Governor's Shelter-in-Place orders.  As I look around my home at all the family photos, religious symbolism, lit candles, and heirlooms from my childhood and beyond.  It seems like I'm always trying to re-organize and display things more in...
 Tomorrow will be two months since Our Father passed away.  In seven days it will be eleven years since His Mother, Our Grandmother passed. On January 21, 2020, it was 45 years since our Mother passed away.  My Sister and I remain and are very close, talk frequently and basically drive each other...
Great Afternoon to You!!! Hope that You are having a great 2020!!  There is talking among the industry that Spring Home Buying Season, 2020, is starting early this year!  Maybe it is becuse of the lower interest rates and possibly even because of lower inventory levels. Click on above link for CN...
Dreaming of a Getaway?  I don't blame You!  One of the prettiest beaches in Southern California is on the California Riviera...Laguna Beach!  The California Riviera stretches from Santa Barbara to San Diego.  Anyone who is lucky enough to own a beach property knows the intrinsic value of not only...
Great Afternoon to You!Tiny Homes are nothing new.  I've been selling them forever.  Mostly, because, 1) the buyer doesn't want a whole lot of home to clean and/or maintain, or 2) the prices are normally much lower than the median sales prices!  Have you considered one?  There are of course two s...
Good Afternoon from Sunny Southern California....we are expecting wind tonight ending some time tomorrow..the sun is shining...the gentle breeze is making that soothing sound..the afternoon is quiet...and then you think about how SPECIAL life is. There are events that happen like one that did ear...
Good Morning!  Hope that You and Your Family are having a great December and Holiday Season!    The end of the year is a time to revisit our year.  It's an Opportunity to visit our accomplishments from 2019, plans that didn't make it, and brings hope for the coming year.  This year is no exceptio...


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