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Of course we all love closings because that means we get paid.  Why is it that I also hate them so much?  Probably because there are so many people invilved the chance for human error is great and usually occurs.  One would think with all the check lists and educated people revewing and rereviewi...
i forgot to ask earlier if everyone was turning out their lights tonite.  I did right at 8:30.  Actually fell asleep.  It was a little weird at first but I could actually do a no lights or electronics devices for an hour at least once a week. It was kind of peaceful.  In the winter when your powe...
I read another blog asking about CE credit for staging classes.  Might be a good idea, but it got me thinking about staging and how it gets increasing attention in today's market. I believe that channels like HGTV are largely the reason that "staging" is all the rage right now.  I think that stag...
The commercial lending community has disappeared.  I am really wanting to inquire if anyone has a good lender still offering commercial loans.  Everyone I used to work with has completely stopped commercial lending or else they require such a large down payment a loan is almost useless. I hope th...
I was out showing homes all day in the rain.  It was miserable.  It always is when the weather is nasty.  I was so glad to get home and I was complaining out loud about how I was sick of 4 days of rain.  I sat down to eat and I turned on the news.  Suddenly I felt terrible.  All of those people f...
I'm not ready to say it is a full recovery but surely the signs are showing we may be on our way.  Housing prices are holding steady and in many areas going up.  Inventory is finally down and building permits are on the rise again.  They are certainly not at the level of a year ago but looking ba...
I am hear-by declaring open houses dead in my area!  I have read another article on successful open houses from one of those nationally known speakers that travels around and tells us everything they would do if they were an agent (never do they give their experience as an agent).  Every time I r...
Okay, time to rant for a minute about Pest inspectors.  Before all the Pest Inspectors get in an uproar this is really a rant about the whole system. I am having a time closing a deal because a lender says a termite letter is vague and won't accept it as a clear letter and the Pest Inspector says...
Okay, after reading quite a few articles in here on Twitter , I joined!  Yeah!  I have no clue what I will twitter about and who would follow me but if you want to you can at  Hope to see some of you following.  I think it is a good connection and we should start a blog...
Thanks to everyone who commented on the  Having a Bad Day photos.  It provided a much needed chuckle in a stressful week.  I think it is good to maintain a sense of humor in any business (especially ours). One of my clients ask after a particular hard transaction how I kept my cool.  I thought fo...

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