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I recently read a very good article detailing the differences between a general warranty deed and a special warranty deed.  The article was written by a real estate attorney.  After describing the two he went on to give his opinion.  His opinion was that agents are not necessarily helping their c...
Okay so you have a home listed and your sellers accept an offer.  What is up with the buyer's agent calling every 5 minutes to see when they are going to get the signed contract?  I understand everybody wants it in writing but calm down! First, most decisions are not made on the spot.  After the ...
Don't you love it when you are right.  Especially when it it to your client's benefit. I recently listed a home for a couple that had remodeled it.  The husband was a general contractor and licensed plumber and elctrician so I should not have been suprised to see the fantastic job they had done. ...
Does anybody have any idea if the tax credit is going to be allowed as down payments?  It was then it wasn't.  Now it is again but not until they teak it a little and try to refine the requirements.  So..... is it? Seriously, if anybody knows more about this I would love to hear it.  From my unde...
What!!!???  Just when I thought HUD was doing something to help the housing market now I hear it is quietly being swept under the rug. The latest from one of the lenders I work with is that the $8000 tax credit that HUD announced they were trying to implement as down payment is now being thought ...
I have previously written an article about my disappointment with Pitney Bowes and their mailing systems.  I signed up for the program as a solution for my companies mailing issues after reading about it on the Realtor's Partners.  The previous blog was not favorable and that certainly has not ch...
The announcement that home buyers will soon be able to use their $8000 tax credit as a down payment is great news.  It might be great news without substance however. I recently talked with several tax professional that told me the so called bridge loans that many people get while waiting on their...
Real estate is local in nature.  We all know that.  Many people look at a community, city, or town to decide if it is a good fit for them.  One of the biggest things people with children look at is the school systems and rightfully so. In my home state of NC, Charlotte, the largest city is facing...
Sometimes we think we stand out only to find that we blend in way too much! I often find myself reviewing my business and making sure I am doing things that make my company stand out from others in my area.  How often is my perception the same as others?  Many things that I sometimes think are di...
This is a warning to every agent that may possibly involved in a future short sale.  If you discover that Wilshire Credit Corp is servicing the loan, apologize to your client and run as fast as you can the other way. With out a doubt, Wilshire is the worst loan servicing company I have ever dealt...

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