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If you have single property websites for listings you should feature them on your website. Take a look at www.markrogo.com and click on listings to see that each listing is featured by address and links right to the property website. You'll also see how the Rogo's have added a voice message to th...
In this market, testimonials from past clients play an important role in building confidence of future clients. Most of us have received notes after a closing from clients praising our skills and professionalism. Add those notes to your website. Suggestion: keep them short. Every note you've ever...
The single most important key to effective marketing is consistency. Unfortunately most agents are inconsistent marketers. Do something to constantly stay in front of prospects and customers. Buy a bus bench which people see everyday. Sign up for an email marketing program like eProspecting which...
Use your eProspecting Email Marketing Center today to send all your contacts a Memorial Day eCard. It takes less than 1 minute to send up to 1000 holiday cards and there is no cost. If you want to see how simple it is send these today login to your EMC account and click on How to send a holiday e...
I've been running eProspecting, formerly Pullan Communications, since 1996, and believe it or not, we're actually real estate agents. We understand both the tech side and business side of real estate.I started this company because I needed help using the Internet, and I couldn't find anyone in th...
Agents entering this market have two significant challenges. The first being competition and the second is money.There are currently more than 1.3 million REALTORS nationwide compared to 700,000 ten years ago. Competition is fierce. Now coming into the business with all this competition makes it ...
Bernice Ross at Inman.com suggests that agents stop using drip email and switch to using "predictive marketing." She defined email drip as "a process in which e-mails are automatically sent to contacts or prospects on a scheduled basis."That's the point of drip email. It is automated and does sch...


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