fitness: Choosing The Best Exercise Program - 03/25/12 08:12 AM
The Best Exercise ProgramWe have all gone researching for the best workout program before. It's hard enough to get excited to exercise without having to dig through the numerous books and magazines that pretty much all typically state something different. What makes things more annoying is that since most internet sites, mags, and gurus are advertising something how can we find out what works?Listed below are my personal top five pointers for finding the best workout program that will be right for you.1 - Understand what your true objectives are. For some men and women they would like to know how … (6 comments)

fitness: Are you Looking for a Workout Program? - 02/23/12 09:40 AM
Hello Everyone, 
I know I have been kicking myself to find a workout program for the new year. I narrowed it down to two programs and decided that there were lots of other people who wanted to lose weight, get in shape, or get healthier so I built a little site highlighting the two workout programs I found. I had heard a lot of buzz on the one product and it seems it just gets results. The second workout program had more support and an online system for diet and accountability.
I sit at the computer a lot so I knew … (7 comments)