movie reviews: The Corporation a film by Mark Achbar Jennifer Abbott and Joel Bakan Review - 01/28/11 09:21 AM
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I just finished watching this film and it was excellent! I rated it 9 out of 10 stars - This film explains the history, intended scope, and misuse and social and political abuse of corporations in our modern society. Very eye opening and well made. A must watch for everyone if nothing else, just to raise awareness. I highly recommend this movie.
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movie reviews: How Does the Stress of Real Estate Affect Your Health? - 06/13/10 04:36 AM
Spokane Washington Real Estate Expert - Ross Quintana
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They say buying or selling a home is as stressful as dealing with death, and for many who have had a bad transaction, they will agree. Real Estate is stressfull for the people and also the Realtor who deals with it over and over again all year long. But what does all of that stress do to your health?
Many people say stress gives them grey hairs, but there may be some truth to this. In a great documentary, National Geographic explores the chemical and physical effects of stress on … (2 comments)