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I recently was on the phone with a potential home buyer where she was telling me how an agent was showing her homes and every home they looked at the agent said was perfect for her.  I asked her if anyone had talked to her about her exit strategy.  She wasn't familiar with this concept.  I though...
Okay so everyone knows what to do when it comes to shedding a few pounds right?  but what if you need to shed a few listings.  You know what I am talking about the ones that need to sell.  I attended a social networking boot camp class the other day taught by Brad Hanks and one of the things that...
As I drove home last night and experienced one of the many traffic hang ups I thought to myself this global warming is definitely here. I love the next snowfall like many people but I do think that our city needs to become better equipped to handle these winters.  In a city where actual neighborh...
So we have all heard it time and time again.  "We might" no wait "we are" heading into a recession.  What you need to remember is that there is always a need for homes priced well and there will always be buyers ready and willing to buy these homes.So we are not in the sellers' market that we hav...
Now is the time to buy.  I know that the media would like you to believe that the market is at the worst time low but it is not.  You need to remember the media sells papers and does not sell homes.  Our real estate market is cyclical it always has been so remember if you are selling that you wan...

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