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If a picture is worth 1000 words, then what is a video worth? In response to your requests for more ideas on building your data base Tyler Durden style I give you the following VLOG. Not as funny as Broker Bryant, but something I can use on my Blog Calabasas. Would love to have your input. Click ...
“Coffee is for Closers!”  Alec Baldwin shouts this to Jack Lemmon in one of the best sales movies of all time, Glengary Glen Ross.  It’s the story of four real estate salesman trying to make end of the month quotas.  Their company is sponsoring a contest.  First place is a Cadiallac, second plac...
The summer is more than half over and we're already starting to plan for another school year.  High School registration materials should be arriving any day in the mail; they were mailed out the third week of July. Seniors will be registering on Monday August 20, Juniors on August 21, Sophomores ...
A few months ago I had clients from the East Coast impatiently looking for a home.  They had been in a rental for close to a year and we were pretty much at the end of our rope, well I was anyway.  I had them set up on automatic MLS alerts. One morning I get an early AM email from Mrs. Buyer.  Sh...
I'm new to blogging, unless you want to count subscribing to numerous BBS's in the late 80's and posting to forums, message boards and running several different MSN and Yahoo Groups throughout the years as kind of a "pre-blogging".  I don't even remember how I stumbled on to Activerain.  I think ...
I cringe when I have to tell a seller that they will see little return on the money they've spent in remodeling their home.  Upgrades must be appropriate for the style and price range of the neighborhood or they could actually detract from the value and salability of the home.This morning I was i...
I always learn more from teaching a class than the students.  A few days ago I was instructing a class on Internet marketing.  I got a little off topic and started talking about adjusting your marketing strategy to fit your personality.  So I say something like, "one of the reasons that I do a lo...
Part one of this blog was about moving to a new city and building a business from scratch quickly, using the methods learned from the movie Fight Club by joining groups.  Part 2 focuses on creating groups to build your data base. Continued from Part 1………..Fast forward, the year is now 2003 and T...
When I moved to LA from NY eight years ago I only knew one person in the entire city.  I had been selling real estate for about fifteen years in NY so I knew the real estate business.  But how was I supposed to start over in a place where I knew no one?  I joined an independent Real Estate firm a...
OK, I admit it, I'm not that great of a speller.  Ever since my computer has been checking my spelling, my spelling has gone down hill.  I try to hand write at least five personal notes everyday and half the time, I'm checking the darn spelling on my computer because something just doesn't look r...

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