calabasas: Calabasas Mountain View Estates - 07/19/10 09:20 AM
Mountain View Estates offers some of the largest and most luxurious lots in all of Calabasas. This private community of 385 homes is located off of Mureau Road in between Gates Canyon Park and Hidden Hills. The unique Mountain View Estates location is surrounded by the protected Santa Monica National recreation area and is also convenient to shopping, schools and transportation. Driving along tree lined Mureau Road and entering the meticulously maintained Mountain View grounds you get a sense of years gone by. The drive to the gates is bordered by two ponds with fountains that spray water into the sky. The stone guard gate is reminiscent of old England. The neighborhood children attend … (0 comments)

calabasas: Gated and Gorgeous, Built in 2006. The Colony at Calabasas - 01/16/10 03:23 PM

calabasas: Calabasas Real Estate Median Price Down Only 10% - 02/08/09 11:16 AM
Compared to the surrounding areas, Calabasas Real Estate has survived quite well.  Although there have been some monthly variances, overall the median home price has decreased only 10% from January 2007 to January 2009.  Our neighbors right next door in Agoura haven't been so lucky.  They have experienced a 22% drop in the median price while Woodland Hills (South of the boulevard, 91364) home prices dropped 37% since January 2007.
The excellent Las Virgenes School district plus the low percentage of foreclosures in Calabasas has helped Calabasas homeowners to hold on to their equity.
To get monthly Calabasas Real Estate reports … (4 comments)

calabasas: The Bait and Switch is Alive and Well in Calabasas Real Estate Lending - 04/24/08 07:00 PM
Lately, it's been a little more difficult to keep transactions together.  If it's not a low appraisal, then it's a problem with a property inspection.  But we've learned how to nip those problems in the bud.  My biggest issue recently has been clients who decide to secure their own mortgage financing and find some unknown mortgage broker or worse an online mortgage. 
I always say, actually I plead, that my clients use a mortgage company that I know and trust.  My famous last words are "if it sounds too good to be true, then it most definitely is, especially when it comes to your mortgage financing".  Unfortunately, … (13 comments)

calabasas: Calabasas Real Estate Sales Numbers for February - The Rich are Getting Richer - 03/03/08 04:01 PM
There were thirteen closed escrows in Calabasas during February 2008 with an average sale price of $1,745,692.  Currently there are 174 homes on the market and an additional 28 with open escrows.  If you take a good look at this chart you'll see that the upper end is moving rather well.
This brisk movement in the upper end is an indication that the rich are getting richer because they are seizing the buyers market opportunity.  I have had more buyers in the $2,000,000 and up range contact me since the beginning of the year than I did all of last year.  This is any indication that the … (10 comments)

calabasas: Gorgeous Mountain Top Bell Canyon Estate - Las Virgenes Schools - 02/06/08 01:10 PM

calabasas: Can the Calabasas Cookie Eaters Predict the Outcome of The Super Bowl? - 02/03/08 08:50 AM
I just got back from Gelsons in Calabasas and being the "sweet tooth" that I am, I had to stop by the bakery for my favorite Black and White cookie.  As I was waiting in line I noticed that they had special New York Giant and New England Patriot cookies for the Super Bowl. 
There was a tray and a half of New York Giant cookies (18 to be exact) and only three New England cookies left.  I love to talk to strangers so I said to the guy standing next to me, "I guess the Calabasas cookie eaters think that the Patriots … (14 comments)

calabasas: Calabasas Move Up Buyers, What Are You Waiting For? - 01/25/08 10:55 AM
I think it's a great time for move up buyers to buy!  "Huh?" you say in disbelief.  Here's the math:  
You own a home in Calabasas, it would sell for $1,200,000 now, but last year it would have sold for 10% more, say $1,320,000.  You're not sure what to do, should you sell now and move up or wait?  The house that you want to purchase is currently listed at $1,800,000.  Only 2 years ago, this home would have sold for $1,980,000. We really don't know what the market is going to do, but we do know what we have … (3 comments)

calabasas: 2007 Year End Number of Homes Sold Report for Calabasas, CA - 01/24/08 07:38 AM
Total number of home sales down 13% in 2007.
There were a total of 293 homes sold in Calabasas, CA during 2007, down 44 (13%) from the 2006 total of 337.  Take a good look at the chart above, you can see that home sales were in line with 2006 figures until September.  The time from escrow opened to actual close is usually 30-45 days, we can assume that the slow down in sales was actually two months earlier or July and coincides with the mortgage melt down.  September, October, November and December were significantly lower in number of sales. 
It's a Buyers market - with 9 months … (5 comments)

calabasas: "Seller's Choice" - Beware, these words could mean something you didn't expect - 01/21/08 03:25 PM
Even in this "buyers market" I received multiple offers on one of my listings last week.  As I was reviewing the purchase agreements I couldn't believe how many agents are still writing in "sellers choice" for title, escrow, home warranty company and natural zone disclosure company. 
Did you know that if you write "sellers choice" for natural zone disclosure and the other agent doesn't pick a company in the counter offer, you'll end up with a company called Seller's Choice Disclosures?  That's right, there is actually a company called Seller's Choice Disclosure.  This is great if that is who you wanted, but not so great if … (15 comments)

calabasas: Holiday Shopping Event in Calabasas to Support ALS - 12/14/07 04:18 AM
Avoid the holiday crowds and help a great cause!  This Saturday, December 15, 2007 a gift lounge will be held in Calabasas.  There will be gifts for everyone on your list.  Designers will showcase holiday gifts for men, women, children and pets. The proceeds will go to support the E.F. Wallengren Fund for ALS research.
The ALS Association is committed to improving the quality of life for people living with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS (commonly referred to as Lou Gehrig's disease).  This progressive neurodegenerative disease affects 30,000 Americans annually.
The ALS Association symbolizes the hopes of people everywhere that Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis will one day be a disease … (2 comments)

calabasas: Top of the World Bell Canyon, CA Estate - 12/10/07 10:11 AM
The information presented here is deemed reliable, though not guaranteed.

calabasas: Snow Day in Calabasas California - 11/30/07 04:51 PM
Get your sled and head on over to Gates Canyon Park in Calabasas this Sunday December 2.  Calabasas is having their annual Snow, Snow, Snow Day.  I'll never forget the first time I saw kids playing in the snow in their tee shirts, shorts and gloves.  Calabasas has tons of snow trucked in for this event.  They spread the snow on a huge hill and everyone has a blast sled riding until it melts.  If you've never seen this you have to check it out, it's really a sight.  Something about snow and palm trees in the same picture is very surreal.
Admission is only … (9 comments)

calabasas: Dirty Little Insurance Secret - The Squeaky Wheel Gets The Fair Settlement - 10/23/07 05:18 AM
With the Southern California fires blazing all around me, I thought it might be a good time to talk about insurance.  Big insurance companies have a dirty little secret.  They systematically deny claims over and over in order to reduce their payout.  It's the squeaky wheel that gets the fair settlement.
I learned this lesson the hard way.
Several years ago a pipe burst under my kitchen floor.  The water came up from under the floor and damaged many of my cabinets and the wood floors.  I submitted a claim to my Insurance Company and they tried to pay me a few thousand dollars.  The … (31 comments)

calabasas: Pin The Tail On The Bottom Of The Market - 10/09/07 10:08 AM

I have been working with several would be home buyers here in Calabasas.  All of them feel that they should wait until the housing market is at the bottom before they buy a home.  I'd like to share my explanation of "the bottom of the market" and how it will effect your buying decision.
This is a graph that represents the Calabasas housing market.  The left side of the V represents the market going down, the right side represents the market going up, and of course the bottom of the V represents the bottom of the housing market.
If  I asked you to plot on this       … (87 comments)

calabasas: Tiny Little Breadcrumbs on the Path to Calabasas High School - 09/06/07 08:45 PM
Life isn't always so one said it would be, but every once and awhile you get a little nugget, a tiny little breadcrumb to show you that you're on the right path.  Today was one of those days.  My son, who is sixteen, is a man of little words.  Ever since his was born, he just didn't talk unless he had something to say. No polite small talk for this kid, just a smile, a nod, a yep, or a nope. 
Today, we were sitting in the dentist waiting room and he looked at me serious as a heart attack and said, … (11 comments)

calabasas: Buyer Beware - Don't Remove Your Loan Contingency - PODCAST - 08/30/07 03:24 PM
Like sand through an hour glass so are the days of our lives so does the mortgage business change. We all have done some pretty quick thinking lately to keep up with the recent changes in the mortgage industry.
Living and working in Calabasas, CA, which just happens to be the headquarters for Countrywide Mortgage has made the the media hype here even worse. No, the sky is not falling and yes there are things we can do to protect our buyers in the event that we have another mortgage episode.
I’m advising my buyers not to remove the loan contingency until … (14 comments)

calabasas: Comb Over Anyone? - 08/29/07 03:37 PM
My Grandfather had a comb over long before The Donald made it famous.  He was a Serbian immigrant and was actually quite handsome for an old guy; well that's what all the old ladies in his town thought anyway.  I'll never forget the first time I saw his comb over blowing in the was long (past his shoulders).  My sister and I could not contain ourselves and we started giggling uncontrollably.  My Grandfather, being the suave ladies man, calmly folded the hair fringe over his bald spot without missing a beat in the conversation and winked at us coyly.It was … (7 comments)

calabasas: Make a Splash at the Calabasas Tennis and Swim Center - 08/02/07 10:07 AM
The 2nd Annual Make a Splash Swim Meet will be held on Saturday August 11, 2007 at the Calabasas Tennis and Swim Center.  This fun-filled meet will feature plenty of swim contests and will be followed by a Family BBQ where awards from the swim meet will be handed out.  Registration is $15 per child and $18 per adult before July 20, 2007. After that, registration is $20 per child and $25 per adult. Registration includes the swim registration fee, refreshments during the meet, a special event t-shirt, and admission to the BBQ and awards ceremony. 
Check-in for the meet begins … (1 comments)

calabasas: Dedicated Helicopter to Patrol Fires in Calabasas - 08/02/07 10:03 AM
The Los Angeles Sheriff's department has expanded fire protection for Calabasas and surrounding communities by returning a dedicated helicopter to patrol for fires.  Because of this years unusually dry conditions and fire dangers, the Sheriff has assigned a helicopter and crew to the Lost Hills Sheriff's Department through September 30, 2007.  
The helicopter is assigned to the station during the day Thursday through Monday.  The helicopter will also fly on all red flag days through September 30, 2007 and after if needed.  The next four to five months are the most dangerous time of the year for wild land fires because of the low humidity, strong winds … (1 comments)

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