licking county homes for sale: If you're going to bug me for feedback, and I give it - how about you actually read it? - 07/13/11 01:53 PM
I'll admit sometimes I get busy and don't have time to answer every feedback request. I do try, but sometimes I've looked at so many houses that I can't remember what my buyer liked or didn't like about a specific house (without looking at my notes). It's their feedback you want anyway, not mine.If my buyers liked the house, I will usually answer the feedback request by saying there is some interest. When there's interest, there's questions. What better place to ask questions? The listing agent is supposedly chomping at the bit, awaiting the coveted feedback. One would think questions expressing … (4 comments)

licking county homes for sale: Unlocking the secrets of your home — A baker's dozen ways to use a home inspection report - 06/23/11 08:29 AM
Here's a great blog by Russel Ray about ways you can use your home inspection report.  Home inspections are so important.  Sometimes a buyer might just need to know what kind of work they're getting into and a home inspection does work as a to do list.
Other times, a buyer might find out that a major problem exists and they wouldn't have known without the home inspection.  This allows the buyer to possibly renegotiate with the seller or even back out of the deal if they choose.
I even had buyers who purchased a foreclosure property and got a home warranty, the … (0 comments)

licking county homes for sale: How your friendly neighborhood real estate agent gets paid - 06/16/11 12:42 AM

Coral Gundlach said it best, so rather than trying to recreate the wheel, I'm re-blogging.
I know that everyone I come into contact with, will not purchase or sell a home through me.  Sometimes houses don't sell and buyers change their plans.  But when a buyer chooses to proceed in the purchase of a home without me, after I've spent a lot of time helping them, it's not only unfair to cheat me out of being compensated for the work I've done - it hurts.  I enjoy getting to know people and most of my past clients are now my friends.
I love my … (6 comments)

licking county homes for sale: How did you get so honest? - 06/11/11 09:44 AM
Last night I had a showing appointment with a couple I've been working with since last fall. Before they met with me, they had been REALTOR® hopping. But he is very into scouring the internet for all the best information (his favorite is Zillow) and came across my website. I explained that they didn't need to call different agents, I can show them any house and find out anything they want to know. They liked me and have been loyal clients ever since.They are very specific about what they want and had mostly been looking at distressed properties, bank owned foreclosures … (59 comments)

licking county homes for sale: If you are about to buy a house, don't make major changes to your finances! - 05/28/11 01:01 AM
Thank you Coral Gundlach, this is great information for any buyer, anywhere!
I personally have had a deal fall through, just once, due to the buyer making purchases and going further into debt.  The buyer was deaf and while I did my best to communicate everything to him, I obviously hadn't warned him about making new purchases.  I don't know sign language, so our communication was either writing notes to each other or e-mail.
There are many things you should have on your mind.  One of the biggest ones is your money.  I tell buyer clients, after you are ratified and … (0 comments)

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