real estate website: It's A Google, Google World Out There (Still) - 09/26/07 02:24 AM
In case you needed any more proof, Hitwise, an online competitive intelligence service, reported last week that Google accounted for almost 64% of all US search engine queries for the month of August 2007.  While this is down a hair from July, Google outran its nearest competitor, Yahoo!, almost 3:1, with Yahoo! grabbing about 23% of the market. 
The next closest engines were MSN with just under 8% of the market and with about 3-1/2%.
According to Hitwise, there are 48 other search engines out there, but their share of the market combined is less than 2%.
Real estate searches were not … (25 comments)

real estate website: Should You Give Away Your Listings Content On Your Website? - 08/23/07 02:25 PM
There seems to be two distinct, diametrically opposed schools of thought out there among web developers about what agents should do with their listings information on their website.  In one corner is the group that advocates mandatory pre-registration before a visitor can see even a hint of listings information and, in the other corner, is the group that says, "hey, give it away because consumers will never register anyway."
I'm here on my soapbox to advocate for the Green Party.  OK, who could help dropping in a little political joke with all the politicos in the news right now, but I am perfectly serious when I tell you that there is another … (17 comments)

real estate website: Guestbooks Are Lead Killers, Not Lead Generators - 08/22/07 02:02 AM
Guestbooks have been around since the beginning of website time.  Originally they were used for visitors to volunteer that they visited a site.  I had one on my wedding website seven years ago.  Later, guestbooks morphed into a "lead capturing" tool by being placed over information with perceived value.  In real estate you often see these over listings information and occasionally still (perish the thought) over "free reports."
Why do you still see so many guestbooks in real estate?  For low tech website vendors, it's the best they can offer for lead generation and these vendors push them like crazy.  Don't be … (21 comments)

real estate website: Make More & Work Less With Smart Lead Generation & Development -- Part III - 08/11/07 01:20 PM
Yesterday, we discussed the branding dance and I advocated that the primary brand for all agents should be that of a resource for information hungry consumers.  Not just any information, but the information that online real estate consumers really want -- listings information.  Today, it's getting those consumers to your website in the first place.
Where Do Your Prospects Come From?
It goes without saying that all the best lead capturing, incubation and conversion tools available are worthless if you don't have any traffic (i.e., prospective clients) on your website, but where do these visitors come from? 
Naturally your simple, clever, easy-to-remember domain name … (0 comments)

real estate website: Make More & Work Less With Smart Lead Generation & Development -- Part II - 08/10/07 02:26 AM
Yesterday, we talked about the importance of keeping your business pipeline full, even when you're busy handling "life."  Today, it's the branding dance.
May I Have This Dance?
Your best strategy for doing business with today's online real estate consumers is to engage in a subtle branding dance, with you taking the lead.  What is the "brand?"  First and foremost, it's you as respectful, helpful, resourceful, knowledgeable and responsive.  Secondarily, it's you as an expert in whatever neighborhood, property type or other niche you enjoy or advocate.  This is the type of service professional that consumers universally want to work with.  If you … (7 comments)

real estate website: IDX – What Does It Mean In Real Estate Speak? - 08/01/07 05:06 PM
Fellow rainer Angie Vandenbergh recently put up a couple of posts debating whether IDX is a database, a technology or a policy.  Below is my take on the distinctions after five years of developing and selling IDX solutions.
First Up -- The Basics
Quite literally, IDX stands for "Internet Data Exchange."  More loosely, it translates to "serving up databases to websites."  In the case of real estate, that means bringing listings databases from MLS's to agent and company websites.
Despite what you'll see on Wikipedia, IDX is not a real estate industry-specific term, as you can see with a simple Google search.  But then, Wikipedia … (9 comments)

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