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I was honored to be asked to be a guest on Joe Fairless's "Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever" podcast.  He has a daily show that features guests from all different real estate avenues.  He mostly focuses on in investing, and he is an investor himself.  He offers investment coaching, which if...
Sellers in Raleigh, NC all want to know.  WHAT do buyers want?! CLEAN! - Clean your house and then go over it with a magnifying glass. Clean the cobwebs out of the corners. Wipe down the cabinets.  Get the mildew off the grout in the shower.  Clean the dust off the windowsills and blinds.  Have t...
Question - I'm getting ready to move to a new area, and I want to buy a house.  I rented a town home once before, and I really loved it.  However, I think a single family home might be cool too. Which should I buy? Answer - Both styles have their pros and cons.  In a town home, you are typically ...
I'm excited to roll out my new website!  I posted a blog a few months ago titled "Say Goodbye to the Old Me."  I hired a web designer to build a new Wordpress site to finally get me out of last decade, and it is finished!  I still have a few tweaks I want to do, and I want to re-word some of the ...
Thanks so much to Jay Markanich ! I had a tenant email me a picture showing some water damage in the middle of a bedroom wall.  This wasn’t on the ceiling, it was right smack in the middle of the wall!  I was stumped on what it could be, but I figured there was either a plumbing leak, damaged sid...
Question - We all know cash is king. It seems like all banks and other motivated sellers are requiring the buyer to be submit "cash offers." If I don't have cash on hand, is it still possible to get an all cash deal?  Does a hard money loan count as cash?  Can I buy a home with a hard money loan ...
If you are a real estate agent, you are a business person.  Here are some really great books to help keep you in the right business mindset.  Some of these are oldie but goodies, and some are newer.  All of them have some great nuggets of info you can use to be more productive, efficient and thin...
Question - I have a neighbor who is being transferred out of state for his job.  He plans on renting his current home out, and does not want to hire a management company.  He says he trusts me more than any manager and likes the fact that I live next door.  He would like me to find and screen ten...
Question - "Why do investors tend to disparage condos as good investments?  Wouldn't they be easier to manage since the exterior maintenance is taken care of by the HOA? I would think the maintenance costs would be lower if the roof, siding and grounds were covered by your dues.  There would be l...
What does that even mean?!  I was perusing the MLS in search for a home for a buyer client, and I came across a home built in 2013 with this in the description.  I can't figure out why someone would say this?  How was it better than new?  I'm sure it was a lovely home, but unless you give me some...

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