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It happened again this morning.  I was lining up to enter the gym right behind this lady who, like me, appeared to be struggling with pre-dawn mobility.  She got to the double doors at the 24 Hour Fitness Center in our community, pulled it open, stepped through -- and let it go. I was less than ...
I came across a thread Stephan Swanepoel started in the Real Estate Trends group on Inman News. The subject of the thread and the title of this post were one in the same. While Stephan's article was insightful by itself, I was also intrigued by some of the comments. In response to an underlying ...
'Seems like it's almost an everyday thing nowadays to see one news spot or another that shows an anxious homeowner talking about the distress of the current market. Many of these spots include sound bites of the homeowner sharing testimonials about the confusion he/she experienced when they origi...
[Your help needed. Survey input - click here.] The American Society for Training and Development reports that the use of technology to deliver training has consistently increased since 2001. In the most recent State of the Industry Report from ASTD, many organizations reported turning to technolo...
I remembered an article here last month along the lines of a "what if" scenario involving possible PR opportunities for NAR if a fund were established, in part, to offset homeowner commission costs on short-sale transactions if a Realtor had been used on both the buy-side, as well as on the sell-...
I read some unexpected comments recently following the announcement of a Southern California brokerage's recruiting campaign. Since having heard last month about a local brokerage in our area launching a Donald Trump "apprentice-style" recruiting competition, I've checked in periodically to find...
I've conducted webinars, meetings and presentations -- including listing presentations -- online before. So my interest piqued when I saw Google's rollout of the Presentations feature set for Google Docs. It was announced back in April but it was bantered about much earlier than that.In case you'...
That sentence doesn't make sense. But it's apparently grammatically correct. Go figure.I came across it while reading Gwyneth Dwyer's post about "Junk-mail gems." Somehow I never considered "junk mail" and "gems" to jibe in the same sentence. But she makes an interesting case for using junk as a ...
I woke up on the morning of August 22nd, 2007. I looked through the window. What was that...?! It was just a glimpse but unmistakable. I saw it.  The word, "Kill". I'm normally loathe to follow the crowd into a scene. But I was compelled. I had to see what the commotion was about. My god! It had ...
Sis and I were shootin’ the breeze the other evening.  She’s the Operations lead for a small company.  They’re growing fast.  They’ve got a pretty impressive online model for training aspiring animators.  If you think: “Toy Story,” “Nemo,” “Monsters, Inc.,” you’d be in the ballpark about what ani...

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