northern nevada real estate: Tips on Growing Tomatoes...for Realtors (Part 1)! - 06/18/12 09:29 AM
I know, not exactly a real estate blog title, but if you love tomatoes (as I do), and grow tomatoes (as I do), it becomes an important title when you're showing or listing a house and you see tomato plants "crying out" for help.
Tomatoes like deep watering, but not daily (2 times a week); they don't like TO BE OVERLY WET in even the hottest of temperatures!  Overly wet literally "drowns" them and you need to dry out the ground  a bit.
When you see a wilting tomato plant during the day, it's likely normal if it's 85+degrees; and if it springs … (8 comments)

northern nevada real estate: Dreams Realty on TV Nightly...and Online! - 04/19/12 09:35 AM
Give your Real Estate Brokerage a local TV and online presence -- it's where the ACTION IS!
Here's a link to Dreams Realty's online presence on Reno's ABC affiliate's PERFECT HOME page, where we have an exclusive on the featured Real Estate Brokerage in Northern Nevada.
You can click on my commercial as well as other items on the site and join in on the fun!

northern nevada real estate: Give me a SOCO...for Marketing Success! - 04/17/12 07:20 AM
I posted a Challenge Question yesterday asking other Realtors if they had created or would like to create a SOCO based on their sales statistics.  In responding to a comment from Bill about SOCOs, I noted that our SOCO at Dreams Realty (in Northern Nevada) is simply: "We sold a House Every 17 hours last year (2011)!"
A SOCO is a Single Overriding Communication Objective that you can use in your advertising and promotion/marketing, to get across a quick, TRUTHFUL, and catchy message about your company's value to, in this case, home buyers and sellers.  In either case, selling a home every 17 hours … (5 comments)

northern nevada real estate: CHALLENGE POST!!!! What's the SOCO from your Real Estate Sales Statistics? - 04/16/12 04:07 AM
Did I mention "We sold a House Every 17 hours last year?"  It made me think that all Realtors and companies could do the same if they analyzed their data and came up with "statements" based on any number of sales statistics.
So, here's the challenge:  TAKE A LOOK AT YOUR STATISTICS FROM LAST YEAR and join us in this post in placing your STATISTIC(S) in the COMMENT section.  Let us all see your SOCO (Single Orverriding Communication Objective).
I know I've been absent for a time, but we're still cranking out the business, and planning, planning, planning!

northern nevada real estate: Welcome to my property management star -- Bonnie Star! - 02/17/12 12:55 PM
It's always exciting to promote great talent to positions where she/he can achieve personal success and business achievement.  Today I officially promoted one of my truly loving Realtors to be the Manager of my Property Management Program. 
Bonnie is licensed in California and Nevada, and is a lover of animals, knows them as family, and seeks to find rentals to accommodate the "family pet" and the children as well. 
Welcome, Bonnie Star; you really are a "star" to all of us, and yes, we expect great things out of you, and are confident you'll be rockstar material!  Congrats from me, and … (2 comments)

northern nevada real estate: A Capital City Steal of a Deal -- Carson City, Nevada - 02/16/12 10:35 AM

northern nevada real estate: "Reno Occupy" House Finally in the Possession of New Owners! - 02/15/12 04:49 PM
Some of you will recall the story I posted a couple of weeks ago about the "Reno Occupy" squatter who broke into one of my REOs, changed the locks, and moved in his "street art" furniture.  I met him at the door while on the phone with police.  He was ultimately removed from the house, and later my staff removed his abandoned furniture.  THE GREAT NEWS IS THE PROPERTY HAS NEW OWNERS.

northern nevada real estate: Tiny Place -- but We Own a Couple of Rentals Next Door that stay rented! - 01/26/12 11:44 AM

northern nevada real estate: A Fine Home in the State Capital! - 01/26/12 11:25 AM

northern nevada real estate: Quaint & Cozy Reno Home! - 01/20/12 09:30 AM

northern nevada real estate: Another Surprise Listing in Fallon, Nevada -- tons of information! - 01/20/12 09:09 AM

northern nevada real estate: Reno, Nevada Listing that "Rocks" with Information! - 01/20/12 08:38 AM

northern nevada real estate: It was a Couple Weeks Shy of Five Years Ago... - 12/16/11 05:14 PM
When I commented on a blog post by Florida Broker, Armando Rodriguez "...your success is no mystery to me.  You've sowed a lot of seed with your frequent and thoughtful comments; God acknowledges your giving. I acknowledge your love of the Lord!"
We've been praying for our friends in the trenches, and we've overcome some treacherous terrain in the real estate battlefield.  At Dreams Realty we're smiling and planning and expecting a BIG 2012!  When I randomly skipped back to my comments to Armando, I realized they are as purely true today, as then.
So let me close encouraging you to sow seeds … (2 comments)

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