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When my husband & I bought our first house in a starter community, he did not want to be in a community with an HOA.  He did not need anyone telling us what could/couldn't be done on our own property.  After some shopping, we found a great little community of starter homes with NO association.  W...
I've been catching up on reading some of my favorite sites.  I stumbled across several great articles on the FreddieMac website on Renting vs Buying a home.  I know this is not a new subject;  however, there seems to be a somewhat different twist to this theme related to timing.  I believe the Re...
In the time where rental house tentants are being scammed out of their security deposits and 1st month rent.  Is their a safe way to put up deposit money with a 3rd party;  Both Landlord and Tentant interest are protected by the trusted 3rd party until applicant screening is complete and lease pa...
For years we have known that being financially irresponsible can have a negative impact on your credit score.  It has only recently been speculated on how much wreckless acts can truly hurt your creditworthiness.  A credit Q & A page on the popular website provides some useful insights...
The national driving rate for 2009 was 55 cents/mile and is tax deductible.  This can be a welcome source for reducing your income tax liability.  The IRS has reduced the allowable rate to 50 cents/mile for 2010.  The justification for the reduction is due the significantly lower gasoline prices ...
I've had several conversations with other Realtors and home owners about the "Home Affordable Modification Program" (HAMP);  The President's Mortgage Relief Program was designed to give hope to the destressed homeowner.  Several homeowners I know applied and were approved for trial period plans b...

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