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Simple way to evaluate the value of your home.
My buyer contacted me and requested the listing agents contact to remove all pics information on the sales of his home from the interent fishbowl. The list agent did a great job but reality it is almost impossible to do. Once the pics and listing go viral it is like a huge machine tracking the ho...
The process is difficult and stressful. Buyers need to understand where the seller is coming from this article covers that well. Be careful and considerate to negotiate a "Real Deal".1. Submit your offer. If the seller counters wait a full day and a half to respond. You might take a risk of anoth...
This is so true in todays market place. The media calls it a "Buyers Market" then to have to explain if you want the house there is a bidding war and you will have to go higher than the list price makes buyers think Realtors are liars. But the reality is with the lowest interests rates in history...
Multiple offers mean one thing it is now a SELLERS MARKET! Forget what you hear from the media here in So. California is its own RE market. Low ball offers are not getting accepted! You have to be competitive if you want that house!Your Buyer's Market Changed To A Seller's Market....Right In The ...
I quickly turned this one in to the mls, the list agent responded by putting it at $176K, typo, yeah right! Then on zillow they posted it at $214K. I see this frequently with this Listing Agent. Yes, it creates a flurry of offers, now know as bidding wars. First houses in the RE bubble are listed...
After 27 years of originating home loans, I honestly was hoping certain "tricks" would never raise their ugly head again. Sadly I was wrong!The first time this happened, I discounted it as a slip of the pen. When this has happened to 2 of my current approved clients making offers, it's no slip of...
This is so true if the house doesn't suit you keep looking. Low ball offers unless the house is in need for repair the low ball offers are not going anywhere so move on to the next house. You can always expect to change carpets and fresh paint is wonderful. But for buyers to want to deduct from t...
Really you think you are going to get a better deal going direct? This is not always true you just helped the selling agent double their commission and you get no representation!Can You Get Me the Listing Agent Information? Yes this is the question I got from a prospect this morning that I have b...
I usually do not encourage my buyers to put in a back up offer for obvious reasons. But after talking to the list agent and understanding the technical difficulties facing the current buyer. That little fact is the termite report includes the need for the house to be tented and fumigated. The pro...
This is a interesting prediction and not the first time I have heard this in 2012. We are still seeing multiple offers on homes in Murrieta and Temecula. The 64,000 dollar question is of course have we reached bottom? Interesting I actually saw a home come on the market this week as a Short Sale ...

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