fremont bank owned homes: Fremont CA Short Sales--Getta Move on - 11/04/09 03:30 AM
If you have found a short sale in Fremont and are getting discouraged at the pace of things, find out if the home you are buying has a B of A loan on it. If it does, you are in luck, well sort of.
I know there have been horror stories about B of A. My father-in-law who also is a broker has a few of his own. But, I do not (yet). I have a short sale in the Parkmont area of Fremont and the buyer really wants to get going. I think they are feeling that they may miss … (0 comments)

fremont bank owned homes: Bank-Owned Property In Fremont--We Call Your Bluff - 11/02/09 05:03 PM
We were given the MOD (Multiple Offer Disclosure) from on of the major banks today. We offered a fair amount for a property for sale in Fremont, and got the MOD in return.
It is the bank's way of flushing out any possible chance for a bidding war to get it's last word or dollar in. The notice only states that the bank is "letting you know" that they know there are multiple offers on the property. It sometimes comes with an attachment from the listing agent saying that any Counter Offer (extra bid from us or you if you are … (2 comments)

fremont bank owned homes: Bank-Owned Homes In Fremont - 11/01/09 12:48 PM
Own An REO Property In 2 WeeksView more presentations from Jeff PereydaThe slide cast above has sound. You just have to hit the small green play button at the bottom of the chalkboard.
If you are in the market to purchase a home at a reduced price, then you have a real good chance at getting one if it is a Bank-Owned home. You can visit my slide cast to just get a quick inside look at how to get a Bank-Owned home or REO.
Not that it matters terribly what I think, but for the sake of argument, I … (0 comments)

fremont bank owned homes: Fremont Bank In Centerville--Will They Do It Again? - 10/16/09 06:06 AM
Last month one of our Fremont CA home-buyers found us on our website and after talking some things over with me, hired us to buy and sell their home. She is very happy with our services click here (then click Keniki). She wanted to use Fremont Bank for the purchase. She knew the reps there and naturally felt more comfortable in doing so. I would too. It is still unknown to everyone as to why, but on three separate instances, Fremont Bank acted strange to put it mildly. Events 1-3 are completely true.During the home buying process, they asked the buyer … (0 comments)

fremont bank owned homes: FREMONT CA BANK OWNED HOMES - 09/17/09 04:58 AM
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