fremont real estate agent: Which Variety of Fremont Avocados Do You Have? - 04/07/14 05:06 AM
I was raised having the privilege of enjoying an abundance of some of the most fragile, yet, hands down, the best avocados ever at my parent's home in Sunnyvale CA. All that is gone now, and I have been searching for that rich tasting, thin-skinned avocado I grew up with ever since. However, the avocados I uncovered time and again during my search were never the variety we think is called the Zutano or Fuerte Avocado. Sadly, I was never sure of the variety because my parents weren't sure either. It seemed hopeless, and that those tasteful memories would never return. 

fremont real estate agent: Fremont CA Water Quality & Low Hot Water Pressure Fix - 12/22/13 11:32 PM

I found a very inexpensive fix concerning my Fremont hot water pressure or lack there of. Over a period of about 3 to 4 months, my family and I noticed very low hot water pressure. It also felt like there was just not enough hot water to go around. Moreover, dollar signs were appearing in my head because, when I searched the Internet for possible fixes, I found many causes for the same low hot water pressure problem--bad pipes, and bad water heater were to name a few.
Here is what I did for a quick $0 fix. I … (1 comments)

fremont real estate agent: Red-Tailed Hawks in Fremont California Skies - 07/17/12 06:35 AM
The red-tailed hawk is found all through the United States, Canada, Mexico and even in Central America.  Growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area, I have had the pleasure of living in what has to be one of the red-tailed hawk's favorite places to live and raise their young, Fremont, CA. Fremont's terrain encompasses wetlands that begin at the sloughs like Newark Slough, Plummer Slough, Mowry Slough and Mud Slough, then gradually lifts to become landscape for creeks like Alameda, Morrison, Vargas and Mission and approximately 7 others to the south. It is a great environment for mice, gophers, snakes, … (2 comments)

fremont real estate agent: Supra Man, Oh Man! - 07/13/12 04:59 AM
When a Fremont real estate agent sells homes in Fremont, Newark and Union City, that Fremont real estate agent must also trust a lot of new technology to work together at critical moments. Most of the time technology cooperates, but sometimes it does not. Bay East Association of Realtors, had a mandatory Supra Lock Box update a few years ago which granted Fremont real estate agents the opportunity to trade in the old, grey key lock box’s technology for the new, blue technology. The new locks worked well and offered infra-red connectivity, a way for some Fremont real estate … (0 comments)

fremont real estate agent: Moving From Fremont CA To...? - 07/25/10 04:49 PM
People move from Fremont, Newark and Union City from time to time. I myself moved about 8 times in my life so far--moving from various areas in the San Francisco Bay Area. If you are thinking about moving from Fremont, Newark or Union City CA to another area you will want to know a few things, and I hope this post can help.
If you enjoy moving, then you are one of the very few who do. The rest of us, we need help in any way, shape or form. This short post will simply provide a list of helpful tools … (2 comments)

fremont real estate agent: Selling Fremont CA Real Estate--Take It One Day At A Time - 10/11/09 04:07 AM
After spending a few months with a client who is selling a home in Fremont CA, a real estate agent's dedication to the task should be quite evident and play a key role in building a good relationship of trust with the owner. Thanks to all the real estate horror stories out there, owners are weary of the promises being made across the kitchen table during the real estate agent interview. The owners/sellers could have been through a rough time with an agent before. So what can an agent do to ensure trust? Communication--the phone call: although one of the easiest … (1 comments)

fremont real estate agent: Fremont Real Estate Agent - 09/26/09 05:11 AM

Choosing a Fremont Real Estate Agent Choosing a Fremont Real Estate Broker In my previous blog post, I simply shed a bit of light on the fact that at the end of the day, the broker IS the agent, no mater if you chose and agent or a broker that sells real estate. Choosing a Fremont Real Estate Agent, or choosing a Fremont Real Estate Broker should take some planning. Not all are the same. Most have the same tools available to them, but it is the compliant and optimized results you are looking for when you're done with the … (2 comments)