sherman oaks mls: Sherman Oaks Short Sale Deficiency Judgements - What Now? - 04/11/12 04:38 AM
Sherman Oaks, CA Day after rain Clear skies, smiles and sunshine 70 degrees In the case of considering a short sale, many Sherman Oaks homeowners consider the likelihood of a deficiency judgment.  Why won't that bank come after them for the money they've lost? In the recent past, it was highly unlikely, in fact there was a law passed under our last president that prevented that very thing from happening.  That ship has sailed... the grace is expired.  Banks can and do reserve the right to go after a borrower for a judgement for their monies lost... Thinking about buying a … (0 comments)

sherman oaks mls: Sherman Oaks Short Sale Myths - Can I negotiate without being late on my mortgage? - 03/28/12 04:52 AM
Sherman Oaks Short Sale Myths Morning Spring Nice One of my close friends is trying to get a loan modification.  His property was purchased at the height of the bubble and consequently is worth less that is owed.  The note on the property is adjustable, and my friend would like to get the loan into a fixed product only... that's it... no debt forgiveness at all.  He also pays every bill on time and has never been late on the mortgage... and the lender won't help him. He has never asked for a short sale. There is a common perception that … (1 comments)

sherman oaks mls: Sherman Oaks Home Buyer Looking for a Short Sale Deal - 03/27/12 12:11 PM
Sherman Oaks Home Buyer Looking for a Short Sale DealSherman Oaks, California Early mid late evening... not dusk Rain has cleared out the valley and the sky is bright.... the air crisp. Some interesting Sherman Oaks Short Sale Buyers have posed the opinion that they can "steal" a deal on a short sale. Never one to back away from a challenge, the question was posed as to what "steal" means to them in this context. Often agents will hear this type of language... I've received emails from investors wanting to buy a home at 60 cents on the dollar.   My … (1 comments)

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