sherman oaks realtor: Sherman Oaks Short Sale Myths - Can I negotiate without being late on my mortgage? - 03/28/12 04:52 AM
Sherman Oaks Short Sale Myths Morning Spring Nice One of my close friends is trying to get a loan modification.  His property was purchased at the height of the bubble and consequently is worth less that is owed.  The note on the property is adjustable, and my friend would like to get the loan into a fixed product only... that's it... no debt forgiveness at all.  He also pays every bill on time and has never been late on the mortgage... and the lender won't help him. He has never asked for a short sale. There is a common perception that … (1 comments)

sherman oaks realtor: Sherman Oaks Home Buyer Looking for a Short Sale Deal - 03/27/12 12:11 PM
Sherman Oaks Home Buyer Looking for a Short Sale DealSherman Oaks, California Early mid late evening... not dusk Rain has cleared out the valley and the sky is bright.... the air crisp. Some interesting Sherman Oaks Short Sale Buyers have posed the opinion that they can "steal" a deal on a short sale. Never one to back away from a challenge, the question was posed as to what "steal" means to them in this context. Often agents will hear this type of language... I've received emails from investors wanting to buy a home at 60 cents on the dollar.   My … (1 comments)

sherman oaks realtor: Another Reason Sherman Oaks Short Sales Get Done - 03/25/12 07:17 AM
Sherman Oaks Sunday Sun Trying to Break Through More Reasons Short Sales in Sherman Oaks get done. Another little understood fact is that the servicer to the investor, that is, the bank you have been calling about your loan, the bank that you may be assuming is the owner of the loan, may only have a fiduciary duty to the lien holder. All banks that help service a loan for an investor have to look out for the best interests of that investor, be it a group of investors or another larger bank or financial institution... and that means that they … (0 comments)

sherman oaks realtor: Who Can Approve the Sherman Oaks Short Sale? - 03/25/12 06:28 AM
Sherman Oaks Sunday Rainy Sherman Oaks Homes For SaleWhen Should the Bank Approve a Short Sale in Sherman Oaks?  Seems like a logical and not too tough question to ask and answer, right? Though many sellers approach the process forgetting that banks are in the business of making money... not losing it. Banks approve Sherman Oaks short sales when it is in their best financial interest to do so. Would it surprise you to know... around eighty percent of all loans are NOT owned by the bank that is handling it? That means that an unskilled short selling agent may not … (1 comments)

sherman oaks realtor: Neighborhood Names - 03/21/12 10:04 AM
I grew up in 91423 or thereabouts... actually we were up the hill a little... in the rareified air of 90077.  Nice to have a father who was a film director.  But we never thought about it as kids.  We just liked the speed we could generate riding our bikes down Woodcliff.  Those were the days of no helmets and no stop signs... If my parents only knew!  And when we got to our schools in Sherman Oaks we just thought about the whole place around it as.... Sherman Oaks.  The Galleria was fab, it was a place to wonder at … (3 comments)

sherman oaks realtor: What Makes a Good Sherman Oaks Short Sale Realtor? - 09/29/11 10:57 AM
Sherman Oaks Short Sale Realtors come in a lot of shapes and sizes, indeed lots of creeds and colors, political parties and religious affiliations. While being a member of a certain group or being a certain type of person may make one a good person, does is have anything to do with being a good Short Sale Real Estate Agent? Not Necessarily. There certainly is a skill set that underlies all the good Short Sale agents. Compared to a regular equity sale, the Sherman Oaks Short Sale has different characteristics that an agent must master to be great. 1. Persistent Communication … (1 comments)

sherman oaks realtor: Sherman Oaks Short Sales: Who pays for it? - 09/28/11 11:45 AM
Sherman Oaks Short Sales have many twists and turns in them and some potential sellers are currently drifting toward the far more damaging foreclosure sale because they are afraid of the costs. People looking for Loan Modifications, Mortgage Relief Options, indeed any of the Nine Alternatives to Foreclosure in Sherman Oaks often find that after any and all of the options available are explored that they can't get their head around the Short Sale because of the fear of the cost. There is some good news here.  The Bank is going to pay for the cost. In a traditional equity sale … (0 comments)

sherman oaks realtor: Sherman Oaks Short Sale Question: "Can't I just sell my house as is? Do I have to disclose problems?" - 09/27/11 07:12 AM
Sherman Oaks Short Sale practice reveals many different preconceived notions about what is different and what is the same from a traditional equity home sale.  Recently I found that a potential short sale seller admitted that he knew of some real and potential problems with the home, yet he thought that it was unimportant to tell the buyer about them because they would most likely get a home inspection. While it is as close to mandatory as can be, the home inspection is still a suggestion, indeed a request that is highly recommended... and even with this having been done, there … (0 comments)

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