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You gotta love this kitchen if you are a general contractor or a homeowner willing to make some changes. Changes that will greatly improve the value of your home, be more efficient, and more modern and up-to-date. It would be hard to spruce up this kitchen. Why? Because it is all old and outdated...
Maybe you can relate to this. You are always doing something. Paperwork, follow-ups, scheduling, marketing, ordering materials, on and on. Granted that sort of stuff needs to be done but does it ever end? There is no down time for the self-employeed, commission-based worker. Seems that we are alw...
  I first heard about Yelp a while back. I check out the web site and thought I'd give the free site a whirl. I approach many such sites the same way; sign up, kick the tires, and see how it can work for my business. I was getting some random hits in the first few months, but I wasn't actively pu...
If you take a lot of photos, sometimes you just get lucky. So many things can go wrong. bad lighting, blurry picture, camera not ready, and on and on. However, sometimes you get a good one that makes you forget those you missed. This is one of those photos. Hope you enjoy this one as much as I do...
I saw someone post some beautiful pictures earlier today. I had to post something from the West coast, this is not today. The weather here is cold and rainy. Actually there is a good chance of snow nearby. This photo is from the Sonoma Coast area. Took it about a month ago.  
  I am curious to hear if anyone is using Yelp as a marketing tool. My experience has been that property owners and managers have found me on Yelp - more than I expected. I have curtailed my efforts in using Yelp for a couple of reasons that I will discuss in a future post. Not familiar with Yelp...
I'm not much on writing articles or blogs, but it seems I'm doing a lot of it. There are many sites to post articles that you have written. I have posted to EzineArticles.com a few times and have gotten some views from people that I would not have reached before. Check it out, especially if you e...
  They are not the most unique marketing tool, but I like them. I ordered a bunch of pens with my information on them that felt comfortable, gel type. I hand them out (when I remember) to people I meet. Unusually someone asks to borrow a pen. I then tell them to "go ahead and keep it". I'm not go...
I've had the privilege of recording and editing some videos of apartment communities in the last year or so, this one was the first. I have learned a lot since this video, but this video has been working quite well for the apartment community.   One of the reasons that it has been viewed over 130...
This is a looking video that was recorded while working at Cameron Ridge Apartments in Cameron Park. I edited the video and posted to YouTube to help market the community. I occasionally post to Craigslist just to get some feedback from the public. It didn't take too long to put the whole thing t...

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