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I regularly scan my computer for viruses, spy-ware, and bad stuff that I don't really know about. That's what the software is for I guess. I know it's important to do on a regular basis. I also think it's important to use a few different ones. I found this free scan that Windows offered online wh...
Okay so you have a Facebook Page and you have some fans of that page. I believe the current minimum is 25 fansbefore you are eligible for a username. So when you first sign up for your Facebook page the url will look something like this one. https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001371703680...
I was reminded about a site called PhotoFunia that allows the user to quickly place there picture in places that would require a lot of time editing photos.                   It is easy to navigate through the site, the hardest part for me was getting a picture that matched the template. Most of...
I've been putting together some videos for some of my regular clients. Below is the early stages of part of the latest video. I needed to use Adobe Photoshop to alter the end of the video. The video was shot with a Sony HD camera and edited with Sony Pro 9 editing software. I'm just beginning to ...
  There are so many awesome people on ActiveRain, if the Gold Picks were 30 people, it would still be difficult to limit the list. I have not been here nearly as long as most people, but in a very short time I have learned from soo many. In reading the submissions of other members, there were cou...
I got a call from an apartment owner to renovate the laundry rooms at six of their apartment communities. Flooring, paint, cabinets and counter tops. They are interested in some Corian countertops because in is more durable than the plastic laminates (apparently laundry rooms take a beating in ap...
I recently got a comment from an agent in regards to my adding video to Craigslist post. Her statement in the comment was "I will have to practice to be sure I know what I am doing". That makes sense. That's what I do. But I never mentioned how I do it! There are several no-cost editors that you ...
  Okay so in Part I, we grabbed an image, uploaded it and got a link to it. It is pasted in notepad for later use. So we have an image that we are going to use in our ad. We now have to get the link to the video here. In YouTube, click the video and hit the share button (#1), this will highlight ...
Have you used Craigslist for your local advertising. Homes for sale, homes for rent, services, employment all can be done on Craigslist at no cost. The downside for us video fans is that you can not upload video to Craigslist directly. Here is a way to get virtually the same effect with a little ...
I've been procrastinating on a post that I believe is useful to those who use Craigslist and enjoy video. I'm posting this so that I will commit to getting it done in a timely fashion. It will need to be in at least two parts but I think that it may help people like me who just need to see how so...

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