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Okay, nobody likes to talk about trash, but today I must. My day started with a 6:30 am run to the landfill in Sacramento. Thought I'd unload the trailer early, others must have had the same idea because it was crowded early. While waiting in line I thought I'd check my phone for other places in...
  "By the end of the day, make sure this place is clean." No matter what the job is, the day is not complete until our things are cleaned up. This is something that we work on every day. We know a lot of clients appreciate it, so it is important to us. We are currently on a project in a Sacrament...
    The end of another day in Greenstone Country in Placerville, Ca       Greenstone Country is a special gated community on the border of Placerville and Shingle Springs and offers privacy and community. Lots are 3 acre minimum and 11 miles of equestrian and walking trails are available to owner...
  . Greenstone Country is a private, gated community in Placerville, Ca. Many of the homes are designed for horse owners and those who enjoy country "quiet". Greenstone has three small lakes, miles of horse trails, beautiful paved roads, and plenty of natural wildlife. Views like this are not un...
I recently had to do a visual inspection of the exterior of an apartment community in the Sacramento area. Often times I see things that need to be addressed that the management does not know exists. For example: Sagging gutters, sidewalk trip hazards, or broken fence boards. The fun part of the ...
  I'll be the first to admit that I learn a bunch from being here on ActiveRain. Today I came across something that I want to use on another site. Without even searching, one of my subscriptions posted the very thing that I needed. I tried it. All the credit goes to Victoria Stankard for her time...
  Let's say that you have made a video that you are pleased with, a real Oscar winning production.The video describes your clients property, the lighting is good, the sound quality is right on the money, and you've saved and uploaded to YouTube. You don't want to change the video, but a new intro...
  Had something happen today that made me think a little bit. If you have a problem with the IRS, can you complain? Well, the first thing that comes to mind when I thought about this is: The IRS will find my file and audit me. (I don't cheat but I still have the fear) They will tell me what I did...
Thinking of adding a widget to your blog? Don't know what a widget is? Okay, neither did I. Let me show you what I learned. In a previous post, I mentioned that I added a widget to my blog here on ActiveRain. I got the idea while reading an article by Craig Rutman. He had a box on the right side ...
I was doing my daily reading and while checking out Craig Rutman's latest post, I noticed a cool widget that he had on the right side of his blog.  His Widget was for Cary, NC (no use to me) but I wanted to get one for my area here in California. So I went to the widget site, WidgetBox and found ...

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