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I like to think of testimonials as silent salesmen. We can put them where they can be seen by those who want to read them. Testimonials are often a stronger sales pitch than you can give yourself. If I tell you that I'm the best dry rot and water damage repair guy on the planet, you may be skepti...
I just got back from having dinner at Z-Pie's in Placerville. If you like pot pies, this is the place to go. Just off Main Street, 50 feet from the 50 freeway, it is very convenient. The place was not crowded, so we were seated quickly. I had the Rosemary Lamb, my wife had the Southwestern Chick...
Well my youngest son turned 18 yesterday and graduated from high school tonight. Kind of a sad time but one of excitement for the future. He will be off to college soon, moving on in his life as a young man. I don't really feel all that different today. Just another milestone in his life. soon he...
At the end of the day, I go through a routine that is probably similar to yours. Wallet on the desk, receipts off to the side, keys away and coins into a change cup. Is this much different than your routine? Tonight while emptying my pockets and putting the change in the cup, I had to stop and th...
      Tired of that flabby body? Looking for a whole new look? Check out this 30 Second Tae Bo Video and you are well on your way to a new you. Simple workout routine, takes only a few seconds each day. The results will be amazing, your friends and family will be impressed. Based not on the Billy...
   Perhaps you are familiar with the long series of instructional fitness videos by Billy Blanks. He has produced hundreds of videos, tapes, books, classes teaching fitness the Tae Bo ("TIE BOW") way. His empire has reached the lives of thousand of people looking for better fitness in a short, q...
    A while ago, I had this guy that I know who was slow in business that was constantly bugging me for tree service work. I didn't know his work, nor did I know of anybody in need at the time. As luck would have it a big storm came through and we had some trees fall on our property (big ones) th...
  I want to be content with how I have lived my life. The story is constantly changing. Life happens to us, how we react to life is what makes us special. If we can go through life, helping others, loving those around us, and adding value to the path that we walk, we have succeeded. So in order ...
  I'm not a stalker but technology can make me appear a little creepy.    I got a voice mail message from someone interested in getting an estimate for a new deck at their home. I recognized the number as a local residential number, and since I was in the office, I did a reverse search to see if ...
      Well my intentions were good, I wanted to record a video of the Greenstone Country Community in Placerville to share with ActiveRain members. The conditions weren't right. It is raining in California this week; I thought I could get some shots of the area to share. Most of the video segment...

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